The Opening Sign To the Nine Sisters

At the beginning, sign in to get 100 million gold coins, nine sisters. First sister: A business tycoon who controls the world’s most luxurious brands. Second sister: A talented singer, she won the Golden Melody Award. Third sister: Idol star, international actress. Fourth S.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 1055 Nine Phoenix Sacrifice Heaven Formation Chapter 1054 Thousandth and fifty-ninth Chapter 1053 Recruitment of the Gorefiend

Chapter 1052 Battle against the Gorefiend [seeking subscription] Chapter 1053 Shot [top] [two more] Chapter 1052 The Blood Demon Emperor is Coming [Next] [One more] Chapter 1051 The blood emperor comes [medium] [two more] Chapter 1050 The Blood Demon Emperor is Coming [Part One] [One more] Chapter 1049 Return [Next] [Two more] Chapter 1048 Return【中】 Chapter 1047 Return【Up】【Second more】 Chapter 1046 Fight if you don’t agree [Next] [One more]

Chapter 1045 Do it if you don’t accept it [medium] [two more] Chapter 1044 Fight if you don’t agree [top] [one more] Chapter 1043 Dialogue with Heaven【Next】【Second more】

Chapter 1042 Dialogue with Heaven 【中】【One more】 Chapter 1041 Dialogue with Heaven [Part 1] [Second more] Chapter 1040 The heaven of the world [below] [one more] Chapter 1039 The Way of Heaven in the World [Middle] [Two more] Chapter 1038 The Way of Heaven in the World [One more] Chapter 1037 Raise your hand to destroy the enemy [below] [two more] Chapter 1036 Raise your hand to destroy the enemy [medium] [one more] Chapter 1035 Raise your hand to destroy the enemy [top] [two more] Chapter 1034 Breakthrough Tian Zhizun [One more] [Next]

Chapter 1033 Breakthrough Tian Zhizun [two more] Chapter 1032 Breakthrough Tian Zhizun [One more] Chapter 1031 The first person in history [below] [two more] Chapter 1030 The first person in history【中】【One more】 Chapter 1029 The first person in history [two more] Chapter 1028 Tianzhizun Inheritance【Part 2】 Chapter 1027 Inheritance of Tianzhizun【中】 Chapter 1026 Inheritance of Tianzhizun【Part 1】 Chapter 1025 The dust settles【Next】【Two more】 Chapter 1024 The dust has settled [medium] [two more] Chapter 1023 The dust has settled [top] [two more] Chapter 1022 Compete for the first 【Next】【One more】

Chapter 1021 Compete for the first [medium] [two more] Chapter 1020 Compete for the first [on] [one more] Chapter 1019 Decisive Battle【Next】【Two more】 Chapter 1018 Decisive battle【中】【One more】 Chapter 1017 Decisive battle [on] [two more] Chapter 1016 Rush to the finish line【Next】【One more】 Chapter 1015 Towards the finish line【Middle】【Two more】 Chapter 1014 Towards the end [one more] Chapter 1013 One month later【two more】 Chapter 1012 Are you hanging up? [One more] Chapter 1011 The biggest test [two more] Chapter 1010 One hundred thousand ladders [one more]

Chapter 1009 Three minutes for you to prepare [two more] Chapter 1008 The second level, the ultimate strength assessment [one more] Chapter 1007 Ultimate speed [top] [two more] Chapter 1006 Turned into a light 【Next】【One more】 Chapter 1005 Turn into a light [medium] [two more] Chapter 1004 Turn into a light [one more] Chapter 1003 The powerful demons are dispatched together [two more] Chapter 1002 Lai Mingming's terrifying identity [one more] Chapter 1001 Climb the ladder and start [two more] Chapter 1000 Devil action [one more] Chapter 999 Demon’s block [two more] Chapter 998 Climb the ladder, start [one more]

Chapter 997 Lai Mingming's decision [two more, breaking a thousand Chapter 996 Peace of mind and let it go Chapter 995 Ye Chen's decision Chapter 994 How to go back [one more] Chapter 993 Full of harvest【中】 Chapter 992 Receipt is full Chapter 991 End of the ruins tour【Next】 Chapter 990 End of the ruins tour【中】【two more】 Chapter 989 End of the ruins tour [top] [one more] Chapter 988 Cthulhu [Part 2] Chapter 987 Cthulhu [Medium] [Two more] Chapter 986 Cthulhu [Part 1] [One more]

Chapter 985 All show their supernatural powers [below] [two more] Chapter 984 All show their supernatural powers [medium] [one more] Chapter 983 All show their supernatural powers [top] Chapter 982 Seal on【Next】 Chapter 981 The seal is open [medium] [two more] Chapter 980 The seal is on [top] [one more] Chapter 979 The strong gather [below] [two more] Chapter 978 The strong gather [medium] [one more] Chapter 977 The strong gather [two more] [top] Chapter 976 Step on the Clouds【One more】【Next】 Chapter 975 Step on the Clouds【中】【Second more】 Chapter 974 Step on the Clouds【One more】

Chapter 973 Climbing the ladder【below】 Chapter 972 Climbing the ladder【中】 Chapter 971 Climbing the ladder【top】 Chapter 970 Go ahead【below】 Chapter 969 Go ahead [two more] [in] Chapter 968 Go ahead [one more] [top] Chapter 967 Little Witch【Next】 Chapter 966 Little Witch【中】 Chapter 965 Little Witch [Top] [Two more] Chapter 964 Exquisite fairy artifacts [Next] [One more] Chapter 963 Exquisite fairy [medium] [two more] Chapter 962 Exquisite fairy artifacts [top] [one more]

Chapter 961 In the depths of the ruins [below] [two more] Chapter 960 The depths of the ruins [two more] Chapter 959 In the depths of the ruins【top】 Chapter 958 Get in hand【Next】 Chapter 957 Get in hand [medium] [two more] Chapter 956 Get it [One more] Chapter 955 Fierce battle【below】 Chapter 954 Fierce Battle【中】 Chapter 953 Fierce Battle【上】 Chapter 952 Contention【below】 Chapter 951 Compete【in】【two more】 Chapter 950 Compete [top] [one more]

Chapter 949 Collision [two more] Chapter 948 Meet [one more] Chapter 947 Baptism in the blood pool [two more] Chapter 946 True dragon and true phoenix pond [one more] Chapter 945 Lonely Smoke in the Desert [two more] Chapter 944 Enter the ancient battlefield [below] Chapter 943 Enter the ancient battlefield [medium] [two more] Chapter 942 Enter the ancient battlefield [top] [one more] Chapter 941 Reward [two more] Chapter 940 Champion【Next】 Chapter 939 Champion【中】 Chapter 938 Champion【上】

Chapter 937 top ten Chapter 936 Rolling【below】 Chapter 935 Rolling【中】 Chapter 934 Rolling【top】 Chapter 933 Rolling all the way [two more] Chapter 932 The start of the game [one more] Chapter 931 Classic tournament, open【two more】 Chapter 930 Tentative [one more] Chapter 929 Fight for the front [two more] Chapter 928 Reception [One more] Chapter 927 Tou Jiao Zhengrong [two more] Chapter 926 Lord of Tianyuan City【One more】

