In the second year of Chenguang, there was a sudden snow disaster in the capital city. There were so many refugees that the main roads into Beijing were blocked. Chu Jinglan could only mobilize limited supplies from the Sixteenth City of Gyeonggi to cooperate with the Taiyuan Hospital and the Medical Office to go to remote villages for disaster relief. .

The major families headed by Yejia actively contributed food, medicine, cotton clothes and other necessities. Xie Yun personally came to a seriously affected village at the foot of Mount Lushan, and brought her servants to give porridge and clothes. After hearing that, Lu Heng agreed with him. The colleagues in the hospital changed their shifts and rushed there.

The wind and snow rushed all the way and it was difficult to navigate. It was hard to find the entrance of the village in the vast sea of ​​plains. After entering along the vague rut, Lu Heng found that there were houses crushed by snow everywhere, no one was inhabited. Seeing a bunch of green smoke curling up into the sky in the middle of the village, when I listened carefully, there seemed to be sporadic voices.

It should be that the remaining villagers were gathered in one place for treatment.

Thinking of this, Lu Heng led a group of people to speed up. Soon, he saw an area enclosed by a fence. In the middle was a simple house built with bamboo rafts and haystacks. There were hundreds of villagers crowded underneath. Some are leaning in the corner to rest, some are lining up to receive food, the end of the line is filled with the fragrance of vegetable porridge, a touch of clear shadow in the rags is particularly conspicuous, busy shuttles between the front and the house, the posture is agile and squatting Like a butterfly.

Lu Heng stood there stunned, it was Xie Yun he had never seen before.

In his impression, Xie Yun was always that elegant and quiet family lady, rarely stepping out of the boudoir, and being polite in dealing with others, she couldn’t find the slightest mistake, but now she is in charge of the affairs of the clan and began to interact with all classes. In the face of those villagers with thin faces and even a little rude, they are not afraid at all, and they don’t mind the strange smell on them. They personally deliver food and cotton clothes to their hands, and smile like a warm spring breeze, melting this cold winter.

She really changed.

In this way, she has been able to stand alone, and is no longer the little girl who relied on him back then.

Lu Heng felt a little sad, but when he thought about it, it would be nice to see her in this icy world, at least to be sure that she was safe and sound, and to use the opportunity of assistance to say a few more words than usual in the capital. But it was like Haijiao Tianya's situation, and now he was very satisfied.

So he started Zhang Luo the imperial army and the medical attendants to move everything in. The people inside turned their heads when they heard the sound. Seeing that it was the doctors from the capital city, they all surrounded him for an instant, excited, the crowd spread out and closed the gap. Heng and Xie Yun glanced at each other in the distance, like a dragonfly touching the morning dew, flying fireflies against the grass, staggering for a second and then staggering, so fast that people can't detect them.

The steward of the Xie family was a smart man. He smiled and greeted Lu Heng and told Lu Heng the situation here and assisted the Forbidden Army to resettle the victims. Soon, order was restored in the bamboo house.

Lu Heng expressed his gratitude to him, and then people set up two simple tables in front of the hall, and they set up a pot to make medicine for the victims while seeing the victims. They were separated from Xie Yun and could not speak for the time being.

Most of the victims here suffered from frostbite, chapped skin and flesh, oozing blood, and some were infected with wind and cold. They were hot like a soldering iron. After Lu Heng's diagnosis and treatment, the doctor asked the doctor to prepare two kinds of medicine for external and internal use, which were distributed in The corresponding patient used a silver needle to relieve the symptoms of the severely ill person. He ran dozens of times inside and out. After finishing his work, he was sweating profusely and was about to take a break. The little girl beside Xie Yun Bao I'm here.

"Doctor Lu, be careful not to sweat, drink a bowl of **** soup to get rid of the cold."

Lu Heng gazed at the bowl of clear soup, a cluster of sparks flashed under his eyes, and immediately raised his head to look at Xie Yun. She was still busy, leaving a slender back dangling in his sight, as if all this did not come from her. Instructed.

"Thank you." He took the **** soup and drank it, then handed the bowl back, his voice was low and the words were clear, "Let your lady rest for a while, she is already weak and cold. Don’t get tired anymore."


Bao'er bowed and bowed, turned back to Xie's house, and then whispered a few words with Xie Yun. She didn't know whether she had listened carefully or not. She didn't respond anyway. Seeing this, Lu Heng's ups and downs fell slightly. He took a deep breath, and just about to turn around to check if the medicine was finished, suddenly bursts of numbness rose from the soles of his feet and gradually spread to his whole body.

In the deep and deep underground, there seems to be a huge earth dragon wriggling.

Lu Heng's thoughts stagnated for a while, and then he suddenly woke up, but it was too late. The mountain was shaken suddenly, the wind cut the surface, and the snow waves rushed from the top of the mountain, twisting the broken wood and flying the rocks. A hundred meters away, with a deafening rumbling, Lu Heng rushed to Xie Yun without thinking about it, and firmly protected her under him. Then the whole bamboo house collapsed instantly, and everything in front of him turned into darkness.

I don't know how long it took, when screaming and humming. When the chants faded away, Xie Yun woke up from the chaos.


She exhaled a suffocating breath, stretched out her hands and groped in the dark, and suddenly hit a hard chest, which was just above her. After a short period of blankness, she screamed: "Aheng?"

"I'm here."

