Finally, when Chu Xiang's first birthday came, the palace feasted, inviting the emperor's relatives, relatives, princes, and nobles to participate, full of joy.

Yehuaili and Chuzheng River in the far northwest cannot return. Even if the war is over, there are still many things waiting to be finished, such as resettling refugees and establishing outposts, which cannot be completed in a short time. Therefore, the two of them can only wish a long distance, and wish this little guy healthy and worry-free.

The others are almost there. The Ye family was invited to the top of the family as the most dear family. The Xie family followed closely. Xie Miao and Xie Yun were both impressively listed, and even the Meng family had many people. , Meng Qi and Ye Xun chatted a few words from time to time, and there was no sign of grievance between their speech and behavior.

At the beginning of noon, the empress brought today’s little protagonist to the Zichen Hall. The two walked in front of them in dragon robes and phoenix skirts. Qu Fang hugged Chu Xiang and followed behind, passing the long white marble aisle all the way, many had never seen before. Chu Xiang's people cast curious eyes, and the two brothers and sisters of the Xie family were no exception.

"Brother, look, the little majesty and your majesty are really printed in the same mold, and the facial features are very similar."

"Yes." Xie Miao glanced at her and couldn't help sighing, "If you had married the governor of water transport before listening to me, you should have a baby now."

Xie Yun lowered her wing-like eyelashes and whispered: "Come to other people's wedding banquet, what are you doing to me..."

Xie Miao hummed lightly: "I felt anxious when I saw that their child is so cute and snowy."

Hearing this, Xie Yun smiled gently with her sleeves covering her lips: "If you are in a hurry, go back and discuss with your sister-in-law, or make a little bad... so that next year I will have a nephew to hold."

"I'm anxious for you!" Xie Miao was angry, and there was nothing to do with this indifferent sister. He turned his head bitterly and stared at the culprit. Unexpectedly, he was staring at his sister.

The seats on the two sides of the huge Zichen Temple are very separate. Lu Heng is sitting at the end, and Xie Yun is sitting diagonally across from him, as if separated by thousands of mountains and rivers. He can hardly see her look, but stares stubbornly. Holding on, he didn't want to move away even for a second, so greedy and eager.

I haven't seen her for several months, and it has become a luxury to sit together.

Since she asked him to think about it at Xie's house that day, she went to Xinzhou alone. He couldn't find anyone at the door, so he went to the household department to find Xie Miao, but was told that she was going there to follow another lineage of the clan. He met and discussed with him about moving back to the capital to rejuvenate his family business. He originally thought he would be back soon. Who knew it would take a few months after he went. He couldn’t see anyone and couldn’t contact him. He suspected that she was deliberate. Avoid him, every day has been extremely tormented.

Now she finally came back, but in this kind of occasion, he didn't even have a chance to complain.

Xie Miao saw Lu Heng's face full of sorrow and constant drinking, but he couldn't bear to blame him again. He looked back at his younger sister, lowered his eyebrows and drew his head quietly, as if he didn't know, he couldn't help sighing again. Sighed.

When will these two people be dragged? Is it good or scattered, can't you say something happy? He was so anxious that he would be born early.

He was sighing secretly, and suddenly heard the official of the palm of the ceremony announce the start of the week-grabbing ceremony. For a while, all the emperor relatives craned their necks and looked up, wondering what the little prince would choose.

Qu Fang put Chu Xiang on the brocade, and the little guy immediately happily scrawled over. The pile of pearly things was like a novel toy, which completely made him reluctant to think about it, and saw that he took the left and the right. One, after playing it, throwing away, and then touching the back, the fat little body is rolling over on top, which is very funny.

The people in the audience were a little anxious, why didn't they choose for a long time? His biological parents looked like old gods, standing there without urging or shouting, as if to let him have fun.

After a stick of incense, the meat ball became tired from playing, and his movements became slow. Upon seeing this, Ye Huaiyang guided him with a smile: "Xiang, do you have a favorite toy, can we pick one and take it back?"

Chu Xiang nodded at her unexpectedly, turned around and climbed to a square box. He turned his back to them and fiddled with them for a long time. He used his hands and feet together, as if he was pulling something and couldn't pull it out. Ye Huaiyang curiously moved his head. Going to see, she unexpectedly saw two dragon horns with golden light shining all over them, being held tightly by Chu Xiang's little fat hands, she was instantly taken aback.

Why is Yuxi here?

Just when she turned her head to look at Chu Jinglan, she suddenly heard a muffled thump. Chu Xiang had already smashed the heavy jade seal. Because of excessive force, she fell on her back on the mat, but she kept giggling. Then he turned over and lifted the jade seal to Huaiyang, saying, "I want one!"

There was silence below, and it was estimated that they were all thinking about the same thing-who is so courageous, how dare to put the jade seal among the items caught in Zhou's! Could it be that the queen was anxious after seeing the emperor not establishing a prince for a long time?

After that, they knew that they were wrong, and saw Chu Jinglan step forward with a happy face, holding Yu Xi in one hand and Chu Xiang in the other, laughing and saying: "Okay, worthy of my son! Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains will benefit all people. It will be in your hands in the future."