Chapter 925 Regain face [two more] Chapter 924 The first person of the young generation [one more] Chapter 923 The only way [two more] Chapter 922 News of Colorful Sky Patching Stone [One more] Chapter 921 Way back [two more] Chapter 920 A fellow in another world [one more] Chapter 919 The invitation of the city lord [two more] Chapter 918 City Lord of Qingyang [One more] Chapter 917 Qingyang City[Two more] Chapter 916 Emperor-level warcraft, one punch to kill [one more] Chapter 915 The hidden world [two more] Chapter 914 The end of the Bermuda Triangle [one more]

Chapter 913 The scary black space [two more] Chapter 912 Crashed plane [one more] Chapter 911 Go to the Bermuda Triangle [two more] Chapter 910 Slap to death [one more] Chapter 909 I like to pay back ten times [two more] Chapter 908 The dead [one more] Chapter 907 When you get slapped [two more] Chapter 906 The person who finds the difference [one more] Chapter 905 Helping my daughter buy clothes [two more] Chapter 904 Daughter’s request [one more] Chapter 903 The second piece of colorful sky-filling stone Chapter 902 Knock down

Chapter 901 Fight the three dragon kings Chapter 900 Prove yourself Chapter 899 Can't afford to lose Chapter 898 Gang fight Chapter 897 Too weak, let's go together Chapter 896 Slap fly Chapter 895 The draw begins Chapter 894 Pre-match preparation Chapter 893 The Tactics of the Three Dragon Palaces Chapter 892 Non-my family, its heart must be different Chapter 891 I want to challenge you Chapter 890 Get it [two more]

Chapter 889 Dragon Soul Lamp Chapter 888 Rolling [two more] Chapter 887 fighting Chapter 886 What are the qualifications [two more] Chapter 885 Participate in the Dragon Soul Conference [one more] Chapter 884 Live up to expectations [two more] Chapter 883 Dragon Soul Lantern Competition [One more] Chapter 882 Cure [two more] Chapter 881 Donghai Dragon Palace [One more] Chapter 880 Little Dragon Girl, please [two more] Chapter 879 Extinguish the black dragon [one more] Chapter 878 If you are looking for death, you will be fulfilled [two more]

Chapter 877 I just passed by [one more] Chapter 876 Little Dragon Girl [Two more] Chapter 875 Fierce Battle under the Sea [One more] Chapter 874 Mariana Trench[two more] Chapter 873 The sea of ​​horror [one more] Chapter 872 Ants [two more] Chapter 871 Get the fragments of the sky-filling stone [one more] Chapter 870 Yaochi baby is here [two more] Chapter 869 Kneel to me [one more] Chapter 868 Set off for Yaochi [two more] Chapter 867 Yaochi miracle [one more] Chapter 866 The strange people and strange things in Yaochi [two more]

Chapter 865 Old classmate [one more] Chapter 864 Yaochi[two more] Chapter 863 Good luck [one more] Chapter 862 Colorful sky-filling stone [two more] Chapter 861 Ways to deal with the Gorefiend [One more] Chapter 860 Dumb brother, long time no see [two more] Chapter 859 Cultivator, awakening [one more] Chapter 858 Lord of the Undead-Khufu [two more] Chapter 857 The new queen of the empire that never sets [one more] Chapter 856 Sixth sister’s prediction [two more] Chapter 855 Gorefiend [One more] Chapter 854 Xuanyuanfeng stay overnight [two more]

Chapter 853 Xuanyuan Huangdi’s purpose [one more] Chapter 852 History of Comprehension World [Two more] Chapter 851 Emperor Xuanyuan came to the door[one more] Chapter 850 Funny Ye Sichen [two more] Chapter 849 Make breakfast for my daughter [one more] Chapter 848 Everyone is in danger [two more] Chapter 847 The status quo of the empire that never sets [one more] Chapter 846 Raise your hand to destroy the emperor [two more] Chapter 845 What are you [one more] Chapter 844 Hit the small one, and come out the old one [two more] Chapter 843 Go shopping with my daughter [one more] Chapter 842 Global situation [two more]

Chapter 841 Three years [one more] Chapter 840 Current situation [two more] Chapter 839 Congratulations to little friend Ye Chen for entering the Supreme Realm [one more] Chapter 838 Emperor Xuanyuan shot [two more] Chapter 837 Xuanyuan Huangdi appeared [one more] Chapter 836 The battle of the two supreme [two more] Chapter 835 Promoted to the supreme state [one more] Chapter 834 The only way [two more] Chapter 833 Thousands of miles to kill [one more] Chapter 832 One word, escape [two more] Chapter 831 Fierce battle [one more] Chapter 830 Rolling [two more]

Chapter 829 Wake up [one more] Chapter 828 Girl in blood [two more] Chapter 827 Trade injury for injury [one more] Chapter 826 Girl in blood [two more] Chapter 825 Mysterious underground palace [one more] Chapter 824 Break a blood path [two more] Chapter 823 Spike [one more] Chapter 822 Ye Chen furious [two more] Chapter 821 The crushed Ye Zhen [one more] Chapter 820 Extinguish the blood of Yanlong, get the tie-lian[two more] Chapter 819 Trade injury for injury [one more] Chapter 818 Blood Yanlong [Two more]

Chapter 817 Three Lives and Divine Lotus 【One more】 Chapter 816 Corpses everywhere [two more] Chapter 815 Bronze Door【One more】 Chapter 814 The scattered people [two more] Chapter 813 Within the ruins【one more】 Chapter 812 Enter Xuanyuan Ruins [two more] Chapter 811 Xuanyuan Ruins open [one more] Chapter 810 Ye Chen's plan [two more] Chapter 809 Jiumei, you should sacrifice yourself [one more] Chapter 808 Surrender [two more] Chapter 807 Wang Family, it's over [one more] Chapter 806 Wang Family, extinguish

Chapter 805 Threat, extremely ridiculous [two more] Chapter 804 What a mighty prestige [one more] Chapter 803 Conspiracy [two more] Chapter 802 Uninvited Guest [One more] Chapter 801 The dead will keep secrets [two more] Chapter 800 Ye Xin's shock [one more] Chapter 799 The last piece [two more] Chapter 798 Squeeze the Nanyang Wudi [One more] Chapter 797 Destroy Wang Xiaotian【two more】 Chapter 796 Can't run [one more] Chapter 795 Fierce battle [two more] Chapter 794 Demon Emperor Yan [One more]

Chapter 793 This road is nowhere [two more] Chapter 792 Battle against Emperor Yan Mo [One more] Chapter 791 Mysterious girl rescue [two more] Chapter 790 Heartbroken [one more] Chapter 789 Winners and losers will remain the same for thousands of years [two more] Chapter 788 The gift of the mysterious girl [two more] Chapter 787 Master, it hurts [one more] Chapter 786 Looking forward to meeting again [two more] Chapter 785 Your blood is mine [one more] Chapter 784 Crystal coffin [two more] Chapter 783 Tomb of the Nine Heavens Profound Girl [One more] Chapter 782 Nine-Colored Tongtian Lotus【Two more】

