In March Fangfei, the peach blossoms turn the waves, and countless fallen lands are colorful. On such a beautiful day, the daughter of Pingxi Grand Marshal Ye Huaili turned three years old.

Seven years ago, the Yi nationality launched an offensive against Chu State after Qiuci. For a while, war in the northwest was raging. After Ye Huaili was ordered to repel the enemy, he stayed on the border for several years in order to cooperate with Chu Jinglan’s recuperation policy. The establishment of defense posts and the consolidation of border defense made the Yi people dare not act rashly.

During this time, he met Duo Mi, a foreign woman, and he had this little baby Ye Si Tian after two years of marriage, but unfortunately because of the premature birth, her body was always weak, and it was only after returning to Beijing that she gradually recovered after two years of nursing. When I got up, there was a teacher who said that she should gather a hundred rituals to eliminate disasters at the age of three and thirteen, so that she can keep her life safe. I have never believed that these Yehuai rituals have been done for my baby girl, so today's banquet .

Ye Huaiyang loves Ye Sitian very much. She naturally wants to join her on such days, but because of her bad identity, she appears on the crowded seats, so she sits in the pavilion in the backyard for a while.

Duo Mi is hearty, and her every move reveals the unique free and easy manners of a foreign woman. She is very in tune with Ye Huaiyang. The two unknowingly talked deeply, but the children are a bit unable to sit still, Ye Si Tian rubs against Duo. Mi's arms acted like a baby, and she said she was going to fight the butterflies. Ye Huaiyang looked at her cute little appearance and her heart was about to melt, and immediately called Chu Xiang over.

"Xiang'er, mother and aunt will talk a bit, will you take your sister to catch butterflies in the garden?"

Chu Xiang nodded, and walked forward to hold Ye Sitian's hand. Ye Sitian seemed to like him very much, and followed him with small steps. The golden bells tied around his waist rang lightly, accompanied by two The footsteps of a child drifted away.

The eight-year-old Chu Xiang is no longer short, with handsome eyebrows and starry eyes, handsome and lively, which is another Chu Jinglan. No matter where he goes, he attracts people's attention. Today, he also brought a metre carved jade around him. Her little girl is steady all the way, she will be picked up when she encounters steps, she is very elder brother.

The spring breeze swept over the tops, and the peach petals were like rain, falling one after another to the side of the courtyard wall. Thousands of thick rice fell into the chaos of the Lichi arch bridge, which was so bright that it was so bright. Chu Xiang led Ye Sitian into it, his breath was full of fragrant fragrance, and the little guy seemed to be quite excited, bouncing around.

"Brother Xiang, where is the little butterfly?"

Chu Xiang looked up and observed for a while, and saw a few flying butterflies in the depths of the forest. He asked the servant for a net, and then said to Ye Sitian, "There are small butterflies in it. Will my brother take you in? "

Ye Sitian nodded hurriedly, and the two doughnut-like hair buns also shook a few times, setting off her small face that was puffing, I don't know how cute it was. Seeing this, Chu Xiang took the net in one hand and held the other hand in hand. Then she went in.

Although most of Chu Xiang’s daily activities are horse-riding and archery, he has never done anything like catching butterflies, but fortunately he has practiced agile. After a few moves between the tree trunks, he caught several of them back, and then carefully stuffed the crystals. In the hood, put it on the ground for Ye Sitian to play with.

Ye Sitian clapped her hands happily and said, "Brother Xiang is amazing!"

Ye’s maid, of course, was not as fast as him. She often caught one after a long time of tossing back and forth. So Ye Sitian saw so many flapping butterflies and rushed over, her big grape-like eyes gleaming. As if he had received a gift from heaven, Chu Xiang suddenly understood what she was cheering and couldn't help but smile.

My uncle is very caring to my mother, and she obeys everything, is it because she is so cute in the eyes of her uncle?

Thinking about returning, he was still firmly guarding Ye Sitian. She naughty put her hand into the cover, and quickly retracted when she met the butterfly, and then hid in Chu Xiang's arms and giggled, repeatedly. Many times, I had a lot of fun.

"Brother Xiang, it bites sweetly..."

Chu Xiang teased her deliberately: "Well, then let's stop playing and go back?"

"No!" Ye Sitian quickly hugged his arm, smiling like a silver bell, her eyes sly, "Tianer lied to you..."

"Little villain." Chu Xiang squeezed her soft cheek, and couldn't help but smile.

Just when the two of them were having fun, the golden bell hanging on Ye Si Tian’s waist accidentally fell off, rolled out along the smooth bluestone slab for a long time, and crashed into the pile of peach blossoms before stopping. Chu Xiang went back to pick it up Unexpectedly, he was preempted by a magnolia-like catkin. He straightened up and saw that the person was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl with apricot eyes and peach cheeks, slim and graceful.

"I have seen His Royal Highness."

The girl was Yingyingfu, and immediately put the bell on both hands. The bell was covered with some dust. She carefully wrapped it with a handkerchief. Chu Xiang looked at the delicately embroidered peach calyx and took it indifferently.

"Thank you."

He didn't say much, and turned back to Ye Sitian. Seeing her looking up with a little face full of expectation, he rubbed her head amusedly, and said, "Why, I'm afraid that I will lose it?"

Mrs. Ye Sitian pouted like an adult, "I'm afraid, my mother will beat Tianer's ass."

Chu Xiang laughed, but then asked curiously: "Why?"

