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The Peasant Wife Has a Space

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When she woke up, she transmigrated to the 1960s. There was a shortage of clothes, food, supplies, provisions, and everything. In addition, there was also an evil stepmother, a rake-eared father, a weird stepsister, and a weak and pitiful younger sister.

Fortunately, a space is at hand, so she has everything. She exchanged her supplies for money, tickets, and jewelry. It’s like Taobao at the flea market. Her rake-eared father was transformed, then she took the family to the bright future, and accidentally found the best man who spoiled and loved her.

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Short Title:PWHS
Alternate Title:重生六零农媳有空间
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Monthly Rank:#133
All Time Rank:#139
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Cooking, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Time Travel, Transmigration,
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48 Comments on “The Peasant Wife Has a Space
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  1. Anyone know the title of a noble with a transmigrated fl and reborn ml? the girl transmigrated when her family wants to bury her with a dying man, while the ml is in coma she married him because his family is weak. I think their name is shi quiling and xiao luheng something like it. The girl throw all her pot to her supposedly Taoist master.

  2. Initial impressions @ chapter 200-something: chapters are short so don't be intimidated that it's almost 1900 chapters. I find the writing juvenile & the dialogue cringy AF ಠ_ಠ maybe bec I just finished a historical that seems so much more mature in contrast. At this point in the story, Jiang Cheng is too extra. His spending attitude doesn't seem to be in line with the times. The word low-key isn't in his vocab.

  3. I've reached the end finally despite my comments on the writing style bec I find the MC likable and feel some affinity to her penchant for 'adopting' and feeding people. Which brings me to a distressing point. It seems that after she relocated to Lu City, she never seemed to send rations back to her maternal grandparents, the Chen couple. Or maybe due to my skipping chapters, I missed those details? ╮(^▽^)╭ Oh, well NVM. 😊

  4. It was an overall great read. The ML was lovely, and she used her advantages very well. It's just that the ending was a bit rushed. There were too many characters forgotten and too many potential stories not told. What peeved me the most was (Correct me if I'm wrong; i may have just missed it?) She totally forgot about her maternal grandparents after getting married!! Also, that Song dude, his siblings, and that uncle.. what happened to them? There was no mention during the rocket of a time skip at all? Did I miss anything? Their subsequent development could've been such a great part of the story

  5. Yeah, the ending was a bit rush and i agreed there's a lot of character that the author forgot, like the stepsister, the old couple second Jiang and old couple Chen, the orphan kid that get adopted, Song guy, and especially her crazy lunatic love rival 'Lin something' who tried to humiliates her for two fricking never get her retribution. I mean you only have one antagonist but she get away with it? The author focus too much from helping, selling and other stuff but dont get me wrong the story is really good but still a ot of thing is missing and too much unnecessary plot. Its a good read but not a lot of dramas.

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