Chapter 781 God's Secret Room [One more] Chapter 780 Bottomless pit [two more] Chapter 779 Zhan Yan Mo [One more] Chapter 778 Yan Mo Clan [Two more] Chapter 777 Great Omen [One more] Chapter 776 Yu Ni returns home [two more] Chapter 775 This time, I want him to die [one more] Chapter 774 The ninth reincarnation [two more] Chapter 773 Please call me Her Majesty the Queen [one more] Chapter 772 Meeting of the three supreme states [two more] [below] Chapter 771 Meeting of the three supreme realms [one more] Chapter 770 Finding the difference [two more]

Chapter 769 Past events [one more] Chapter 768 Return [two more] Chapter 767 Big sister, spare me [one more] Chapter 766 Don’t want to do anything [two more] Chapter 765 Happy New Year red envelopes, bank cards [one more] Chapter 764 New Year's Eve [Two more] Chapter 763 Family portrait [one more] Chapter 762 After a good year, pack red envelopes [two more] Chapter 761 Brother, what do you think [one more] Chapter 760 The mysterious old man [two more] Chapter 759 Sister Zhenrong [One more] Chapter 758 Post Spring Festival couplets, hang lanterns, and welcome the New Year [two more]

Chapter 757 I would not like a disciple [one more] Chapter 756 The women meet [two more] Chapter 755 Alice's arrival [one more] Chapter 754 New Year's Fair [two more] Chapter 753 Alice’s plan [one more] Chapter 752 I miss you again [two more] Chapter 751 The arrival of Yu Ni [one more] Chapter 750 Preparing for the new year [two more] Chapter 749 You figure it out [one more] Chapter 748 Good for oneself [two more] Chapter 747 Dilemma [One more] Chapter 746 If you have money but no money, go home for the New Year [two more]

Chapter 745 Master, I finally found you [one more] Chapter 744 It's over [two more] Chapter 743 Heaven and Earth One Sword [One more] Chapter 742 The collision of the Supreme Dharma [two more] Chapter 741 Ye Xuan loses [one more] Chapter 740 The praying mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind [two more] Chapter 739 The altar opens [one more] Chapter 738 Fourth sister’s plan [two more] Chapter 737 Seventh Sister is an archaeological expert [one more] Chapter 736 Seven sisters! Seven sisters! Seven sisters! 【Two more】 Chapter 735 Treating Seven Sisters [One more] Chapter 734 The duplicity of Seven Sisters [two more]

Chapter 733 Shocking Sword [One more] Chapter 732 Grabbing relatives [two more] Chapter 731 Attend the wedding [one more] Chapter 730 Compete against the cultivators [two more] [below] Chapter 729 Compete against the cultivators [medium] [one more] Chapter 728 Compete against the cultivators [two more] [top] Chapter 727 I like people who know the current affairs [one more] Chapter 726 Infuriating imprisonment [two more] Chapter 725 Third Sister’s Method [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 724 Who crushes who [two more] Chapter 723 See also third sister Ye Lin [one more] Chapter 722 Your temple is indeed too small [two more]

Chapter 721 Could it be dreaming [one more] Chapter 720 Six sisters point to the maze [two more] Chapter 719 Seven sisters killed [one more] Chapter 718 It’s up to the East [One more] Chapter 717 The whereabouts of the seventh sister [two more] Chapter 716 I have never been a gentleman [one more] Chapter 715 How do you want to die [two more] Chapter 714 Nanyang Wudi, defeated [one more] Chapter 713 Relic to save the field [one more] Chapter 712 The older sister does not protect the younger brother, who to protect? 【One more】 Chapter 711 Demon Skeleton [two more] Chapter 710 Big fist is the last word [one more]

Chapter 709 Surrender, you are thinking of fart [two more] Chapter 708 Battle against Nanyang Wudi [One more] Chapter 707 Can I do it, you know best [two more] Chapter 706 Yu Ni’s suggestion [one more] Chapter 705 Let you bully me [two more] Chapter 704 Here you are [one more] Chapter 703 The countermeasures of Princess Sakura and Xuan Ye [two more] Chapter 702 Sister Ye Zhen, you bullied me [one more] Chapter 701 Fourth sister goes to Dongying [second more] Chapter 700 The conspiracy of the Nanyang wizard [one more] Chapter 699 Sister, you have fallen [two more] Chapter 698 Sister Ye Gong, let's create life [two more]

Chapter 697 Xuan Ye’s worries [two more] Chapter 696 Xuan Ye’s doubts [one more] Chapter 695 Causality [two more] Chapter 694 Go back to me [one more] Chapter 693 Xuan Ye's toughness [two more] Chapter 692 Why don’t you grab [one more] Chapter 691 Treasure map of Emperor Xuanyuan's relics [two more] Chapter 690 I promise you everything [one more] Chapter 689 The first person in the cold country-the blood emperor [three shifts] Chapter 688 Blood Emperor [Two more] Chapter 687 I dare not touch you, you are the oldest [one more] Chapter 686 The thunder is loud, the rain is small [three shifts]

Chapter 685 Ye Gong shot [two more] Chapter 684 Overbearing contract [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 683 I want to learn [three shifts] Chapter 682 Could it be a mental retardation [two more] Chapter 681 Orange in the orange [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 680 Wang Xiaotian’s anger [three shifts] Chapter 679 Xiaochen, your girlfriend? 【Two more】 Chapter 678 The swan in hand, flew [one more] Chapter 677 Wash my neck and wait [three shifts] Chapter 676 Supreme Dharma Image [two more] Chapter 675 Do you think you can stop me [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 674 Big sister arrives [three shifts]

Chapter 673 The Fourth Sister Arrives [Second more] Chapter 672 This kid must die [one more] Chapter 671 Meet Wang Xiaotian again [three shifts] Chapter 670 Who sent you [two more] Chapter 669 If love has color, it must be... [one more] Chapter 668 I didn’t mean it [three shifts] Chapter 667 Life and death [two more] Chapter 666 I'll clean up you later [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 665 You wait and see for me [three shifts] Chapter 664 The suitor of the sixth sister [two more] Chapter 663 I like Lily [one more] Chapter 662 Wang Xiaotian’s doubts [three shifts]

Chapter 661 Want money or death? 【Two more】 Chapter 660 Arrogant? A slap thing [one more] Chapter 659 What's there to scream [two more] Chapter 658 Compensation, 50 billion [one more] Chapter 657 Jiang Chen’s shock [two more] Chapter 656 You have a disaster of blood and light [One more, please subscribe! happy New Year! 】 Chapter 655 You disciple [two more] Chapter 654 Six sisters, best friend Jiang Chen [one more] Chapter 653 Sixth sister’s reminder [two more] Chapter 652 One million, get me away [one more] Chapter 651 Look down on someone [one more] Chapter 650 Xiaochen, six sisters give you a divination [two more]

Chapter 649 The Power of Six Sisters [One more] Chapter 648 Master Accountant, Sixth Sister Ye Gong[2nd more] Chapter 647 Dumb brother, Go! 【One more】 Chapter 646 Sister, drain him [two more] Chapter 645 How could I like her [one more] Chapter 644 Ye Chen, do you like my sister? 【Two more】 Chapter 643 Financial power competition [one more] Chapter 642 Ye Chen shot [two more] Chapter 641 Exposed [one more] Chapter 640 The Earl of Showdown [two more] Chapter 639 Conspiracy brewing [one more] Chapter 638 Alive's toughness [two more]

