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The Peasant Girl’s Splendid Manor

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【Farming】+【Space】+【Warmth】+【Get Rich】+【Scumbag】

Mo Yan, who was blown to ashes, was reborn in ancient times.

She became a little farm girl who was running away from famine!

There is a loving and handsome scholar father on it – not bad!

There is a pair of lively and cute younger siblings – very good!

But, does she really want to die again?

It’s okay if you don’t have food, drink or shelter on your way out of famine.

She even has to be on guard against bad guys to capture her and feed her!

Fortunately, there is room for upgrades in the previous life.

However, there are no eggs——

Why, that space with mountains, water, and meat to eat was actually formatted!

Facing a desperate situation, Mo Yan regained his fighting spirit:

No matter how formatted it is, my sister will still get rich and prosperous under the roots of the imperial city!

Open hills, plant orchards, buy shops, build houses… there’s no shortage of them!

But… there are also many jealous people looking for trouble!

Is the farm yours? Here, I’ll trick you to death without any negotiation!

Want to be her stepmother? Okay, I’ll give you a few widowers!

My mother is here to find you? Here, take the divorce letter and don’t give it away!

What? A beautiful man comes to propose marriage? Um, this… do you want to knock it down?

PS: 1. Persistence in farming + atypical house fighting + no palace fighting

2. The writing style is correct and the outlook is normal (the author does not rule out occasional convulsions)

Final article link:

[The Abandoned Farmer’s Beautiful Pastoral] Link: http://read.xxsy.net/info/527965.html

[The general’s daughter is not easy to mess with] Link: http://read.xxsy.net/info/473776.html

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Short Title:PGSM
Alternate Title:空间之农女的锦绣庄园
Author:twilight night cold
Weekly Rank:#51
Monthly Rank:#39
All Time Rank:#761
Tags:Female Protagonist, Magical Space,
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20 Comments on “The Peasant Girl’s Splendid Manor
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  1. Liking this but who hurt the author. The step mom plots are painful as is thecs bullshit non trust of her family and weird humility. Always says I'm just a peasant as a rich land lord who used to a a rich man's daughter. Say it's not that I don't trust them even though I told my old family about my space and fully developed it in my past life. I can't change the era alone. Ignores raising material to save the life of a prince. Also the Dad gets all the forgiveness where the mom gets a cold shoulder. Ah yes. She ran and left the family boo. Shame. Shame. But if one put there family in a Netori plot people would say that Mo Qingze deserved it. She supported that family three kids and a decade of defamation, abuse, extortion and her husband turning a blind eye. The situation was literally hopeless. Her cutting and running didn't get him to wake up completely. The situation was so bad that even with him semi woke the original owner was effectively murdered by their terrible family. The only option is slow death hoping he wakes up or running. There isn't a super rich modern girl with magic to help out so she can't actually take them with her. But it does that cop out bs where the mcs say they forgive her and understand but want nothing to do with her not even in the man who failed her apologize. Then have third parties send her to revenge fest while they are clean. Even they make the new family trash to her old to make her look bad while never asking why did she who loves her kids go with someone so hostile to their idea instead of hitting a wall and hoping her only legal defense did his dang job.

  2. You are wrong cause while it’s true it was mo qinze’s fault that the wife ran away and abandoned her children it was the mother’s fault also cause in a marriage at those times their husband comes first before their children and then them so if you don’t use the psychology of mordern times to look at it you will find out that both of them are at fault and the children treating her like strangers doesn’t mean anything cause she hurt them first and she still had the gut to come and meet her daughter to save her husband that tried to kill her of course she can’t do that and none of us can do it. As for the stepmother issue that’s how it is in reality although not all stepmothers are evil at least 90% are evil so you don’t have to make an issue out of it as for her not telling her closest member about the space I can’t say anything about it

  3. PLEASE HELP! I am looking for a novel. The female lead has a plant superpower from the apocalypse world. The female lead was reborn as a baby; when she was a baby, she could not control her power; when seeds touched her hand, they would bear fruits and vegetables. She can grow them in a second, and they taste better than usual. The male lead also came from the future world where there are no plants with the systems to exchange this with the future. He also has a superpower with rock? If I remember it correctly. He can create gems and others

  4. Does anyone know the title of this novel where the main female character disguises herself as a male and then helps two brothers who later become followers of the MC? Later, the MC and the two brothers go to a military base and join it, the two brothers getting roles in the consumption section and the MC being put into the core of the military base. Then the main male character is respected in this novel, even when the main character passes by, people will kneel but the MC refuses to kneel. That's all I remember, please let me know if you know the title. The setting of this novel is in the past, I forgot if it's cultivation or not.

  5. Does anyone know of novel in which protagonist makes his troops stronger by experiments and travels to a world with greek gods and is mistaken by Hades as his son

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