Lu Heng's voice was very soft, but he answered very quickly, for fear that she would be frightened, but she didn't expect that this would make her even more frightened--there were all vertebral knots around, sharp as thorns, so he jumped over and did it. Her human shield, what if it hurts?

The indifferent and alienated mask suddenly shattered, and Xie Yun no longer cared about the gap that the two of them saw that had not yet been crossed. She stood up and leaned towards Lu Heng's back. Unexpectedly, Lu Heng pulled out his hand to catch her. , And then slowly pressed back to his side.

"I'm fine, don't move."

Xie Yun felt the temperature of his palm, something seemed to be beating rapidly in the bottom of his heart, and it took a long time to squeeze out a sentence: "You are too foolish, how can you—"

"Yun'er, do you remember the time we went to the island?"

Lu Heng lowered his body slightly, with the tip of his nose pressed against her temple, spraying a hot and humid breath. Xie Yun froze for a while, but subconsciously replied: "Remember, we had to play and forget the time until the moon rises. Up, the whole island was half submerged. You took me to hide in a high stone cave overnight, it was wet and cold..."

Her throat was blocked, and the familiar sense of fear struck again, but Lu Heng hugged her in time as if he was aware of what she was thinking, and said in a deep voice, "Don't be afraid, it's just an avalanche. Someone will come to rescue you later. We are."

Lu Heng’s voice was the same as before, with a calm and soothing power, but Xie Yun is no longer the little girl who was so coaxing and deceiving back then. She knew very well in her heart that this village was so remote and caught up with the ice and snow. I'm afraid they will all freeze to death in this hour.

"If so... no one will come?" Xie Yun asked tremblingly.

"That would be troublesome." Lu Heng twitched the corner of his mouth lightly, and asked frivolously, "Now this ambiguous posture can't be changed, it will be dug out in the future, and it will only cause you to be a pair of desperate mandarin ducks with me. "

He is still joking!

Xie Yun was angry and anxious. She couldn't help but stretched out her hand to push him. With little force, he let out a muffled groan. Xie Yun suddenly realized that something was wrong and broke away from the imprisoned wrist and touched his back. The palm was sticky, and when he moved up half an inch, he touched a hard bamboo joint.

he is injured!

This recognition made Xie Yun's face pale instantly, and her hands began to tremble violently. He vaguely saw Lu Heng showing a wry smile, breathing harder, but still comforted her with a steady voice: "Don't worry, the injury is not serious. "

I just said it was okay, he was a liar, and she would never believe him again!

Xie Yun’s eye sockets filled with tears quickly, she pulled out her handkerchief in the blur, and carefully pressed his wound with her feeling, and then turned her hand to touch the bamboo sticking in his lower waist, about **** thick. She collapsed instantly.

"You also said that the injury was not serious! Such a big wound, so much blood has flowed..."

"It didn't hurt to the point, it doesn't matter." Lu Heng smiled low, stroked her tear-soaked cheeks, softly comforted, "Don't forget, I am a doctor."

"So what!" Smelling the heavier and heavier smell of blood, Xie Yun has completely lost control, turned her head and shouted outside, "Come here! There is a wounded here, please help him!"

There was dead silence outside, no one responded.

Xie Yun still didn't give up, she kept pulling the criss-crossing bamboos with her hands, trying to open a gap to let her voice out, but Lu Heng stopped her.

"Yun'er, don't move around, you will be in danger if it collapses again. I won't be able to protect you then..."

Xie Yun felt a colic in her heart, but her eyes that had been washed by tears were bright, staring at him literally and saying: "Die and die together, and live together."

Hearing this, Lu Heng was stunned, and then slowly smiled, as if happy but also stunned.

"Since you are willing to live and die with me, why not marry me?"

After he finished speaking, a black mist suddenly rose up in front of his eyes, and his arms fell over with a soft loss. The weight of his whole body was almost on Xie Yun's body, and the heavy breathing tightly clasped her heartstrings, she was extremely shocked. Holding his face in shock, he shouted, "Aheng, wake up, don't scare me!"

Lu Heng still consciously survived, but he could no longer make any more noises. He just lay on her shoulders, feeling her tears flooding into her neck, stabbing his heart in a cool way, and she cried in a trance. Full of all hearing.

"You hold on for a while, please...wait to go out, I will marry you when I go out, okay..."

it is good.

Lu Heng spit out the word silently in his heart, wanting to smile, realizing that he couldn't do it, his eyelids sank involuntarily, at the moment when he closed, he seemed to see light seeping in, and then he heard Xie Yun anxious The cry for help, and then I can't feel anything.

Three months later.

Under the bright spring light, people gradually walked out of the shadow of the snow disaster, and the teahouse and restaurant resumed the hustle and bustle of the past. Mr. Pingshu said on the stage so much that the people who sipped melon seeds and drank little wine were also I heard it with gusto, but the sound of gongs and drums downstairs was heard, causing people to crane their necks and look around.

"Hey, who is the wedding event? The scene is quite big!"

"I didn't see the word "Xie" printed on the carriage? You don't know what the Xie family came from? Is it possible to marry a girl?"

The man stared at it, and he found the seal thank you on the axle. The translucent gauze sometimes passed by, swirling the delicate fragrance of flowers. The newlyweds sat in the red luan car in a luxurious gold dress. A clean face, vaguely revealing a shy beauty, and the handsome and handsome groom is riding a white horse in front, occasionally looking back, the end is full of affection.

The April of the world is the right time to marry.