"Is it beautiful beauty Wang Meili? Hello, your takeaway has already arrived downstairs, please come and get it?"

And in a community in the magic city, at this moment, a figure of a young man riding an electric car, stopped downstairs, and made a quick call.

"You bring it up! I'm eating chicken! Not to mention, I'm in 1608!"

On the other side of the phone, a woman's voice came and immediately hung up.

"Eat chicken!"

Ye Chen's face was stunned when he heard it, and then he didn't know how helpless it was.

Another person who is stuck in the game and unable to extricate himself!


Ding Dong

Without saying much, he quickly took the elevator to the sixteenth floor.

"Beauty, your takeaway is here."

When I came to 1608, I knocked on the door quickly.

"Wait a minute, I have ten more people, let me kill them, I will open the door immediately."

A woman's voice came, which made Ye Chen's expression even more helpless.

I make a living by delivering food, time is money!

In this way, if everyone waits a few minutes, time is greatly wasted.


When Ye Chen wanted to say something, the door opened.

A young girl with long black hair and a top-notch face, wearing a loose skirt, appeared in front of Ye Chen.

"Blame you! Otherwise, I can eat chicken. I have played more than 30 rounds of this garbage game. This is the closest to eating chicken. Blame you, bad review!"

Wang Meili's expression was a bit cold, staring at Ye Chen in front of him, and grabbing the takeaway from Ye Chen.

"Give me back my phone, what do you want to do, be careful of my indecent!"

However, when she was about to evaluate, one hand quickly snatched her mobile phone, which made Wang Meili angry.

"Isn't it just eating chicken? I'll help you!"

Ye Chen's expression became anxious.

Bad reviews, his day's salary may be gone.

Definitely want to save it!

Quickly opened the game.

"Be careful! There is someone behind!"

And while Ye Chen was playing intently, Wang Meili next to him was stunned. It was only five minutes!

Actually killed more than 20 people, this guy is dead!


"The finals!"

After Wang Meili had just finished speaking, Ye Chen suddenly turned his head back with a shot, and the head behind him was directly headshot.

As for the number of players, there are only ten left.

This made Wang Meili see, her expression agitated.

This is a great god!


Even professional players don’t have such great skills!

Bang bang bang

"Good luck, eat chicken tonight!"

And three minutes is not enough, the game is over.

"Here you are! Now, can I give five-star praise?"

Handing the phone in his hand to Wang Meili, Ye Chen smiled slightly, his face was handsome and handsome.

"So handsome!"

When Wang Meili saw it, her face was stunned, and she nodded, giving her a five-star rating.

"Thank you very much for your evaluation and look forward to serving you next time."

Ye Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it.

Sure enough, it's better to be handsome when you come out.

"Wait! Brother, what do you think of me?"

When Ye Chen wanted to leave, both hands suddenly grabbed Ye Chen's right hand.

"Play together! Little brother! As long as you take me, I will listen to you."

It can be said that with such a powerful technique, I must be able to eat chicken.

Another point is that such a handsome handsome guy, why didn't he find out just now.

Even if I get up and walk with pain every day, I am happy!


Ye Chen looked a little blush when he saw it.

Indeed, quite predictable.

"A pair of A, I can't afford it! I want to deliver food too! That's it!"

After speaking, he waved his hand and left happily.

"Damn! I don't believe it, I can't conquer you. Brother, I remember you. I am a pair of D, not A!"

When Wang Meili saw it, her expression was a little bit angry and she stomped her feet.

"Sure enough, being too handsome is also a troublesome thing."

In the elevator, Ye Chen shook his head.

Sometimes, I am fascinated by my own handsomeness, why is it so handsome!

Ding Dong

[Ding Dong, bind to the god-level takeaway system, reward 100 million in cash. 】

[Ding Dong, complete the sign-in and reward the nine sisters. 】

"God-level takeaway system?"

Ye Chen, who was in the elevator, shook his head when he heard the voice in his mind.

How is this possible? This is life, not fiction.

"Night gave me black eyes..."

At this time, the cell phone in the pocket rang. This is a text message ringtone.

Ye Chen is still aware of this.

"Dear customer, hello, your bank card *************** is transferred to 100000000 at 12:03, and the balance is 100000010.01."


Looking at the mobile phone message in front of him, Ye Chen was stunned.

how is this possible!

Seriously saw it again, his face was completely shocked.

This is actually true.

One billion!


Looking at the text messages on his mobile phone, Ye Chen tried to call the system.

If this is true, isn't it about to rise up.

"Master, hello! The god-level food delivery system serves you, what can I do for you?"

At this moment, there was a voice in my mind.

"System, how can I get more rewards?"

If you deliver a takeaway, you can get a reward.

Does it mean that if you don't use it for a day, you can become rich and invincible.

This is kind of impossible.

"Master, the reward is based on the hidden task triggered by the owner and obtained after completion. As for what the hidden task is, the system can give the owner a reminder, five-star praise!"

After the system has finished speaking, there is no sound.

"Five-star praise?"

Ye Chen nodded as he seemed to understand something when he heard it.

Just now, Wang Meili gave herself a five-star rating.

It can be said that Ye Chen saw this with his own eyes.

Is it possible to accomplish this?

As long as the guests rate five stars, can they be rewarded by the god-level takeaway system?

When I thought of this, my face became even more excited.

[Ding Dong, the system prompts that the Jiu Sister is rushing to kill! 】

Ding Dong

When Ye Chen was puzzled, the voice of the elevator came, and he reached the first floor.

"Sister Nine?"

Ye Chen heard it, shook his head, and looked at the takeaway in his trolley.

Without saying more, it was launched in an instant and continued to deliver food.



When Ye Chen turned a corner, a Ferrari rushed out instantly.


"Who! Is he blind?"

With a collision, Ye Chen's figure fell to the side, and the figure of a middle-aged man came down from Ferrari.

His face became even more angry when he saw Ferrari sink in.

"Smelly boy, lose money!"

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