Chu Xiang will be one year old the day after tomorrow. Everyone in the Ministry of Rites, Department of Ceremony and Tai Chi Hall is busy with this matter. Even Ye Huaiyang has to ask a few questions.

"Shangyi Bureau can send Xianger's clothes?"

"Sent here in the morning."

While answering her, Crescent took Chu Xiang’s small clothes from the treasure-inlaid mahogany box. There were two sets, namely, purple satin cloud crane pattern and yellow satin group dragon play bead pattern. Not only were they exquisitely tailored, but the lining was also used. The extremely soft water-core cotton will not abrade the delicate skin of children. It can be described as the ultimate intention.

Ye Huaiyang glanced at it casually, always feeling that the bright yellow one was too ostentatious. After all, Chu Jinglan hasn't made Chu Xiang the crown prince yet. I am afraid that people will be criticized for wearing such a dress. It is better to choose the purple one, which is generous and decent. Introverted.

She took her clothes and unbuttoned them, then turned to look at Chu Xiang who was playing tangrams on the inside of the big bed, and said with a smile, "Xiang'er, can you try new clothes?"

Chu Xiang turned his head, although he still couldn't fully understand what she meant, but when she saw her waving the bright thing at him, he crawled over obediently, and the little fat leg kicked so fast, and he arrived in front of her all at once. , She took him to sit on her lap, and then began to change clothes for him, after the change, she stood on the bed with her.

"I still have a good vision, my Royal Highness looks really good in this set!"

Ye Huaiyang looked at the lifelike white crane on Chu Xiang's chest, rubbed his head again, and said, "It's pretty."

She usually sees Chu Jinglan wearing purple clothes and thinks it is very good, noble and unparalleled, like an immortal monarch descending to the earth, and now Chu Xiang is not inferior to wearing it, she is indeed a father and son.

Saying that Cao Cao had arrived, Chu Jinglan walked into the room at a leisurely pace while the hall was busy.

Ye Huaiyang raised Chu Xiang's little hand and waved at him, and said with a smile: "Father, come back, come and see if we are handsome?"

Chu Jinglan glanced at it casually, nodded as an answer, and then let Crescent Moon hug Chu Xiang and go out. The other palace ladies also retired, leaving only the husband and wife in the sleeping hall. Ye Huaiyang happened to have something to discuss with him, so he fetched the list pressed by the pillow, and said to him enthusiastically: "Come and help me look at this."


Chu Jinglan took it and took a look. It turned out that it was Chu Xiang’s list of things from the surrounding area. It was densely packed with a page, and there were everything. There would definitely not be so many on the brocade, so Ye Huaiyang thought. Ask him to help choose a few for his son. After reading it, he said indifferently: "It's all right, you can decide."

"What are you talking about?" Ye Huaiyang raised her eyebrows sharply, and said lightly, "Catch Zhou is a big deal, and it will only happen once in a lifetime. Don't you want Xiang'er to catch a good one?"

Chu Jinglan had to cooperate when the wife spoke, but she just pointed her hand casually without paying attention to what she was pointing. Ye Huaiyang could see it. He was not interested at all, and he was angry and funny.

"It's painful for people to be so old, why are you an exception?"

Hearing this, Chu Jinglan couldn't hold his face anymore, raised his lips and smiled, then put his arms around her and sighed, "His birthday is your Good Friday. What's worth celebrating."

A year ago, the appearance of her blood flowing in bed was still vivid, and it still made him feel terrified. How could she care about her son?

Ye Huaiyang smiled clearly, his heart has turned into a river of spring water, beating softly in his chest.

"I know you feel sorry for me, but those are all gone, don't think about it again, okay? You see Xiang'er is so sensible, if you don't want to give him a birthday, he will be sad."

"Sensible?" Chu Jinglan raised his eyebrows, his voice full of joking, "Whose child are you talking about, bring me to see."

"Hate." Ye Huaiyang scolded with a smile.

The two of them chatted and picked out the things Chu Xiang used to catch Zhou. They have everything from Qibao treasures, Guanchu Qianmo, and pocket bows and swords, all of which contain good meanings, just look at what Chu Xiang will do the next day. Which one to choose, after finishing this matter, Chu Jinglan took Ye Huaiyang out of the palace.

It was still a bit cold in the mountains in early spring, the heavy snow was beginning to melt, Yinchuan was everywhere, the green grass was covered with transparent ice crystals, and when the horses' hoof stepped on, there was a series of crisp crunches, which were very sweet.

Ye Huaiyang didn't know where Chu Jinglan was going to take her, only saw the carriage driving over the undulating ice bridge, walking non-stop into the mountains, and gradually there were villages and people on both sides. She thought she was a hunter in the mountains. But when she looked closely, it didn't look like it. Until the carriage stopped and she got off the station and took a panoramic view from a high place, she discovered that it was a rare hot spring village.

A few springs were mixed in between the wooden houses, and the villagers fetched water from them for cooking and bathing, eliminating the need for burning wood and making fires. Therefore, the whole village has no smoke and fire, like a paradise.

How did he discover this place?

Ye Huaiyang was full of doubts, but Chu Jinglan did not explain, and led her into a courtyard on the edge of the village. The stone walls and wooden doors were extremely simple, but there was a cave inside—the lonely house was behind a cliff and the hot springs. The pool is built on a cliff, where people can have a panoramic view of the misty flowing clouds and the rolling mountain foothills, which is truly beautiful to the extreme.