Chu Xiang was playing with the white dragon hovering on top of the Yuxi Seal, smiling happily, completely unaware of the important thing that had happened just now, but the people below had already attended and knelt in front of the mountain and shouted, "Long live the emperor, and the prince thousands! The fortune of the Chu Kingdom is prosperous, and the fortune is long!"

The vigorous voice echoed in the hall, and the lingering sound was still around the beams. Chu Jinglan raised an eyebrow to Ye Huaiyang while everyone bowed their heads, as if saying, "No one dares to say that I don't hurt my son anymore. "Ye Huaiyang looked helpless, and glanced at the jade seal, who was drooled by his son, and became more confused.

It's really messy. If Yuxi isn't chosen by him, how can he get off the stage?

I think so, but my son has the style of being king at a young age, and she is still very happy and proud in her heart.

Chu Jinglan just didn't see her expression and rubbed Chu Xiang's small head on her own, and praised her in an unprecedented way: "You did a good job, your mother is very happy."

"Hee hee." Chu Xiang seemed to feel something, grinned at him, and then lowered his head to play with his own.

After the birthday banquet, the two returned to the Tai Chi Hall.

After a whole day of tossing today, Chu Xiang fell asleep during the dinner. After returning, Ye Huaiyang put him on the bed in the sleeping hall, and then gently closed the door and went out. When she went outside, Chu Jinglan was sitting next to the imperial case and was busy with something. She walked over and saw that she was stamping the edict. After sweeping a few lines, it turned out to be the prince.

The banquet is fixed, but specific documents are indispensable.

Ye Huaiyang was about to ask when he made the decision. He suddenly saw a bright yellow scroll in the half-open drawer and took it out curiously. She moved so fast that Chu Jinglan couldn't stop it, so she had to She saw it all.

"...Smart and bright, with profound virtue and talent, so he was made the emperor and maiden..." Ye Huaiyang said it unconsciously, with a dazed expression.

Why are there two edicts?

Chu Jinglan rarely saw her look so sluggish and couldn't help laughing out loud, "Why, you were so sure that you would have a boy?"

Awakening the dreamer, Ye Huaiyang suddenly realized that he had prepared a decree of the Li Chuan long before she gave birth. Whether she gave birth to a male or a female, he will become the next emperor!

"Why..." She shakes her lips, and there is an answer in her heart.

Chu Jinglan gently stroked her cheek, and whispered softly: "I don't want you to suffer such pain anymore. We just want one of the children."

"But if it's a girl..."

"I will clear away all obstacles and personally hold her to this throne. All the people in the world will kneel at her feet. She is the first empress of Chu."

Ye Huaiyang's eyes suddenly flooded with water.

He spoke lightly, but the difficulties he will encounter in the future are unimaginable. How much psychological construction and preparation he has to do to face all this? There are the rules set by the ancestors and the opposition from the ministers. The whole court will be shaken by this, but he would rather bear all this, just to make her suffer less!

There is another way to go, but he didn't even think about it.

Ye Huaiyang's eyes couldn't stop sore, and finally, two lines of clear tears slipped down his cheeks, like crystal dewdrops, condensing all the indescribable emotions.

"Why don't you tell me... it's so hard to carry this on myself..."

"I'm afraid you are crying like you." Chu Jinglan gently wiped her tears and deliberately joked, "But fortunately, the stinky boy you are looking forward to has saved me a lot of things, because you have the foresight."

Ye Huaiyang cried and laughed momentarily, with mixed feelings in his heart, and said: "But my debt to the 100,000 army has not been paid yet..."

"You will pay it back in your next life. If you owe me so much, you don't dare to marry someone else."

A warm wave poured into my heart, surrounded her heavily, and her tears fell more fiercely, but the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were filled with real smiles, like orchid spitting, fragrant and moving.

"Well, I won't marry anyone, just waiting for you."

Ye Huaiyang solemnly made a promise and threw himself into his arms. He also smiled and hugged her tightly. He embraced her as generous as ever, as if he could hold the world, but forever it was only open to her and owned by her. Once The suffering and the parting experienced have gradually become nothingness, which is no longer worth mentioning. What is truly precious is to live in the present and spend a long life cuddling each other. This is enough.

While lingering, a very light footstep suddenly came from behind. The two turned their heads and saw that Chu Xiang had crawled out of the bed without knowing when he was walking with two small fat legs swaying towards this side. When they walked, for a moment, both of them were happy.

Xiang'er can walk!

Ye Huaiyang hurried forward to help, and Chu Jinglan followed him. Chu Xiang stumbled into between the two of them, surrounded by them, and immediately made a series of laughs, and then yelled out crisp two with extremely accurate pronunciation. Words.

"Father, mother!"

Ye Huaiyang took the lead in reacting, holding him into his arms as he promised, and Chu Jinglan responded hoarsely, and then circled the mother and son into his arms.

The thin clouds and mists outside the window have dispersed, and a full moon just happens to reflect the figure of the three embracing each other, warm as honey.

The author has something to say: Although I am reluctant to give up, I have to draw a full stop, but this is not the end. The story of Wang Shu and Yang Bao will continue to appear in the story of Fanwai and Xianger, so stay tuned~

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