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The Only Favourite Ugly Husband

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Novel Summary

Jiang Zhen crossed into ancient times and became the old bachelor eldest Jiang who was neglected by the whole family in the village of Jiang Xihu in Hexi Village.

He was born into a good family and Jiang Laoda is busy in the year but can’t eat a full meal. Two younger brothers can marry a wife, but he is starved to death… Jiang Zhen feels unbearable.

Don’t want to feed me? OK, I kill the chicken myself.

Don’t you give me a glimpse of food? It doesn’t matter, the door of the granary will be opened as soon as it goes down.

Want to tell me that I am not filial? Ok, I immediately took the knife into the county to slash people, and let the county grandfather grab all of us.

Jiang Zhen took the attire of the family’s best products and became a tyrant in the village. He also saw the “ugly” ger who could not get married in the village.

Future father-in-law: “Jiang Zhen is always wandering around our house. Isn’t it necessary to grab our house?”

The future mother-in-law: “What to do, Jin Geer must not beat him!”

Zhao Jinge’s face is hot… Dad, the wild rabbit that I got back today is what he gave…

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Short Title:
Original Title:独宠丑夫
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Slice of Life, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#448
Monthly Rank:#514
All Time Rank:#403
Tags:Childcare, Farming, Marriage, Mpreg, Poor to Rich, Seme Protagonist, Transmigration,

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