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The Opening Sign To the Seven Fairy Sisters

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Novel Summary

Ye Chen traveled to the world of fantasy and found that he had seven beautiful female elder sisters.

Great sister, the lady in red!

The second elder sister, glamorous sword god!

Three sisters, ethereal fairy!



Seventh elder sister, peerless Tianjiao!

Ye Chen, who was born with waste, awakened the sign-in system, and secretly signed in at the Holy Land of Immortality every day.

Ye Chen: “I want to sign in quietly, and then surprise everyone!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TOSTSFS
Alternate Title:开局签到七个仙女师姐
Author:Qing Muhan
Weekly Rank:#268
Monthly Rank:#275
All Time Rank:#404
Tags:Age Progression, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Cultivation, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Reincarnation, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Sword Wielder, System, System Administrator, Time Skip,
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  1. Mtlnovel could you add this novel? Link:https://m.230book.net/book/25686/ Alternative title:不死的我实在是太强了 A good novel for anyone who is bored like me looking for something good to read! Novel summary:The enemy hit your chest with a palm, your internal organs burst, you are dying, your body instantly recovers and becomes stronger. You get up in the morning and hit the "Seven Injury Punch" again. All your internal organs are injured, and you become stronger again. You eat an unknown poisonous weed, which is highly poisonous to your heart, and your body continues to grow stronger. You jump off the crater, magma and fire poison instantly put you to death. You are not dead, you are swollen, and you think it’s really hard to die! ... Bai Donglin: "All the harm done to me will only make me stronger!"

  2. This novel was good at the beginning but after those sisters left to get stronger it just went down hill like they agree that Mc would look for them after 3 years but for some reason some of them are all over the fuc*ing world like Mc knows the few first 2 sisters whereabouts just by pure look and leaned that another one even left the empire like Mc is only 16 and don't know crap about the world how do they expect that he finds them? Also the sisters levels are messed up. He double cultivate with one for a few days and got huge power ups but later her level was still the same as if the powerup never happened. Also Mc talk bs about only caring about his mother and sister but get involved with the 3 mayor powers. Also the hypocrisy of Chinese mcs so called filial piety like his father didn't give a sh*t about him and his mother but because he is dying and his other kids are death only them look for the Mc but the Mc not even being the real owner of that body for some reason like many others mcs always fells filial love and forgive and helps their parents even if they are worse than trash trying to imply familial love like they didn't abandon or forced other to abandon many baby girls to die during the one child policy. Just as shameless as every antagonist in their novels

  3. China is almost as bad as the usa ... onlt reason china is better is cause they dont give every idiot and their mother a gun

  4. It was good till he decided to leave the sect, then it became cliche, goes around and solves each sister's problems, it's been a while so can't remember if he ended up smashing (snu snu ) after each save, completely lost interest once I started predicting what he was gonna do next? 🙁 Another issue is that he didn't help his mom breakthrough before leaving, like he surpasses her pretty fast and pretty far, could have at least made her the strongest in the sect, so not to worry about anything happening.

  5. He did help her breakthrough and left her good techniques to practice. Also he doesn't have the power to really powerlevel other people apart from double cultivation and if he did his sister's wouldn't be all over the place trying to get stronger

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