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Bai Mo, you evil bastard!

“Only the weakling will care about race and lineage, that’s because they need to see something that is similar to themselves to feel safe. And they need to use another life to continue their dreams; But the sun doesn’t need another sun, and the eternal one doesn’t need another to realize his own dreams.”

A story of a lone seeker constantly searching for a way forward.

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Short Title:TOS
Alternate Title:最初的寻道者
Author:Earl Orange
Weekly Rank:#4954
Monthly Rank:#3013
All Time Rank:#3602
Tags:Apathetic Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Curses, Heroes, Kingdoms, Leadership, Legends, Level System, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Mutations, Outer Space, Psychic Powers, Soldiers, Soul Power, Special Abilities, Vampires, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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26 Comments on “The Original Seeker
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  1. I am literally only like 3 chapters in so this is kind of a biased opinion but the fact that he chose to hide the spirit stones properties just makes me like him as a MC. I have read so many novels where the MC just get butt fucked because he shared secrets with all his friends and he puts them in trouble. So i do appreciate the fact that he hid it and i know this will be a good read if anyone wants a novel with smart MC with logical decision making this is for you

  2. Ah by the way if you want to read this novel you have to be patient because there are many cultivation theories in each chapter, there are even smells of physics, biology here sometimes reading this makes my brain feel like losing some cells but still I'm interested in what happened. So basically you really need a brain in reading this book my friends, I hope you are all healthy always and please take care of your health because the pandemic is still around today.

  3. The mc is ruthless, emotionless, asshole, and quite passive. This makes me feel unattached to the story. What a waste of good story, everything feel too flat.. Maybe someone like this kind of writing, but not me. I endure until chapter 300 but I am going to drop it along with this review.

  4. Are you dumb? Stop telling lies about the story and ruining it for other people. He isn’t passive at all, the whole point of the story is that he’s a researcher who doesn’t give a fuck about fighting. At chapter 300, 60% of all cultivation knowledge in China was figured out by him and all the high ranking people are too scared to go against him because they know he’s strong. He isn’t passive at all, everyone who goes against him usually disappears after a few days. Only retards like you who hate on the story after reading 50 chapters would think so. Also, the reason he is “emotionless” was also explained early in the story.

  5. You are such a dumbass, why can’t you accept other opinion? I don’t want to spoil that’s why no details were written in my review. The funny part is your agreement with my review that the story is too flat and mc is passive and only reactive when someone touch his nerve. The story won’t go until the other party start to move not the mc, so repetitive of these makes me give up.

  6. I agree with you out of all the shitshows this one is really good, this dumbasss probably only like face slapping harem novels

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