"Jianlan, this is..."


"Why!" Ye Huaiyang whispered, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows are unstoppable surprises, "I always wanted to come to the hot springs in the mountains with you, but unfortunately I couldn't make it. I didn't expect you...hey! What are you doing?"

Before she finished speaking, Chu Jinglan hugged her and walked in, and went straight down the steps on the side of the pool into the water. Both of them were soaked in an instant. Ye Huaiyang was embarrassed, but Chu Jinglan didn't panic. Put her down hurriedly, and then began to untie her belt.

Ye Huaiyang clenched the placket with both hands, and in a blink of an eye, he gently pushed aside. The magnetic-rich voice was full of sultry meanings: "Don't move, help you take it off for your husband."

What does he want to do!

Two red clouds flew on Ye Huaiyang's cheeks. He took off his clothes without reacting at all. He looked down at his naked body for a while, and then raised his eyes, he was naked too!

"you you you……"

"Why, I'm so excited that I can't talk anymore?" Chu Jinglan looked at her narrowly, and suddenly stretched out her hand to hold her buttocks, and pressed hard against herself, "In your imagination, you and your husband are soaking in hot springs in this wilderness. What should it look like?"

Ye Huaiyang was taken aback by his question, and immediately thought of something very unpleasant.

What else could it be like? He leaned back against the wall of the pool, with his tight shoulders outside, with a few small drops of water, which was very attractive. As the temperature rose, the scars on his body began to show different colors, and the ferociousness contained a sharp aura that could not be hidden. The woman kneeling by the pool saw her heartache suddenly, and then handed a medicine. Bowl, urging him softly to drink.

There may be intimacy actions such as wiping the back and changing the dressing, but it was not mentioned in the letter.

She curled her mouth, as if she was a little unhappy, Chu Jinglan didn't miss her subtle expression, and then curled up and smiled.

"You can also eat the old vinegar. I am innocent. You must not wrong the good people."

Ye Huaiyang was shocked by his words, and he was dumbfounded, "How do you know..."

"Yesterday, I found a few letters in your study. Everything else was fine, except for one that was crumpled by somebody. It seemed to be cruel. Well, that's an angry one. ..."

"Stop talking!" Ye Huaiyang's face blushed, and he rushed to cover his mouth, "I'm not angry! I'm not jealous!"

Chu Jinglan's smile gradually increased, and the teasing in his eyes became more intense, but he pretended to say: "I made a mistake. It turns out that Yejia has another girl who has secretly loved me for so long. Who is she?"

As soon as the voice fell on his shoulder, he was bitten fiercely. He looked at the little beast with fangs, his eyes full of petting.

"You brought me here all the way to make fun of me!" Ye Huaiyang was angry and ashamed, almost crying.

"Why?" Chu Jinglan lowered his head and licked her lips, and said softly, "After you have been busy with Xiang'er's birthday gift these days, I just want to take you here to relax."

After that, he covered her shoulder blade with one hand, and pressed the other on her waist, kneading gently and slowly, with a comfortable force that made her sigh.

This has long been a habit between the two. Lu Heng explained earlier that it is best to treat a lumbar injury with massage. So even if he is busy, he will relieve her waist after returning to the Tai Chi Hall in the evening, even though he will serve. With so many people, he is used to coming personally. Over time, he knows exactly where every sore spot on her body is.

Who would have thought that the prince of a country would have such a gentle and considerate side?

Ye Huaiyang rubbed his chest like a cat, and teased: "Your Majesty commits himself to serve his concubines. If he teaches others to see him, he should call his concubines a beauty."

Chu Jinglan gently lifted the corner of her lips: "When the queen is comfortable, come and serve me, so that they will be balanced."

Ye Huaiyang chuckled, "Nonsense, you should be coaxing Xianger!"

"When did I coax him? I always beat him."

"You are ashamed to say!" Ye Huaiyang glared at him, and immediately thought of another thing, "Are we staying here tonight? I didn't say a word before I came, I didn't explain my good aunt and Crescent. To Xianger at night..."

Chu Jinglan suddenly leaned over and blocked her mouth.

Xiangerxianger, remember that stinky boy all day long!

He thought so, the kiss became heavier and heavier, swept her lips and tongue like a predator, Ye Huaiyang gave a second cry, just about to step back to see what was going on with him, who knew he suddenly got wet In Xidi, she went in with a long finger, she took a breath, and then followed his twitch. Groan.

He didn't give her a chance to speak again!

The movement under her body became more and more intense, Ye Huaiyang's legs began to weaken, and he barely used the last bit of strength to hook his neck, and then heard him mutely say: "Look at how you call someone else's name... "

She woke up in an instant, and begged for mercy: "I was slow down, slow down..."

"Are you sure?" Chu Jinglan asked maliciously.

Ye Huaiyang nodded repeatedly, and then felt him stop, the slender knuckles slowly withdrew from the body, replaced by some giant, the moment she reached the deepest point, she heard her high-pitched hum. Yin and his successful laugh.

"This can be slower."

After a while, the hot spring began to fluctuate violently, turning over countless water splashes, making a loud noise, and a villain in Ye Huaiyang's heart roared with tears streaming down his face.

He is a liar!

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