Gangneung Medical University can be said to be a famous university in Gangneung.

The number of students entering the medical university every year is a very large number.

With this, Gangneung Medical University suddenly became a very famous university.

The students who came out were very good.

It can be said that talented people are coming out in large numbers, peaches and plums are all over the world.

Shoo! ! !

At the gate of Gangneung Medical University, a red Ferrari drove in from outside, and finally came to a fixed position and stopped.

"Can college students still drive into campus?"

Looking at Lin Qingcheng, who was sitting next to him in the driving seat, Ye Wuchen asked.

This is my first time in college. I thought it was impossible for college students to drive into the school.

After all, there are so many teachers and there may not be enough parking spaces!

But now, I didn't expect Lin Qingcheng to be completely unexpected.

A drift came in directly.

That way, I don't know how handsome.

"Of course it's possible. Why not! This parking space belongs to this lady. In these days, as long as the money is enough, it is not impossible to drive into the school."

Lin Qingcheng nodded when he heard it.

Today she is pretty pretty dressed, with a short white skirt, white stockings and two bow knots.

Wearing a pair of white sneakers gives people a small and fresh feeling.

And at this point, it cannot be said that he can't dress up.

"Okay! In that case, I surrendered. You rich people, you really know how to play!"

Hearing Lin Qingcheng's words, Ye Wuchen could only nod his head, his expression a little helpless.

In the past, Pop City would play, but now, what Ye Wuchen wants to say is that it is out of date.

Now it’s popular to play only if you have money.

However, when I think that people in the city are generally rich, I can only smile helplessly.

Maybe, it's really the city to play!

"Right. Ye Wuchen, do you know which classroom you are in?"

Lin Qingcheng, who was next to him, seemed to remember something, his face was puzzled, and he asked.

"Since I promised to bring you to report, I will definitely do it. Good people will do it to the end and send the Buddha to the west. I still understand this. Let's talk! Which classroom are you in, I will take you there. "

Today is Ye Wuchen's first report, and he just promised his father to help him.

Now, only good people can do it to the end.

Otherwise, wouldn't it be that I slapped myself in the face.

"do not know!"

Ye Wuchen shook his head when he heard it.

"However, Tang Shan asked me to contact the principal Huang Shan directly. He said that he has already done it later, and I don't know."

"Go directly to the principal, okay! I see."

Lin Qingcheng's face was a little surprised when he heard it.

However, he nodded in the end.

It is not impossible for a big family like the Tang family to know the president of Gangneung Medical University.

"In that case, come with me! I know where the principal is, in the principal's office."

Finally, nodded, looked at Ye Wuchen in front of him, and said.


Ye Wuchen could only nod his head when he saw it.

It seems that I have to study in this university for three months before I can graduate as soon as possible, and then get what I want!

These years, without a certificate, it is really hard to move.


"Isn't this Lin Qingcheng's school girl? Who is that brat with long black hair next to him?"

When Ye Wuchen followed Lin Qingcheng towards the principal's office, he instantly became the focus of the students coming and going.

Everyone's expressions were puzzled and shocked.

"I don't know. However, it has been a long time since I saw Lin Qingcheng's school flower and the boy walking together. And this time, I actually saw it again. Presumably, this boy is not that simple, maybe he is the young master of a big family. Bar!"

"Definitely! Lin Qingcheng How could the Lin family be a famous family, not the young master of the big family, how could it be possible to walk with Lin Qingcheng. The only thing that doesn't understand is, does the Jianglingcheng big family have such a young man? "

"It doesn't seem to be! I have never heard of such a young man in Jiangling City!"

When the people nearby heard, they shook their heads one by one, their faces turned helpless.

"Yes, yes, yes! I never heard that there is such a young man in Jiangling City, maybe he came from outside! However, I really envy that he can walk with Lin Qingcheng's school flower. This person is really him. happiness!"

"Envy! However, it is estimated that many people are dissatisfied! Lin Qingcheng, but many suitors! This kid, without certain skills, may become a laughing stock."

"If I can, I am willing to be a laughingstock, as long as I can walk with Lin Qingcheng's schoolgirl so intimately. It doesn't matter!"



"Unexpectedly, you're still the school flower of this school."

Listening to the conversations of the people around him, Ye Wuchen's expression was a little surprised.

Lin Qingcheng is actually the school flower of this school.

This is something he never thought of.

Although Lin Qingcheng is undeniably beautiful, and his figure is also very good.

However, how can such a character become a school girl.

"What? Do you have an opinion?"

Lin Qingcheng's face instantly became cold when he heard it, and his voice was even more triumphant when he looked at Ye Wuchen in front of him.

"How do you say this lady is a beautiful flower, long legs, or something? Isn't it? Being able to become a school girl, this is the proof of strength, what are you dissatisfied with."

Even if this brat doesn't appreciate himself, is it possible that others will not appreciate him like this brat?


Own, but beautiful and beautiful!

"All right!"

Ye Wuchen, who was beside him, could only nod his head when he heard it.

Except for personality, other things seem to be impeccable.

He had to admit this.

"Let's go! The front floor is the teacher's office, and the principal's office is also on that floor. Follow me!"

Lin Qingcheng was still very satisfied when he saw Ye Wuchen nodding his head, smiled slightly, pointed to the building in front, and said.


Ye Wuchen could only nod his head when he heard it, and followed Lin Qingcheng's back.

In the eyes of everyone's envy and hatred, he walked into the building in front of him.

"The principal's office is on the fifth floor, right in front of it."

Taking the elevator to the fifth floor, Lin Qingcheng pointed to an office next to it, and said with the five words for the principal's office on it.

"I saw!"

Ye Wuchen nodded when he heard it.

Boom boom boom! ! !

Lin Qingcheng in front of him knocked on the door without any hesitation.

"Come in!"

A middle-aged man's voice came from inside, but Lin Qingcheng opened the door of the room in an instant.

"Qingcheng! What's wrong? Is there anything to do with Uncle Huangshan?"

When Huang Shan sitting in the office saw Lin Qingcheng coming in from outside, he smiled and asked.

Ye Wuchen heard this, as if he had understood something, and nodded.

No wonder!

The city will play!

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