Chapter 637 Three Earls [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 636 Royal party [two more] Chapter 635 That’s it. [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 634 Dongying mutation [two more] Chapter 633 Participate in the royal party [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 632 Ye Chen, what do you think of my sister? 【Two more】 Chapter 631 Alive, the duplicity [one more] Chapter 630 Who is he from you? 【Two more】 Chapter 629 Big sister shot [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 628 Initial battle with Wang Xiaotian [two more] Chapter 627 It’s useless for anyone to come [one more] Chapter 626 Old ancestors, help [two more]

Chapter 625 I don’t want to eat dog food [one more] Chapter 624 The jealous Alive [two more] Chapter 623 Mysterious Woman [One more] Chapter 622 I can't bear [two more] Chapter 621 We surrender [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 620 Who doesn’t follow, give him a ride [two more] Chapter 619 Two choices [one more] Chapter 618 Forced palace [two more] Chapter 617 Sister, Danger [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 616 To the empire that the sun never sets [two more] Chapter 615 Uninvited Guest [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 614 Reiki recovery countdown [two more]

Chapter 613 Big sister’s purpose [one more] Chapter 612 Great Changes in the Northwest [two more] Chapter 611 Am I like a fool[one more] Chapter 610 Welcome your revenge [two more] Chapter 609 Knock down [one more] Chapter 608 Did I promise you? 【Two more】 Chapter 607 Little Witch Ye Ling【One more】 Chapter 606 Ye Ling and Li Yang [two more] Chapter 605 After the madness [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 604 Eight sister, I'm back [one more] Chapter 603 Back to the Demon City [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 602 Happy to accompany [two more]

Chapter 601 Alive's test [one more] Chapter 600 Alice’s crisis [two more] Chapter 599 Sister, you are not saved [one more] Chapter 598 Big sister's strength [one more] Chapter 597 The return of the ruins [two more] Chapter 596 Master, goodbye [one more] Chapter 595 Long pain is worse than short pain [two more] Chapter 594 The shock of Princess Sakura [one more] Chapter 593 Remains baptism [two more] Chapter 592 Ye Jin’s shock [one more] Chapter 591 Emperor-level Might [two more] Chapter 590 Fifth sister, they give it to me [One more, please subscribe]

Chapter 589 Fifth sister, leave it to me [two more] Chapter 588 Hurt my fifth sister and die [one more] Chapter 587 The crisis of the fifth sister Ye Jin [two more] Chapter 586 I blame you [one more] Chapter 585 Only I can have you [two more] Chapter 584 I will be responsible for the end [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 583 Ye Chen, wait [two more] Chapter 582 Princess Sakura, you are my person [one more] Chapter 581 I like to come step by step [two more] Chapter 580 Heaven and earth, one sword, destroying the emperor [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 579 Kill the three-headed python in **** [two more] Chapter 578 You are greedy for me... [one more]

Chapter 577 Hell three-headed python [two more, subscribe] Chapter 576 Don’t look at me like that [one more] Chapter 575 Ye Chen, hurry up [two more] Chapter 574 Bong to the end [one more] Chapter 573 Wanzhang molten cave [two more] Chapter 572 I won’t practice Yin-Yang Dafa with you [one more] Chapter 571 White crystal [two more] Chapter 570 I'm not that kind of person [one more] Chapter 569 The frozen desert [two more] Chapter 568 Walk slowly, don’t give away [one more] Chapter 567 Strange memories [two more] Chapter 566 Mysterious young man in white [one more]

Chapter 565 This disciple [two more] Chapter 564 Princess Sakura’s plan [one more] Chapter 563 Can you let me go [two more] Chapter 562 Ye Chen, you...get out [one more] Chapter 561 Why should I help you [two more] Chapter 560 Sakura Princess’s request for help [one more, please subscribe] Chapter 559 See Princess Sakura again [two more] Chapter 558 Trouble with Princess Sakura [One more] Chapter 557 Only success, no failure [two more] Chapter 556 There is gold everywhere [one more] Chapter 555 The hunt begins [two more] Chapter 554 Sakura Princess [One more]

Chapter 553 Fifth sister, pay attention to the image [two more] Chapter 552 Fifth sister, let go quickly [one more] Chapter 551 Fifth sister, here I am [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 550 Fifth sister’s request for help [two more] Chapter 549 Definitely next time! Next time it will be [one more] Chapter 548 Just throw it down [two more] Chapter 547 What big gift package do you want [one more] Chapter 546 Fight with me, you are still tender [two more] Chapter 545 Who gave you the courage [one more] Chapter 544 Brother Ye Chen, look for me, he will die [two more] Chapter 543 System, you are cheating [one more] Chapter 542 Handsome guy, what do you think of me? 【Two more】

Chapter 541 Brother... abnormal [one more] Chapter 540 It’s just a nasty family [two more] Chapter 539 Do you want to try this [one more] Chapter 538 Mine is more delicious [three shifts] Chapter 537 Ye Xing, you are a bit dissatisfied with me [two more] Chapter 536 Go to the magic city [one more] Chapter 535 The problem of the fifth sister [four more] Chapter 534 Brother, you are really bad [three shifts] Chapter 533 Nine sisters, don’t be shy. [Second change, 50,000 recommended votes] Chapter 532 My driving technique levers [one more] Chapter 531 Definitely next time! Next time [three shifts] Chapter 530 I don’t know where it is. [Second update, please subscribe]

Chapter 529 It’s more than three million, little meaning [one more] Chapter 528 She is mine [two more] Chapter 527 Brother Ye Chen, if you want, I don’t mind [one more] Chapter 526 I really only have a college degree [two more] Chapter 525 The identity was exposed, and the audience was shocked [one more] Chapter 524 Where are the astronomical assets? 【Two more】 Chapter 523 It’s impossible, you can eat me [one more] Chapter 522 I don’t need to work hard anymore [two more] Chapter 521 Look down on someone! 【One more】 Chapter 520 Who are you [two more] Chapter 519 Grandma, I will work hard [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 518 I will consider [two more]

Chapter 517 I am the protagonist [one more] Chapter 516 It's dawn [two more] Chapter 515 Xiaochen, you are deceiving [one more] Chapter 514 Eighth sister, it's time to rest [two more] Chapter 513 Xiaochen, are you surprised or surprised? 【One more】 Chapter 512 The arrival of the eighth sister [three shifts] Chapter 511 Preparation for university banquet [two more] Chapter 510 We father and son have a good chat [one more] Chapter 509 That’s what I want to experience life [two more] Chapter 508 Ye Chen, I heard that you are back [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 507 Just one point [two more] Chapter 506 Brother, sister Ye Xing wants to drink milk [a change, please subscribe]

Chapter 505 Xiaochen, where's my grandson-in-law! 【Three shifts】 Chapter 504 Grandma, I'm back [two more] Chapter 503 Sorry, I know someone too [one more] Chapter 502 The tone is quite big [two more] Chapter 501 I take myself too seriously [one more] Chapter 500 Bumper cars, it’s a bit of a waste car [two more, please subscribe] Chapter 499 Brother, I know I'm great [one more] Chapter 498 One million BMW, I really haven’t taken a ride [three shifts] Chapter 497 Shocked [two more] Chapter 496 Am I crying? [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 495 Who is this person on earth [five watch, 49,000 recommended votes] Chapter 494 This is my car [four changes, 48,000 recommended votes]

