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The President Asked Me To Go To Her House Again

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What if the president always coerces her to do “hard work” on the grounds of deducting her salary?
To do or not to do?
After finishing the work, Lin Sheng silently took out his mobile phone, opened the circle of friends, and pressed down word by word:
The president asked me to work at her house again!
President, she has a little white face!
The woman behind the successful woman is me! it’s me!

Domineering domineering president X small staff
The daily life of the president and the staff is so sweet and sweet~

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Alternate Title:总裁又叫我去她家
Author:Young Master is Fengzi
Weekly Rank:#7054
Monthly Rank:#8629
All Time Rank:#9707
Tags:Aggressive Characters, Business Management, Charismatic Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Misunderstandings, Office Romance, Wealthy Characters,
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15 Comments on “The President Asked Me To Go To Her House Again
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  1. I don't know what to say. FL had a personality for first 25 chapters, but then afterwards she just became bland 'domineering president'stereotype. It's the same for the MC, she was so full of personality at first...then her entire character becomes 'little white rabbit.' The romance too was a bit off, it just feels like FL wants to possess MC - like as if she's an object, rather than a person. Their dynamic was colourful first 25 chapters...but after that...sigh. Not to mention MC is actually the heiress of a mega-corporation like FL as well, so why does she always feel so inferior? I don't know, this novel just feels wrong.

  2. Sigh. It turns out MC is the heiress of a megacorporation too (revealed in chapter 45). But she still feels inferior to the FL. The Fl in the end just views the MC as an object to possess. Too many warning bells in this novel really.

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