"Interim students! There are still interim students at this time. It seems that this interim student has a very large background. Otherwise, it is impossible for another interim student to come in at this time!"

When everyone nearby heard Li Xiao's introduction, their faces were shocked.

They never thought that there are still students who transfer to the class at this time, which is too terrifying!

You know, there are still three months before they graduate!

In three months, if you want to graduate, it would be impossible if you just started studying.

It's incredible.

"It must be the big family who paid for the gilding! Otherwise, it's impossible!"

When some people nearby heard it, their faces became disdainful.

These years, there are more and more wealthy people.

However, no matter which aspect, a certificate is required.

The certificate determines the height of a person after graduation.

The poor can only climb slowly step by step, get a certificate, and find a better job.

As for the rich second generation of the big family, they don't have to worry about this at all, they have too many ways.

"Hey! Don't die with others?"

Everyone sighed softly when they heard it.


"Be quiet!"

Seeing that he almost became a class in the vegetable market in front of him, Li Xiao's expression turned gloomy.

The book in his hand slammed and fell on the table fiercely with a cold voice.

It is difficult for these people to forget their classroom discipline.

Damn it!

"Now, come in!"

Finally, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at the door, with a faint smile on his face.

Although Li Xiao was also very angry with the young master sent in by the second generation of rich and unlearned.

However, she still knew her responsibilities.

"So handsome!"

When the girls in the class saw Ye Wuchen with long black hair coming in from the outside, they all got excited and screamed.

"How can his hair be so black and shiny, so soft, using Rejoice?"

In the same way, some girls are envious and hated.

Ye Wuchen, who came in from the outside in front of him, had long black hair that was even brighter and smoother than theirs.

This is too incredible!

It makes no sense!

"This face is more handsome than the handsome guy I have seen! Wow! I really like this handsome boy."

"This figure is better than that of a girl. So thin and so healthy, how can this be done? This lady eats so little every day, and she has a slimming tea, and she has not been able to maintain such a good figure."

"Yeah! Yeah! You said what would happen if he put on women's clothing?"

"Wow! I didn't even think of it. I must have fascinated all sentient beings! Turning heads are 100%. Such people wear women's clothing, do we still have the status of girls?"

"Yes! That's right! Women's clothing is definitely not allowed. However, if it is an ancient Hanfu, it must be a handsome man."

"Who is this guy!"

Compared with the girls, the boys in the class turned cold, staring at Ye Wuchen who came in from the outside in front of him.

It can be said that they still had a certain status in the class.

And now, suddenly a boy who was so handsome came over, and watching the reaction of the girl next to him, they knew that they had no status at all.


"I don't know! In Jiangling City, I haven't heard of a young master with long black hair. This should not belong to Jiangling City."

"Yes, yes, yes! It shouldn't be from Gangneung City. I haven't heard of a guy with such a sissy family in Gangneung City!"

"This kid, sooner or later make him look good!"

"Right, right, right! At this time, we must unite and beat him to death!"


Suddenly, what made Ye Wuchen helpless was that he became the focus of girls, but he became the object of hatred by boys.

This is something he never thought of, it's too terrifying!


When Li Xiao saw the noisy classroom again, his face became even colder, and finally looked at Ye Wuchen.

"Introduce yourself, don't waste my time."

For Ye Wuchen, Li Xiao didn't have much favor at all.

Prevent yourself from spreading knowledge and prevent yourself from teaching.

It can be said that it is too difficult to make her feel good.


Ye Wuchen saw it and didn't say much, nodded, took a piece of chalk, and wrote three words on the blackboard, Ye Wuchen.

"Hello everyone, I am Ye Wuchen, from a small village vocational school in GX. Hobbies, a little knowledge of martial arts. As for medical skills, it can be said to be my strong point, proficient in Chinese medicine."

Looking at the people in front of him, he quickly introduced it.

"Proficient in Chinese medicine!"

When Li Xiao, who was next to him, heard it, he wondered if he had heard it wrong.

At such a young age, at such a young age, he said that he was proficient in Chinese medicine in the introduction.

This was the first time she met.

When is the current transfer student so arrogant?

Are you outdated?

"Yeah! Proficient in Chinese medicine!"

Ye Wuchen nodded when he heard it.

"Teacher, I think the corners of your eyes are a bit black. I must have stayed up late to prepare for class these days! Also, the blood is a bit unstable, and I must worry a lot. This makes you easily impulsive. In the past few days, it has been cold. Food is best not to eat, I think you should understand."

Looking at Li Xiao in front of him, Ye Wuchen reminded him.

"Before going to bed at night, it is best not to take sleeping pills. This is very bad for the body, and the damage is still quite large. Another point, if you are refreshing, do not drink coffee, drink a little black tea, etc., it will have unexpected effects. . The harm to the body will not be so great, but it will still have certain benefits to the stomach."

"Oh my god! Is this brat, so arrogant? He actually went to see the King Tuo Tang on the spot. It's mortal! My goodness! Even if you are unlucky, don't bother us! Wait ten minutes, just wait for ten minutes. There is no time to end get out of class."

When everyone next to him saw that Ye Wuchen was actually treating Li Xiao very seriously, their faces turned pale.

Now, it's awful.

Don't pretend to be good if you don't have the skills.

How did Li Xiao say, he is also a teacher, but he has very rich theoretical knowledge.

Even if you want to fool you, don't find a teacher worry-free!

It can be said that it is simply a dead existence.

They are all peers, and still have more powerful theoretical knowledge, who are you fooling around!

It's okay to fool ordinary people. In front of Li Xiao, it's almost a hack, and it's done.

"It's over! Now, there is no time between classes. My God!"

"Yeah! I get it!"

However, what shocked everyone was that Li Xiao in front of him nodded very seriously and looked at Ye Wuchen.

"Find a seat and sit down!"