In the hot weather, it was cold in the SY company office.

Pan Yan sat on the chair with a solemn expression.

"Brother Pan, "Best Companion" rejected our company's artists."

"Brother Pan, the announcement of Sister Qiao Na has been moved back in "Extraordinary List", saying that there has been an arrangement."

"Brother Pan..."

Listening to the cautious reports from the employees, Pan Yan's face was expressionless.

"Okay, I know, go down."

Several employees breathed a sigh of relief and left quickly.

When they left the office, they looked at each other and exchanged a helpless look.

The company's current situation is a bit bad!

No way, who would let other companies join forces to suppress their SY company?

The most important thing is that their masters Hua Dan and Dinghai Shenzhen Qixibe have not appeared for a long time.

No, the artists who were suppressed by Zixibe before finally have the idea of ​​turning over.

Those companies cooperated in a tacit understanding, and the SY company, which they worked alone, was a headache.

"Brother Pan, I heard that several shows have rejected our artists?"

Pan Yan was worried in the office, and a young woman came in.


Pan Yan looked at the young Song Jiaren with a weak expression on her face.

After getting the confirmation, Song Jiaren suddenly became angry, "Those bastards, actually dare to do this! They are determined to have trouble with us!"

Jiaren Song is currently in the internship. She originally studied other majors, but in the end she went to SY for internship.

Although it was an internship, because she and Pan Yan knew each other, she also had back-office personnel.

SY Company is the company of Qiao Yanjue and Qi Xibei, and they also want to develop the company better.

However, the development of the company has not been smooth in the past two years.

Originally, Zixibe laid a very good foundation, but two years ago, Zixibe and Qiao Yanjue disappeared. They searched for a long time without finding anyone.

Although Zixibe left some works, she has not shown her face all the time, and the thin circle she said at the beginning has now become a withdrawal circle.

No matter how good the character is, if there is not enough appearance rate, it will be forgotten.

As a result, Zixibe's influence gradually weakened.

Other companies didn't dare to make a big move before. If Zixibe gets angry and comes back, they can't handle it.

However, because Zixibe hasn't appeared for too long, they slowly relax their vigilance.

After discussion, they chose to join forces to suppress masturbation!

Now, the best artists of SY company are Mu Qiaona and Gu Lan, both of whom have been growing with the company.

Other artists who signed in later have been poached by other companies.

The most irritating thing is that other companies have also joined forces to take away their company's artists' activities!

Although SY company also has financial support behind it, it feels uncomfortable to be dealt with by so many companies.

Especially the company where Lu Tianqi works is their deadly opponent.

Pan Yan shook his head and sighed, "It's okay, let's keep working hard, I don't believe they can cover the sky with one hand!"

"If Beibei is there, how dare they be arrogant!" Song Jiaren said.

Speaking of Zixibe, the two stopped, looked at each other, and then sighed.

I don't know what happened to Qixibei and Qiao Yanjue. There is no news now.

When the two of them were in a low mood, Song Jiaren's phone rang.

"Lolo?" Song Jiaren answered the phone, "What...what?!"

Her face changed, and her voice was extremely sharp.

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