"Because Grandpa Xiangshi wrote the words on it." Ye Si Tianma said gruffly, waving her two small arms in the air, as if she was learning how to draw a symbol from the Xiangshi. You can't leave."

Chu Xiang nodded and said that he understood, but didn't immediately put the bell back to her waist, but squatted down and explained: "This is dirty. Brother will let you wash it before you wear it, okay?"

"it is good."

Ye Sitian listened to him very much, turned around and went to play with the butterfly again, the Mifen-color figure turned around like a top, and then looked inside against the crystal cover, and jumped up to catch other butterflies, Jiao Cute and energetic, Chu Xiangli watched from the side, and a girl's voice came from behind him coldly.

"The little lady is really innocent and lively."

Chu Xiang hummed indifferently, unexpectedly she said another word.

"It seems that His Royal Highness also likes her sister very much, why not talk to the Queen Empress, maybe there will be a sister soon."

The girl's voice was soft and mellow, blowing across her heart like a gentle breeze, with an imperceptible sense of induction in her warmth. Chu Xiang was busy taking care of Ye Sitian, and inadvertently blurted out: "My queen is not in good health."

"It's really a pity..." The girl sighed slightly, but her eyes flashed suddenly, and she bent down to caress Chu Xiang's shoulder, "But if your Royal Highness really feels lonely, there is no way, as long as your majesty accepts it. Concubine, you will have younger siblings soon..."

Chu Xiang hadn't spoken yet, suddenly an angry scolding came from behind.

"Presumptuous! Where's the demon girl, dare to speak in a clever way. Induce Your Highness!"

The girl did not expect that Ye Huaiyang and Duo Mi, who were chatting in the pavilion, would come so quickly, and Hua Rong was so frightened that she was dragged away before she had time to defend herself. Crescent Moon followed with an angry face and was ready. Questioning her noble daughter, she actually hit the prince with her idea, it was really troublesome!

A group of people disappeared into sight like a low tide. There were only two big and two young in the garden. Duo Mi looked sorry, but she didn't expect that someone would do something like this through her daughter’s birthday party, but Ye Huaiyang I walked towards the children indifferently, and seemed to have become accustomed to these stingy people.

"Xiang'er, Tian'er, have you caught the butterfly?"

Little Ye Sitian didn’t know what was going on, she pushed the crystal cover in front of her like a treasure, and said, "Auntie, look at them, these are all caught by Brother Xiang Tianer, he is amazing. Yeah!"

"Really?" Ye Huaiyang's tone was exaggerated with a smile in his eyes, and he immediately touched Chu Xiang's head and praised, "Xiang'er is great, take good care of my sister."

Chu Xiang, who is more sensible than his peers, has always been unable to bear his mother's childlike tone. Just about to say something, he suddenly found that Ye Huaiyang's hands were extremely cold, and his eyes sank slightly, and he swallowed back.

On the way back to the palace, the mother and son were sitting in the carriage together, and Ye Huaiyang asked him casually.

"Xiang'er, you are the only kid in the palace, do you feel lonely?"

Chu Xiang pretended not to understand the deep meaning of her words, Zhuangruo replied naively: "No, my son has Pei Zhao as a companion. Chu Jun and Lu Mingxuan also often go to the palace to play, how can they be lonely?"

After speaking, he glanced at Ye Huaiyang's expression and sighed silently from the bottom of his heart-it is estimated that his father should talk to him again when he returns.

Sure enough, the two returned to the imperial palace in peace, and Chu Jinglan called him to the Imperial Study Room before an hour had passed.

"I heard you want a sister?"

Chu Xiang broke his face and cried out injustice: "Father, no children, it's the woman who talks nonsense."

"There is no best." Chu Jinglan slapped the memorial on the royal case and snorted coldly, "Otherwise, I will throw you to the northwest to save your mother from worrying about your ideas all day."

"I see..."

Chu Xiang really had a bitterness, but he was the only seedling in the Yangtze River. This is a very rare thing in all dynasties and dynasties. He didn't understand it at first, but he got it ahead of time under his father's brutal teaching. Understand a lot of things.

His mother and queen is a person who doesn’t change her face even under tremendous pressure. He takes everything seriously. His father is a distressed wife but doesn’t treat her son as a human being. Whenever something happens, he will be troubled. people. However, they never thought that he had grown up, and he had suffered so much sin when he knew that his empress mother gave birth to him. How could he have such bad ideas?

He just thought Ye Sitian was lovely, and this training was really wrong.

As Chu Xiang traveled far beyond the world, Chu Jinglan's cold voice rang again: "This time I don't want to punish you to copy books or kneel down in the temple again, so that your mother will not feel distressed again. Since it is the basket you stabbed, this The matter is left to you."

"It's from the Children's Province."

Those unruly people tried to use him as a lever to pry open the door of Chu Jinglan's concubine. This was clearly not his responsibility, but he agreed, and then simply left the Yushufang and returned. After arriving in his bedroom, he immediately began to investigate the people behind the scenes.

It was Ci Yuan who followed him. Although he knew that the little master had a superior mind, he was a little surprised to hear that it was an errand from Chu Jinglan. After a long silence, he asked, "Your Highness, what will you do if you find out? That person?"

Chu Xiang bent his thin lips and smiled, his expression still looks immature, but he taught Ciyuan to see Chu Jinglan's manners back then.

"After provoking my mother, I was unhappy, and I used my Highness as a swordsman. What do you think?"

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