Chapter 493 I like to be idle [three shifts] Chapter 492 Old classmate Shui Miaomiao [two more] Chapter 491 Sister Ye Ling calls [a more update, please subscribe] Chapter 490 Xiaochen, come to the Palace of Heavenly Kings when you have time [three shifts] Chapter 489 The tenderness of the fifth sister [two more] Chapter 488 I remember you [one more] Chapter 487 The last laugh is not you, but me [three shifts] Chapter 486 Battle Emperor [Two more] [中] Chapter 485 Battle Emperor [One more] [Top] Chapter 484 Asked my opinion [three shifts] Chapter 483 Fifth sister shot [two more] Chapter 482 Asked if I agreed [one more]

Chapter 481 Let's go together [two more] Chapter 480 Just rely on you [one more] Chapter 479 Lead the snake out of the hole [Two more, million words, please subscribe] Chapter 478 Xiaochen, the fifth sister likes to eat meat [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 477 The power of the fifth sister [two more] Chapter 476 The purpose of the fifth sister [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 475 Fifth Sister’s Embrace Killing [Second more] Chapter 474 Swordswoman, forgive me [one more] Chapter 473 Go back, you will have no chance [two more] Chapter 472 Fifth Sister Ye Jin [One more] Chapter 471 The arrival of the fifth sister [three shifts] Chapter 470 Chi You Jian arrives [two more]

Chapter 469 Isn't it bigger? Mine is bigger [one more] Chapter 468 Pink Lady [Three more] Chapter 467 The Fourth Sister Presents the Sword [Second more, please subscribe] Chapter 466 Horrible battle [one more] Chapter 465 Fight the werewolf leader again [two more] Chapter 464 Free thugs of the fourth sister [one more] ~ Ask for a day off Chapter 463 Xuan Ye's plan [two more] Chapter 462 Storms are surging [one more] Chapter 461 A wave of cannon fodder [one more] Chapter 460 One injury, the wind and the clouds move [two more] Chapter 459 You will thank me [one more]

Chapter 458 Do you want to teach me? 【Two more】 Chapter 457 Ye Qi shot [one more] Chapter 456 Are we familiar? Roll [three shifts] Chapter 455 Do we know [two more] Chapter 454 Buying clothes with my second sister [one more] Chapter 453 The second sister’s regret is resolved [three shifts] Chapter 452 Second sister’s cooking skills [two more] Chapter 451 Second sister, let me go [one more] Chapter 450 Second sister, dying [two more] Chapter 449 The second sister arrives [three shifts] Chapter 448 Fourth sister's villa [two more] Chapter 447 The Valkyrie is seriously injured, news spreads [one more]

Chapter 446 You are not my opponent [three shifts] Chapter 445 If you want to go, the fourth sister will not let go [second more] Chapter 444 I really didn’t mean it [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 443 【Three shifts】 Chapter 442 Sister, how do you feel [second more] Chapter 441 Sister, I’m sorry [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 440 Five Sisters of the Big Demon [Three more] Chapter 439 Xuan Ye is injured [two more] Chapter 438 You can try [one more] Chapter 437 Fourth sister, be careful [three shifts] Chapter 436 Stay alive [two more] Chapter 435 I will definitely take you back [one more]

Chapter 434 Fourth sister, hold me tight and rush out [three shifts] Chapter 433 Xiaochen, okay no [two more] Chapter 432 Fourth sister, bear with me a bit [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 431 Sister, do you think there is a choice [three shifts] Chapter 430 Fourth sister, wait for me [second more] Chapter 429 Stinky boy, you're looking for death [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 428 Enter the battle [three shifts] Chapter 427 Find where the fourth sister is [second more] Chapter 426 The Crisis of Xuan Ye [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 425 The conspiracy of the werewolf [three shifts] Chapter 424 With a flick of your finger, the dust is gone [two more] Chapter 423 One trick to kill [one more, please subscribe]

Chapter 422 Asked my opinion [three shifts, please subscribe] Chapter 421 Werewolf Strikes [Two more] Chapter 420 Only with the body to promise [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 419 News from the Fourth Sister [Three more] Chapter 418 I don’t mean anything else [two more] Chapter 417 Vis * Yawei [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 416 Yana's request [three shifts] Chapter 415 Clue of the Fourth Sister [Second more] Chapter 414 Werewolf [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 413 You guys, let's go together [three shifts] Chapter 412 You are dying [two more] Chapter 411 Even if you break your throat, you won’t... [One more]

Chapter 410 I don’t know how to take care of the eighth sister [three shifts] Chapter 409 Be careful I bite you [two more] Chapter 408 Jiumei, you haven’t been cleaned up for a long time [one more] Chapter 407 The Legend of the Five Sisters [three shifts] Chapter 406 Xiaochen, is it delicious [two more] Chapter 405 Sister Nine, congratulations [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 404 Isn't Jiu Sister fragrant? 【Two more】 Chapter 403 The madness on the eve of returning home [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 402 Dare to threaten me [three shifts] Chapter 401 The whereabouts of the fourth sister Ye Xuan [two more] Chapter 400 Sorry, I'm not a gentleman [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 399 Morty stays overnight[two more]

Chapter 398 Are you really good like this? 【One more】 Chapter 397 You disciple [two more] Chapter 396 Xiaochen, Bajie is optimistic about you [one more] Chapter 395 This is a big conspiracy [three shifts] Chapter 394 Participate in the party [two more] Chapter 393 Not a little serious [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 392 A group of ants [three shifts] Chapter 391 Man, you can’t say no [two more] Chapter 390 Where do you look? [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 389 I don’t have time to play with you [three shifts] Chapter 388 Brother Ye Chen, I'm not young anymore [two more] Chapter 387 Morty, a little ghost [one more]

Chapter 386 Of course I looked at it with my eyes [two more] Chapter 385 I don’t understand the girl’s heart at all [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 384 Ambush, heavy fog [three shifts] Chapter 383 You dare not kill me [two more] Chapter 382 You don’t know anything about power [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 381 Alive's shock [three shifts] Chapter 380 Ai Liwei's thoughts [two more] Chapter 379 Get rid of next time, don’t make me so tired [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 378 What do you want [three shifts] Chapter 377 Don’t treat my brother-in-law [one more] Chapter 376 You are still not a man [one more] Chapter 375 I didn’t mean that [three shifts]

Chapter 374 That's my only brother [two more] Chapter 373 What is there to be afraid of [one more] Chapter 372 Believe it or not, I will kill you [three shifts] Chapter 371 If you don’t give it, you will give it [two more] Chapter 370 Brother Ye Chen, miss you [two more] Chapter 369 Ye Xin and Ai Liwei’s bet [one more] Chapter 368 Arrived in the Empire that the sun never sets [three shifts] Chapter 367 Don't give up treatment [two more] Chapter 366 I wish you have fun [one more] Chapter 365 Xiaochen, I want to squeeze you [two more] Chapter 364 Isn't it money? What's so arrogant [one change, 47,000 recommended votes] Chapter 363 What else do you have to say [three shifts]

