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Shiyi did not expect that, in the last second that she was bitten to death by the zombie, in the next second, she came to ancient times in their history books. She arrived at a poor mountain village, and met a silly man.

Yang Shifeng didn’t expect that at the age of 22, he would come across a fairy while hunting in the mountains, and that he would never be able to escape the fairy’s palm again in his life.

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Short Title:TPFD
Alternate Title:穿越之农妇医娘
Weekly Rank:#4377
Monthly Rank:#4796
All Time Rank:#4900
Tags:Ancient Times, Childcare, Female Protagonist, Pregnancy, Slow Romance, Transmigration,
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22 Comments on “The Peasant Female Doctor
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  1. Wht tf i just found it???? Like, dude this one is soooooo good. I cant😭 when they separated, i cried. Now when they finally happy, i cried. I thought they will have baby like any other trope when the dad jealous with his own baby just because stealing his wife, but no, its the opposite lol. Mc bickering with her child over everything. And its wonderful when love change her to become more cheerful and socialable(?). This book is really about the two of them, how they met and how they left. Even their baby have little extra story. And im glad they happily ever after. The flies get theur retribution, and the peach blossom get dumped. Mc is not weak, of course. She can deal everything, but her man always make sure she is okay. I love them both so much. Ml really doting his girl to the bone. Even when she dont like it and it hurts his consciousness, he avoid it. But ofc mc dont want that in the end. Maybe sometimes i'll comeback and read it many many times lol. It just so good

  2. Does anyone know where the FL transmigrated in ancient china. She's pregnant, escaping because of the War together with some Villagers. The first scene is when she wake up they're running. She have a space. She made friends with some people on the way, All men. And I remember that there's also unconscious man with them. If you know please comment below 🥺

  3. i read a story with similar plot only available in web novel though and not yet completed. “surviving in ancient times with limitless supplies”

  4. You will not regret reading this, although this novel it’s quite short but the story is written well, the plot is easy to follow and the characters have great & unique personalities that makes this story enjoyable to read, the antagonists are also not annoying, but what I like most about this novel is the ending which is unlike with other chinese novel, ML & FL lived their lives meaningfully and happily until the end and their children also had their own happy endings.

  5. Just finished reading And i am still crying. The end was so happy and so sad. The author is a great writer. Definitely recommend.

  6. Me encantó la novela hermosa 💖 😍 la FL y el ML me fasino, el final es inevitable todos envejecemos pero lo bello es que estarán juntos juntos y reencarnen para unirse de nuevo, quizás es triste el final pero para mi no ya que pienso que podrían reencarnar y volverse a encontrar bello 🥰

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