In the fantasy world of Xia Xibei's second life, there were beast masters and imperial plant masters, and those with two abilities were called natural masters.

It may be because of her memory that she has strong mental power to become a rare naturalist.

Although these abilities were almost cleared after returning, it couldn't be easier to control a few wild cats and dogs.

Listening to the tragic cry coming from behind, Xia Xibe was unmoved and strode forward.

However, as she passed another alley, a few footsteps came.

"Chasing! He's ahead! Don't let him run away!"

Xia Xibei frowned, but didn't want to meet these people, but carefully avoided.

But just as he approached the bamboo raft next to him, a trace of blood rushed into his nose.

Before she could react, one hand pulled her into the bamboo raft.


A low-pitched voice sounded, and before she could speak, he hugged her and covered her mouth.

The nasal cavity is full of masculine breath and a strong smell of blood.

The footsteps outside got closer, and he was about to come here.

Xia Xibei was annoyed, but he couldn't let those people get close here, who knew if she would be treated as a group.

Then, she frowned.

"over there!"

Someone yelled, and then the others rushed in the other direction.

Let the wild cats and wild dogs lead these people away, but Xia Xibe felt her head dizzy and her body soft.

Had it not been for the man to trap her, she might have fallen to the ground.

However, the posture of the two is a bit ambiguous.

Although Xia Xibei is very thin, but not short, almost one meter seven.

But the man was taller, and Xia Xibe could feel his breath spray on the top of his head, causing goose bumps. And he is strong, with a broad chest.

When Xia Xibe was pulled in just now, he didn't struggle, but tried to keep a little distance from him.

But now, with too much effort, she couldn't stand steady and could only lean on him, so the two of them almost didn't have any gaps.

Such an ambiguous posture was originally embarrassing, but what made Xia Xibe ashamed and annoyed was that the man's body seemed to have changed!

The two leaned together, and the air seemed to freeze.

Confirming that those people have left, she pressed the man's chest and pushed him away.


The man snorted, and the blood in his stomach became more.


The bamboo row fell on the ground, making a loud sound, raising a lot of dust.

Xia Xibei saw the man's appearance clearly.

He is at least one and eighty-five meters tall, with a long body, sharp and angular outlines, slanting sharp sword eyebrows, deep and sharp black eyes, thin lips, and frowning brows, like the emperor on the throne. Exudes the strength of arrogance of heaven and earth.

It's a pity that the blood and mess on his body made his strength ridiculous.

When he saw the man clearly, Xia Xibe's eyes suddenly changed.

Qiao Yanjue, known as Lord Jue!

The Qiao family is the top giant in China, and he is the overlord of the market, which is frightening.

However, thinking of Qiao Yanjue's relationship with someone, she can't wait to call those people back!

Xia Xibei's eyes made Qiao Yanjue frown, he was puzzled, "Do you know me?"

"I don't know." Xia Xibei's expression remained unchanged.

Of course Qiao Yanjue didn't believe it. The little girl knew at first glance that she hadn't told the truth.

But he didn't think so much, his injury began to worsen.

His body shook, Xia Xibei didn't have time to think, strode forward and supported him.

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