"Xiaochen! Wait a minute, I will ask Qingcheng this girl to send you to Gangneung Medical University to report! I think you haven't been to Gangneung Medical University! This girl is also studying at Gangneung Medical University, drop in."

And in the next morning, while eating breakfast, Lin Jianye looked at Ye Wuchen in front of him and suggested.

"You studied medicine?"

Ye Wuchen's expression was completely shocked when he heard Lin Jianye's words.

He never thought that Lin Qingcheng actually studied medicine.

This is too shocking!

"What's wrong, you seem to have a lot of opinions?"

When Lin Qingcheng heard and saw Ye Wuchen's incredible expression, his expression became angry all of a sudden, and his voice said coldly.

"Is it possible that if you can only study medicine, this lady can't study medicine? Who stipulated it!"

When he looked at Ye Wuchen, his eyes were even colder, and his face turned a little red.

Although my medical skills are not very good, I am also working very hard, OK?

What's more, most of my current medical studies are from some medical books.

As for the actual operation, there are not many opportunities at all.

Therefore, there is excuse for not understanding.

"Ye Wuchen, my younger sister is also studying medicine. At the beginning, this girl vowed to study medicine, so that I can learn something well, and then heal my dad!"

When Lin Qingguo, who was next to him, heard Lin Qingcheng's blushing face, he explained.

"Sister, what are you talking about!"

Lin Qingcheng looked anxious when he heard it, and said a little.

"What to look at! If you want to laugh, just laugh. I know I'm stupid, it's okay!"

When a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Wuchen, they stared at Ye Wuchen in front of him, pouting his mouth, and said.

"No! No matter what you study medicine for, I will not laugh at you. What's more, you study medicine for your relatives. Although the reason is a little bit small, it is also a filial piety. All things are filial. First, I will not laugh at such a person. Therefore, I will not laugh at you. You are a very nice girl."

Ye Wuchen shook his head when he heard it, and said with a serious expression on his face.

It can be said that Ye Wuchen would not laugh at people like Lin Qingcheng.

At the very least, Lin Qingcheng's purpose of studying medicine is very clear, although it is too narrow.

However, this starting point is very good.

"Huh! Who made you suddenly sensational, I hate sensational people!"

When Lin Qingcheng saw Ye Wuchen's serious face, his face became even more ruddy.

For some reason, her heartbeat speeded up, which made her shook her head even more.

The big bad guy!

"Okay! Wait a minute, little sister, you can send Ye Wuchen to the medical university by the way! You will have a companion when you go to school in the future."

When Lin Qingguo saw it, he smiled, patted Lin Qingcheng on the shoulder, and whispered in his ear.

"Sister, what are you talking about!"

And the next moment, Lin Qingcheng's face became even more ruddy.

Jiao Didi's appearance is still very beautiful, even Ye Wuchen was a little stunned.

She usually looks cold and cold, but she didn't expect Jiao Didi to be so beautiful.

Is it possible that this is Tsundere's welfare.

"Okay! Ye Wuchen, I can take you there. But don't get me wrong, we are just friends. There is no other special relationship!"

Lin Qingcheng's face was cold, his beautiful eyes were serious, he looked at Ye Wuchen in front of him, and said.

"Of course! I don't think we will have anything to do with each other!"

Ye Wuchen nodded when he heard it.

Going to a medical university by myself is just for a certificate.

And now, what made him wonder was why this girl wanted to go elsewhere.

One more thing, when the two tasks of the old man are completed, the third task will definitely not be in Jiangling City.

As long as these two tasks are completed, he will leave.

Therefore, he doesn't think there is any close relationship between them.


Lin Qingcheng's expression became even worse when he heard Ye Wuchen's words, and his chest continued to rise and fall.

In this way, it is because I am passionate, I want to be crooked.

This guy, it's hard to achieve that he won't let himself be a little bit.

She is a girl!


"Okay! Eat! Eat! You have to go to school later! If you don't eat, you will be late."

Lin Qingguo, who was next to him, saw Lin Qingcheng who was anxious and shook his head and gave a reminder.

She knows exactly what the character of her own sister is.

And now, hey!

How can we go on like this!

I really don't know what my sister thinks.


"Yes, yes! Eat! Eat! Breakfast today is still very delicious."

Lin Jianye, who was next to him, nodded and said when he heard it.


When Lin Qingcheng heard it, he gave a soft snort, didn't say much, and started to eat.


"Brother Huangshan, what happened to what I asked you to help last night. Is it okay?"

On the other hand, in the hospital, Tang Shan looked anxious and quickly dialed a call.

I asked Huangshan last night, but I haven't answered yet, so I have to ask again in person.

Don’t lose faith if you agree to something you promised.

Otherwise, how would God Doctor Ye treat him Tang Shan?

Didn't I become a liar!

This is absolutely impossible!

Being unbelievable is not his style.

"Brother Tangshan, it's not me who said you, our Jiangling Medical University is also a well-known institution. If you squeeze in a person like you, wait for nothing, don't you lose the face of our Jiangling Medical University."

Huang Shan looked embarrassed when he heard it.

"Don't worry! His medical skills are really amazing. My father, you know! He was cured yesterday, and he can be discharged in a few days."

Tang Shan never thought that this was what his brother was worried about.

"How is it possible! Impossible! Isn't it cerebral congestion? I asked the doctor a few days ago, and the doctor said that even if the operation is done, the success rate is only 10%! Is it really good?"

Huang Shan was shocked when he heard it.


This is fake!

"Bah, baah! Good luck! Brother Huangshan, what am I doing to lie to you! Really! If you don't believe me, you can test him. Please, old friend, don't let me break my promise, okay?"

Tang Shan looked a little helpless when he heard it.

"In that case, let me take a look."

When Huang Shan heard it, as if thinking of something, his face was excited and nodded.

Maybe, I can also ask that boy to give it a try.

If not, drop out directly.

If possible, admitted.

It was such a happy decision.



On the other hand, a red Ferrari left in a villa.

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