Chapter 362 The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie [Second update, 46,000 recommended votes] Chapter 361 Who can explain to me [one more] Chapter 360 Just stay and go [three shifts] Chapter 359 I’m your chairman [two updates, 46,000 recommended votes] Chapter 358 I want to swallow you [one change, 45,000 recommended votes] Chapter 357 Xiaochen, let you bully me [five change] Chapter 356 Ye Xin’s suggestion [four more] Chapter 355 Ellivia’s dilemma [three shifts] Chapter 354 No safety measures [Second change, 44,000 recommended body] Chapter 353 Honestly others cheated [one change, 43,000 recommended votes] Chapter 352 Sister Ye Xing, your face is so red [Five more] Chapter 351 Eight sisters, are we biological? 【Four more】

Chapter 350 When are you going to get married [three shifts] Chapter 349 I must be dreaming [Second change, 42,000 recommended votes] Chapter 348 This is my girlfriend [one change, 41,000 recommended votes] Chapter 347 I can only sustain my life by being a boss [five changes] Chapter 346 Xiaochen, do you look good? 【Four more】 Chapter 345 Excessive [three shifts] Chapter 344 I will definitely help you [two more, 40,000 recommended votes] Chapter 343 The bewildered Ye Ling [One watch, 39,000 recommended votes] Chapter 342 Eight sisters have it, do you want it? 【Five Watches】 Chapter 341 The relationship must be determined as soon as possible [four more] Chapter 340 Dad, am I that kind of person [three shifts, 39,000 recommended votes] Chapter 339 Brother, great, you made a lot of money [Second update, 38,000 recommended votes]

Chapter 338 Eight sister, this is not funny at all [one more] Chapter 337 Your mother, I'm here too [five change] Chapter 336 How long have you been dating [four more] Chapter 335 Don't force me to do it [three shifts] Chapter 334 This is my place [two more] Chapter 333 Xiaochen, am I calling my parents or uncles and aunts? [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 332 Ye Xing's powerful strength [five change] Chapter 331 I see who dares [four more] Chapter 330 If you can solve it with your fists, why use your mouth [three shifts] Chapter 329 Scholars should be admired for three days [two more] Chapter 328 You are so sad [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 327 I'm really not a big star [four more]

Chapter 326 Xiaochen, I blame you [three shifts] Chapter 325 Heaven and **** or the world? Listen to eight sisters [two more] Chapter 324 Eight sisters take you to fly [one more] Chapter 323 It must be eaten all, there is nothing left [two more] Chapter 322 Xiaochen, I want to practice [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 321 Xiaochen, can you bear it [three shifts] Chapter 320 The eldest sister helped me propose marriage [two more] Chapter 319 Alice and Alive [One more] [Subscribe] Chapter 318 Xiaochen, we need to have in-depth exchanges [five changes] Chapter 317 Ye Xing’s doubts [four more] Chapter 316 Try it with you [three shifts] Chapter 315 That being the case, fulfill you [two more]

Chapter 314 Should come, always come [one more] Chapter 313 Don't worry, none of them can run away [five changes] Chapter 312 This way of welcoming people, I don’t like [four more] Chapter 311 This is not the place where you go wild [three shifts] Chapter 310 Brother Ye Chen, I didn’t mean it [two more] Chapter 309 Brother Ye Chen, what are you looking at [one more] Chapter 308 You left a scar on my body [four more] Chapter 307 Not tasty at all [three shifts] Chapter 306 The Madness of the Eight Sisters [Second more] Chapter 305 There should be applause here [one more] Chapter 304 One billion, so cheap [Five more] Chapter 303 Brother Ye Chen is not short of money [four more]

Chapter 302 I'm a good person [three shifts] Chapter 301 It’s you who didn’t see the reality clearly [two more] Chapter 300 Really weak [one more] Chapter 299 Brother Ye Chen, you are not that kind of person [four more] Chapter 298 What are you dissatisfied with [three shifts] Chapter 297 He is my boyfriend [two more] Chapter 296 Let her go [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 295 What are you, nothing [five more] Chapter 294 I don’t know, any advice [four more] Chapter 293 I’m short-sighted, I’m not to blame for you [three shifts] Chapter 292 Sorry, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you [two more] Chapter 291 Miao Ling'er’s shock [One more, please subscribe]

Chapter 290 Your brother Ye Chen is rich [five more] Chapter 289 I see who dares to mess around [four more] Chapter 288 Mine is not bad [three shifts] Chapter 287 It's okay, you big head ghost [two more] Chapter 286 Miao Linger【One more】 Chapter 285 Tell sister, who did it [five change] Chapter 284 The eighth sister is mine, take away your dirty hands [four more] Chapter 283 You guys, all **** [three shifts] Chapter 282 Eight sisters, I'll talk about it later [two more] Chapter 281 The praying mantis catches the cicada, the oriole is behind [one more] Chapter 280 Don’t mess up [Five Watches] Chapter 279 Eight sister, you have to believe me [four more]

Chapter 278 Eight sister, I didn’t mean it [three shifts] Chapter 277 Encounter Eight Sisters [Second more] Chapter 276 This young master has no time to play with you [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 275 Who are you [three shifts] Chapter 274 Eight sister Ye Xing asks for help [two more] Chapter 273 If you want, I don’t mind [one more] Chapter 272 You have a good son [five change] Chapter 271 It’s just a waste [four more] Chapter 270 I'm not convinced [three shifts] Chapter 269 Quite worrying [two more] Chapter 268 Hundreds of billions are not a problem [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 267 Brother Ye Chen is very reliable [Five more]

Chapter 266 You can't change anything [four more] Chapter 265 With such a big appetite, are you afraid to hold on? 【Three shifts】 Chapter 264 Sister Li Yang, what do you think of Xiaochen [two more] Chapter 263 Are you very arrogant [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 262 Third sister, you really are real [five changes] Chapter 261 It’s nice to be young [four more] Chapter 260 I'm here [three shifts] Chapter 259 There are such arrogant people [two more] Chapter 258 As long as the five senses are good, the three senses will run with the five senses [a change, please subscribe] Chapter 257 Say no to [five change] Chapter 256 Become my sister-in-law [four more] Chapter 255 What else do you have to say [three shifts]

Chapter 254 Women, why embarrass women [two more] Chapter 253 Let's go together [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 252 Can't you afford to play? [Five more] Chapter 251 What do you mean [four more] Chapter 250 What package do you want [three shifts] Chapter 249 I have confirmed that the look in my eyes is a hopeless person [two more] Chapter 248 You want to make a gesture [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 247 Consider the big perversion, it’s impossible [five more] Chapter 246 Ye Xing who was hunted down [four more] Chapter 245 Young man, awesome [three shifts] Chapter 244 Across the ocean [two more] Chapter 243 Don’t be for nothing, don’t [one more] [subscribe]

