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The Reborn Lady is Farming

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Mu Yangling was reborn in the family of Orion. He thought he could live a simple and happy life. Who would have thought that a military disaster had nearly destroyed their family. His father was classified as a military household, and their family accompanied them to farm the fields.

Unfortunately, they could not even tell the seedlings of grains. Qing, looking at his mother and younger brother who were about to cry without tears, Mu Yangling raised his chest and said, “It’s okay, I have the strength” and some agricultural theoretical knowledge from a thousand years later.

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Short Title:TRLF
Alternate Title:重生娘子在种田
Author:Yu Yuzhu
Weekly Rank:#227
Monthly Rank:#259
All Time Rank:#1996
Tags:Ancient Times, Farming, Female Protagonist,
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22 Comments on “The Reborn Lady is Farming
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  1. Does anybody know of a Quick Transmigration novel that doesn't have a happy ending and the FL or ML always dies? Or one where in one arc the FL lives with the ML but disappears for 10 years to reapper in front of him who has blackened and become a Yandere? And do you know Quick TRansmigration novels from www.webnovel.com with a teen protagonist who in the first arc beats up the ML because he did something wrong?

  2. Bagus ... Sifat Mc nya sebagai reinkarnator itu realistis,agak tomboy dan juga aku suka setting dimana mc memiliki tubuh kuat. Keluarga mc nya aku suka bgt!!!bapaknya kuat dan masuk akal ga kayak bapak di keluarga novel yg mirip kek gini dimana terlalu baik hati. Pemeran prianya type aku!!!dia agak bodoh dan optimis berbeda dngn pemeran pria lainya yang membuat spesial dr nivel ini. Suasana dalam setiap ketegangan,pertarungan ditulis bagus membuat aku merinding dan menangis,pokonya suka. Meski baru baca seratusan bab tapi aku nilai 9,5/10 dari aku.

  3. given the comments, i was looking forward for a good read. but somehow the theme was dark. from silly child selling his siblings for money to buy ink, paper etc, leading to rejection of education among the unpriviledged, to malnutrition from poverty, to government exploiting the rice price and tax which in turn burden the people and the impending war coming. all these in just several dozen chapters. it's like being thrown all the filth of society and some more when the novel was just starting. are you sure the novel will be better later?

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