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The Rebirth of Han Yuxi

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At home, she was invisible; after marriage, she was a decorative vase; in the end, a sea of flames buried her, and not even her corpse remained. This is the portrait of Han Yuxi’s previous lifetime.

Given a chance at rebirth, she strives to improve herself, wishing only to no longer serve as a foil or a pretty face. Then, she will seek out an exemplary husband and live a life of peace and prosperity. Alas, things turn out contrary to her wishes—she marries a man who bears a blood feud and hatred as deep as the sea.

She turns the world upside-down, but her road to happiness is strewn with setbacks and the sweetness that comes after bitterness.

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Short Title:
Original Title:嫡女重生记
Author:The Vast Snow Of June
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Drama, Historical, Josei, Romance
Weekly Rank:#1278
Monthly Rank:#853
All Time Rank:#629
Tags:Age Progression, Ancient China, Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Older Love Interests, Power Couple, Power Struggle, Reincarnation, Revenge, Royalty, Second Chance, Tragic Past,

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