Chapter 242 I have a girlfriend [five change] Chapter 241 Although I'm handsome, don't you be like that [four more] Chapter 240 Although you are beautiful, I refuse [three shifts] Chapter 239 Where did you think of going [two more] [three hundred comments] Chapter 238 Don’t want to bully my sister [one more] [37,000 recommended votes] Chapter 237 Beach Barbecue【Five-shift】 Chapter 236 Catch the sea [four more] Chapter 235 Deng disciple, I want to kill you [three shifts] Chapter 234 Why do you bear so much [36,000 recommended votes] Chapter 233 How are you [one change, 35,000 recommended votes] Chapter 232 Xiaochen, I listen to you [five more] Chapter 231 Survival on a Deserted Island [Part 2] [Four more]

Chapter 230 Survival on a Deserted Island [Medium] [Three shifts] Chapter 229 Survival on a Deserted Island [Part 1] [Second update, 34,000 recommended votes] Chapter 228 Wandering desert island [one more] [33,000 recommended votes] Chapter 227 Third sister, hurry up and drive [five change] Chapter 226 Bet with the third sister [four more] Chapter 225 Sister, let me conquer [three shifts] Chapter 224 We don’t owe each other [two more] Chapter 223 What can you do to me [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 222 What's there to stop [five changes] Chapter 221 Third sister, I didn’t mean it [four more] Chapter 220 Third sister, you are a pit brother [three shifts] Chapter 219 Do a good job of death awareness [two more] [32,000 recommended votes]

Chapter 218 Deng disciple, I want to kill you [One more, please subscribe] [31,000 recommended votes] Chapter 217 Lin Qingguo's Fury [Five Watches] Chapter 216 These days, it’s easy to get angry [four more] Chapter 215 Some people don’t think of me as a human [three shifts] Chapter 214 Get me out [two more] [30,000 recommended votes] Chapter 213 Xiaochen, as I said, I will do it [one change, ask for subscription] [29,000 recommended votes] Chapter 212 I don’t like to be friends with the rich second generation [four more] Chapter 211 This joke is not funny at all [Three shifts] [Add more for 28,000 recommended votes] Chapter 210 It’s you [two more] [addition for 27,000 recommended votes] Chapter 209 I promise with my personality [one more] Chapter 208 Accompany the third sister to buy swimsuits [five change] Chapter 207 People come to Sanya, villas are in groups [four more]

Chapter 206 Fiancee [three shifts] Chapter 205 Reluctant to let the child catch the wolf [two more] Chapter 204 Come in quickly, don’t talk nonsense [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 203 Tough Ye Xing [Five Watches] Chapter 202 Dare to bully my brother, you are looking for death [four more] Chapter 201 I was thinking how to swallow you [three shifts] Chapter 200 The third sister will match you up [two more] Chapter 199 You are not qualified yet [one more] Chapter 198 Third sister, do you want to treat me like this [five more] Chapter 197 The suitor of the third sister [four more] Chapter 196 Xiaochen, let's go on a trip with my third sister [three shifts] Chapter 195 Third sister, have something to say well [two more]

Chapter 194 Third Sister Ye Lin [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 193 Bidong! Third Sister [Five Watches] Chapter 192 Second sister, what are you thinking [four more] Chapter 191 Alice returns home [three shifts] Chapter 190 He came to see my concert [two more] Chapter 189 Second sister concert opening [one more] Chapter 188 This year, who doesn’t have a black gold card yet [five changes] Chapter 187 There is no need for such a restaurant [four more] Chapter 186 You are dying [three shifts] Chapter 185 I'm beating you, I can look down on you [two more] Chapter 184 I feel itchy, I want to beat a few people [one more] Chapter 183 Is a luxury car better after all? [Five more]

Chapter 182 Be careful I kill you [four more] Chapter 181 10 billion sales [three shifts] Chapter 180 You smell of her perfume on your body [two more] Chapter 179 Master Wuxue, knocked down with one punch [one more] Chapter 178 To make people die, they must make them crazy [five changes, subscribe] Chapter 177 Sun Yuan was **** [four more] Chapter 176 Don’t blame me for being polite [three shifts] Chapter 175 He is my boyfriend [two more] Chapter 174 Am I that kind of person? 【One more】 Chapter 173 There is no place for you to run wild here [five shifts] Chapter 172 What is your ability to be arrogant in front of me [four more] Chapter 171 I hate that others take money to smash me [three shifts]

Chapter 170 The face lost must be brought back [two more] Chapter 169 The vinegar jar is turned over [one more] Chapter 168 What are you talking about! You are not afraid of back pain [Five shifts] Chapter 167 Second sister, don’t think about it [four more] Chapter 166 I have seen arrogant people, I have never seen such arrogant people [three shifts] Chapter 165 Hit the small one, and come out the old one [two more] Chapter 164 Beat it up and it's over [One more, please subscribe] Chapter 163 Just this【five shifts】 Chapter 162 Encountering an old friend from another country [four more, subscribe] Chapter 161 Am I short of money? What I lack is time [three shifts] Chapter 160 Chopping the grass without removing the roots will cause endless troubles [two more] Chapter 159 Second sister, I was wrong [One more, please subscribe]

Chapter 158 Alice, it’s i [five more] Chapter 157 Angry Ye Qi [four more] Chapter 156 Ye Chen, I'm not ready yet [three shifts] Chapter 155 If you survive a catastrophe, you will have a blessing [two more] Chapter 154 Take a leap for you on the cliff of ten thousand feet [one more] Chapter 153 Alice, you are mine [five more] Chapter 152 Enemies of Alice [four more] Chapter 151 Isn't it good to marry a little princess? 【Three shifts】 Chapter 150 Alice is missing [two more] Chapter 149 The third sister has come to the magic city [one more] Chapter 148 Second sister, best friend, Lin Ru [five more] Chapter 147 Sister Ye Qi, cuteness is justice [four more]

Chapter 146 The anger of the nine sisters [three shifts] Chapter 145 Second sister, you were hanged and beaten [two more] Chapter 144 The second sister released a new song, the server crashed [one more] Chapter 143 This year, who doesn’t have a luxury car yet [six more] Chapter 142 I have a car, a house, and a deposit, what does it matter to you [Five Updates] [Additional updates for the breeze] Chapter 141 If you don’t work hard, you can only inherit the family property [four more] Chapter 140 The second sister wants to bully you [three shifts] Chapter 139 Eight Sister Ye Xing [Second more] Chapter 138 I think the delivery is pretty good [one more] Chapter 137 Participate in the class reunion [five change] Chapter 136 Are we familiar? 【Four more】 Chapter 135 Someone wants to teach my brother how to be a man? 【Three shifts】

Chapter 134 Everything is on the second sister [two more] Chapter 133 I won't lose your second sister [one more] Chapter 132 I think she is very upset [Five more] Chapter 131 Brother Ye Chen is richer than you [four more] Chapter 130 Finding the difference [three shifts] Chapter 129 I have money [two more] Chapter 128 People don’t offend me, I don’t offend people [one more] Chapter 127 The rent collectors are all uncle [five change] Chapter 126 Second sister, you are the best [four more] Chapter 125 Sister, you still have a lot of room for improvement [three shifts] Chapter 124 Are you the second sister like this? [Second more] Chapter 123 Dare to touch my brother-in-law and look for death [one more]

