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The Only Pet Farmer’s Wife

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Jing Xiaoqi, who had been struggling for ten years in the last days, died, but was accidentally reborn into another world, a scumbag whose third gender was a subhuman.

There are fertile fields in the family, but they were completely defeated by the original owner;

There is also a beautiful and beautiful wife, but she is regarded as a flood and a beast;

There is a cheap child, but a cowardly little stammer;
Lonely and widowed in the past life, she has ready-made companions in this life, how can she live a good life.
But first of all, the most important thing is to fill your stomach…
1. The main attack of this article, the cruel attack VS the good wife and good mother, the mutual favor article
2. Farming and cultivating immortals, the tone is warm and sweet, the golden fingers are thick, and there is no abuse.
3. No support for her, high energy, see Chapter 36 for the specific settings of Asians, don’t like to stray in, ah!

Content tags: Traveling through time and space Farming text Xianxia cultivation
Search keywords: Protagonist: Jing Aoxue, Shen Luman ┃ Supporting role: Jing Liuer ┃ Others: Rebirth, Ability, End Times, Sweet Pet, Yichun
One-sentence introduction: Time travel is a scum attack, doting on his wife and children, farming and immortality

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TOPFW
Alternate Title:独宠农门小娇妻gl
Author:Ethyl pure
Weekly Rank:#2512
Monthly Rank:#2758
All Time Rank:#6407
Tags:Action, Adventurers, Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Cultivation, Early Romance, Fantasy, Farm, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Top MC, Transmigation,
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  1. I give a big F you to this novel cause It's too much for me. Its not the novel guys, it is I who has a problem– I will now leave silently.

  2. You can copy the alternative title - that is the one written in Chinese, and then paste it on google. Links will be shown.

  3. Wait, it is said that MC is "lonely and widowed in the past life". Does it mean she has a lover before or not? I hope someone can answer me

  4. It cameof translated bit off like raws means past life mc had lonely bachelor life instead of widowed* there it means no one to accompany her as she was orphan in pervious life & did get married or have lover during last days of world

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