"I wanted you to find a seat at random. But at the moment there is only one seat, don't you mind?"

When Li Xiao saw that there was only the last seat by the window in the classroom, his face became a bit awkward, and he smiled helplessly.

"Don't mind. It's okay."

Ye Wuchen nodded when he saw it.

Not much to say, as everyone was petrifying, they walked towards the window seat.

For myself, as for where I sit, I can say that it doesn't matter at all.

As long as you don't disturb yourself, everything else is fine.

"Fuck! Brother, awesome! I didn't expect that you could make the Tuo Tang Wang so obedient, I admire it!"

And when Ye Wuchen came to his seat, the same table was a person wearing brand-name clothes.

After seeing Ye Wuchen sitting down, his face was excited.

It can be said that there are basically none that can convince Tuo Tang Wang so convincingly.

But now, I didn't expect that there would be one in my class, and he was still at the same table.

How can you not be excited, so excited!

"Drag Hall King?"

Ye Wuchen's face was puzzled when he heard it, and his brows frowned slightly.

Does this university like to assign other names to teachers so much?

For this, I really don't know it!

"Yeah! Of course, you don’t know it is excusable. I tell you, the reason why you call Teacher Li Xiao the master of procrastination is completely because as long as you are in teacher Li Xiao’s get out of class, there is no procrastination after class. It’s impossible to end the get out of class in minutes. Sometimes, the ten-minute get out of class time can only last for two minutes. Even when you go to the toilet, you have to run over! By the way. Introduce me, I’m Li Sheng."

When the young man in front of him heard it, he began to eloquently explain.

“What’s more terrible is that in most cases, teacher Li Xiao’s class consists of two consecutive lessons. Because of the course, one week’s class is for teacher Li Xiao, and two of them are two consecutive lessons. Yes. In the past two days, I advise you not to drink water before or during class. Otherwise, you can only hold back, and Teacher Li Xiao will not end the get out of class. Plus ten minutes between classes and the second period Five minutes after class, you can’t go to the toilet for a total of 105 minutes. If you drink water, the picture is so beautiful."

"What's the matter, isn't it just over a hundred minutes?"

Ye Wuchen shook his head helplessly when he heard it.

"The kidneys of your college students! It's really not good! Others are stuck in a traffic jam on the expressway during the Chinese New Year, but they have been holding back for a few hours! Really!"


Li Sheng looked helpless when he heard it.

"However, if you encounter a class adjustment, three classes will not end. Add up, a total of one hundred and sixty minutes without get out of class. Hold on! You are great! Don't blame me for not reminding you. Otherwise, you think Li Xiao The teacher's class is so easy! How do you think Teacher Li Xiao's procrastinator came from?"

Li Sheng looked helpless when he heard it.

"I remind you now, Brother Ye Wuchen, when you encounter this situation in the future, don't be unprepared."

"I see!"

Ye Wuchen nodded when he heard it.

It’s impossible for someone to give such a friendly reminder a face of ignorance!

"In that case, why do so many people like to listen to Li Xiao in class. University, can't you skip class?"

As if thinking of something, Ye Wuchen asked, his expression puzzled.

Since this teacher is so terrifying, why didn't these people skip class.

It can be said that the classroom is almost full of people, and there are some people who come by themselves with chairs.

For those without tables, it is estimated that students from other classes came to listen in.

"Hey! You don't understand this! You said, teacher Li Xiao is pretty?"

When Li Sheng heard it, he smiled and blinked at Ye Wuchen.

"The beauty is first-rate, a lot of maturity, and that smell!"

Ye Wuchen nodded when he heard it, and said something.

Don't let it go, Li Xiao in front of him is indeed very beautiful.

And it is not comparable to those little girls, the temperament is completely different, with a kind of imperial sister temperament.

"That's not enough. That's why there are so many people! Didn't you find that there are more boys?"

When Li Sheng heard it, he smiled brightly.

"It seems to be the case."

Looking at the students in the classroom, Ye Wuchen had to nod his head.

This is indeed the case, there are many more boys.

This is undeniable.

"In fact, there is another reason why there are so many people attending the class. When Mr. Li Xiao is in class, in addition to the knowledge in the textbooks, he will also share with us many useful little knowledge in life. For example, how to You can listen to a healthy life, how to maintain good health, how to keep your skin delicate and so on. However, it is just a little knowledge in each class. As for whether it is before class, during class or after class, you can fully play it on the spot. . Some people come here just for this little knowledge."

"Aren't you all able to use Baidu now? Just check it, it's fine."

Ye Wuchen's face was puzzled when he heard it.

Now that the information is so developed, there is no need to work so hard, okay?

Just look it up, you can find what you want.

"Baidu! You are not funny! I said, brother, it’s okay to know now. Baidu, you can check it out and I promise to scare you to death. Anything that hurts can be said to be hopeless. You can say, check Baidu is very easy to be scared to death. It is better to pay some money and directly ask the doctor and go to the hospital! These days, if you ask about your illness, you must not go to Baidu. Otherwise, you will get it if you are not sick. I get sick. It's easy to be scared to death and depression!"

When Li Sheng heard this, he spit out, his face was a little shocked.

"Okay! I haven't used this before. I thought your current college students are all using Baidu! Didn't you say that there is something to do with Du Niang?"

When Ye Wuchen heard it, he really didn't know how terrifying it was.

Just like these minor illnesses and pains, it can be said that Ye Wuchen doesn't need to be afraid at all.

Because he is a cultivator.

As for the serious illness, he is a doctor, so he doesn't need it anymore.

"Hey! Now if I have something to find Du Niang, I won't find the news you really want. There are too many junk advertisements, and I want to find useful news. You need to scroll down several pages at least. Otherwise, not at all. Possibly. First, there will always be all kinds of advertisements flying in the sky. There is no way, they are also people and need to live. This is the most helpless place. Everything is profit."

"All right!"

Hearing Li Sheng's complaints, Ye Wuchen didn't know what to say.

"Okay. Now, get out of class is over!"

When the two were talking, the bell rang, and Li Xiao didn't say much, and left.

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