Chapter 122 I don’t like being remembered [six more] Chapter 121 Pure school flower Li Marting [five more] Chapter 120 Wonderful mission [four more] Chapter 119 Hot little fresh meat [three shifts] Chapter 118 Second sister and Alice cook [two more] Chapter 117 Second sister takes you to fly [One more] [Subscribe] Chapter 116 Shoot the MV with the second sister [three shifts] Chapter 115 Alice, what do you think of Xiaochen [two more] Chapter 114 Alice in fear of heights [one more] Chapter 113 This chicken soup is poisonous [three shifts] Chapter 112 You are not working for me yet [two more] Chapter 111 What's there to confuse [one more]

Chapter 110 I come out to experience life, it has nothing to do with you [three shifts] Chapter 109 You go, you go [two more] Chapter 108 The second sister is going to take a photo [three shifts] Chapter 107 The sun never sets, princess Alice [two more] Chapter 106 You are quite arrogant [one more] Chapter 105 I give you a chance to reorganize the language [three shifts] Chapter 104 Second sister, best friend Alice [two more] Chapter 103 Second sister, I am very strong [one more] Chapter 102 A little pain [three shifts] Chapter 101 Do you know who I am [two more] Chapter 100 Wonderful mission [one more] Chapter 99 No ability, don’t pretend to be forced [three shifts]

Chapter 98 Give you a slap to make you sober [two more] Chapter 97 Second sister, I didn’t mean it [one more] Chapter 96 Xiaochen, what kind of beauty do you like [three shifts] Chapter 95 Bring your second sister to deliver food [two more] Chapter 94 What do you think of the second sister [one more] Chapter 93 Second sister’s gossip boyfriend [three shifts] Chapter 92 The second sister makes me dilemma [two more] Chapter 91 Sister, sorry [one more] Chapter 90 The other side of the second sister [three shifts] Chapter 89 Second sister has a fever [two more] Chapter 88 Can't you afford to play? [One more] Chapter 87 Ye Qi drowning [three shifts]

Chapter 86 Those things about my second sister [two more] Chapter 85 Second sister pulled me to jump into the river [one more] Chapter 84 Go shopping with your second sister [three shifts] Chapter 83 There is always something you like [two more] Chapter 82 The powerful second sister [one more] Chapter 81 Return [two more] Chapter 80 Get married, you are not qualified [one more] Chapter 79 This is not a joke, this is a threat [three shifts] Chapter 78 Temporary price increase is extremely damning [two more] Chapter 77 Don't cross the boundary [one more] Chapter 76 Paper cutting [three shifts] Chapter 75 Girls are really a strange creature [two more]

Chapter 74 Brother, I'll help you support the field [one more] Chapter 73 This kind of person is not worth your kneeling [three shifts] Chapter 72 What is your attitude [two more] Chapter 71 Arrogant anchor [one more] Chapter 70 Young people, really know how to play [three shifts] Chapter 69 Things that Jiu Sister and Second Sister had to say [two more] Chapter 68 Wang Xia must work hard to become stronger [one more] Chapter 67 You fought in the wild [three shifts] Chapter 66 Ye Chen, I can't do it [two more] Chapter 65 Not what you think [one more] Chapter 64 Don’t worry, I’m here [three shifts] Chapter 63 Inexplicably chased [two more]

Chapter 62 This kind of thing can’t be delayed [one more] Chapter 61 Wang Xia buys underwear [three shifts] Chapter 60 Add yellow robe, big fish and meat [two more] Chapter 59 Wang Xia, the quilt [one more] Chapter 58 Sister Nine, I know I am strong [three shifts] Chapter 57 How can I know if I don’t try [Second more] Chapter 56 Jiu Jie has this character, so it’s not strange to see more [one more] Chapter 55 Sister Nine, don’t make up for it [two more] Chapter 54 In my eyes, ants are nothing more than [a change, how about a recommendation ticket? 】 Chapter 53 Interrupted leg [Second change, ask for a recommendation ticket] Chapter 52 Angry Ye Chen [One more] Chapter 51 Don't be shameless [two more]

Chapter 50 Sister Nine, you are too tough [one more] Chapter 49 Nine Sister’s God Assists [Second update, please recommend votes] Chapter 48 Brother, I am optimistic about you [one more] Chapter 47 I know, I am excellent [two more] Chapter 46 Nine sisters best friend Wang Xia [one more] Chapter 45 It’s a fool if you don’t take advantage of it [two more] Chapter 44 Overestimate [One more] Chapter 43 Xiaochen, what do you think [three shifts] Chapter 42 Qipao Ninth Sister! 【Two more】 Chapter 41 The doctor said that my stomach is not good and I am suitable for soft rice [one more] Chapter 40 Forgive me, I'm cheap, I'm wrong [two more] Chapter 39 You are healed, the scar is forgotten to hurt [one more]

Chapter 38 Buying clothes with Jiu Jie [three shifts] Chapter 37 Sister Nine is jealous, and the consequences are serious [two more] Chapter 36 Naked provocation [One watch, three thousand recommended votes] Chapter 35 Brother, your path is narrow [three shifts] Chapter 34 Silly brother, don’t understand the girl’s heart at all [two more] Chapter 33 Some of them, and so does your ninth sister [one more] Chapter 32 Sister Nine, you are so cruel [three shifts, ask for collection, recommended ticket] Chapter 31 Notify one thing Chapter 30 Strong Ye Zhen [Second update, ask for recommendation votes] Chapter 29 You are really arrogant [one more] Chapter 28 Who dares to touch my brother to try [two more] Chapter 27 Fight for money, I have never lost [one more]

Chapter 26 Sister Pin, I won’t lose [two more] Chapter 25 I'm not short of these tens of billions [One more, please recommend votes] Chapter 24 You guys are just drinking soup [Second more, please recommend votes] Chapter 23 Go ahead [One more, ask for a recommendation ticket] Chapter 22 Pour tea for my son [two more] [Happy Children's Day] Chapter 21 What's so arrogant [One more, please referral ticket, collection support] Chapter 20 I have privileges, you don’t have [Second change, please referral ticket, please collect] Chapter 19 This year, who doesn’t have a building yet [One more, ask for a recommendation ticket] Chapter 18 Don’t bring people like this. [Second change, please recommend votes] Chapter 17 If you bother the son, break your leg [one more] Chapter 16 This is my home court [two more] Chapter 15 Find the fault [One more, ask for votes]

Chapter 14 Don’t give up treatment [two more] [seeking tickets] Chapter 13 A pair of A, I can’t afford it [collection, recommendation ticket] Chapter 12 Who bullied you, I killed him with money Chapter 11 Sister Jiu, I want to deliver food Chapter 10 Tianxiu is not so beautiful [recommendation ticket, collection] Chapter 9 Kill you with money Chapter 8 You can't give me anything Chapter 7 In front of me, you are nothing Chapter 6 Buyers play in the jewelry store [seeking collection, recommendation] Chapter 5 Lamborghini Poison [seeking collection, recommended ticket] Chapter 4 Jiu Jie wants me to go on a blind date [please recommend, collect] Chapter 3 Those who come out to experience life are all uncles

Chapter 2 Hot Ninth Sister, online stunner Chapter 1 Xi Ti Nine Sister

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