If you want to go back to the original world, you have to learn the formation.

The formation technique is only available in the upper-class countries.

Qixibe had discovered some formations before, but those were just low-level formations, and were not at the same level as those that could travel through time and space.

The formation is also one of the reasons why they worked so hard to make the Crescent Sisters return to the royal family.

Knowing that the two of them wanted to form a formation, Long Jinxing was also stunned.

"The formation... is not easy." He said seriously: "It may take decades, but it may not be possible to make progress."

If the formation is so easy to learn, there will not be a few formation mages until now.

You know, Longfeng is a superior country with many masters.

However, there are not many Array Masters.

However, the royal formation technique is still well preserved.

"It's okay, we will work hard." Qi Xibe and Qiao Yanjue have the same attitude.

No matter what, they have to work hard.

Even if they can't go back, they have to fight!

"Well, since you are so determined, then I will follow you."

Long Jinxing directly made the decision and asked them to take the two to the Royal Library.

There are various exercises in it.

Based on what the two of them did before, Long Jinxing approved them to enter and leave at will. At the same time, it also provided them with a spiritual place for cultivation.

After all, they brought back their children.

With the permission of the emperor, Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanjue started a new training process.

When Sisters Yueya and Yueyuan came to look for them, out of ten times, they could only encounter them twice.

After the crescent moon and moon sisters were able to rely on them, Zixibe let go of his mind and wanted to go back.

Originally, she wanted to go back to the original sect, but she got news that the sect had disappeared ten years ago.

Originally, there were not many people in their sect. The important members were her master and their two disciples. The master passed away long ago, and she was scammed by her disciple Yang Mo, and the younger brother died.

Now, she and her junior brother Qiao Yanjue are together, and it makes no difference whether she goes back or not.

In another world, there are more people and things they care about.

In the next two years, the two seldom went out, and both were immersed in practice.

When the Crescent Moon and Moon Sisters had fully established their positions in the palace, they finally left.

Hearing that they took the initiative to look for themselves, the crescent moon was round, and Liu Yiya, who had come here not long ago, made the three of them feel at the same time.

It's time for parting!

Sure enough, both Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanjue came over with complicated faces.

Happiness, expectation, reluctance and tension.

"Master." Crescent tried to smile, "No matter where you are, you must remember that we miss you!"

After two years, they all guessed what Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanjue were doing.

Because they are learning the formations related to time and space.

I have to say that the talents of the two are amazing. The formations that others don't know how to do, but they get started quickly.

In just two years, the two have made very good progress.

Even Long Jinxing was stunned by their learning speed and wished they stayed.

However, they all firmly refused.

Hearing what the apprentice said, Qi Xibei was startled, took a deep breath, and smiled, "Don't worry, I will miss you."

"I will miss you too!"

The full moon had already rushed to hug Qi Xibei and cried, and Liu Yiya was not far behind.

A few days later, after arranging everything, Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanjue stood in the drawn formation holding a stone and waved at the outside disciples.

"You must be good! I will come back to see you when I have a chance!"

A flash of light flashed, and the two of them disappeared.

The three sisters hugged each other, crying heartbreakingly.

In another world, a flash of lightning flashed across an uninhabited island.

In the next second, two figures appeared on the ground.

Looking up at the planes flying in the sky, and then at the slightly familiar scenery around, Qi Xibe and Qiao Yanjue hugged each other, tears streaming down their eyes.

——They are back!

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