On a sunny morning, Chu Jinglan was discussing matters with the ministers. The soldier came to the Golden Temple with a military information emergency report from a long distance, and handed it to Chu Jinglan layer by layer. He unfolded a look, and suddenly Long Yan was happy. .

Ye Huaili took the last city, and the lost land in the northwest has been recovered. This three-month battle is finally over!

After the dynasty, Chu Jinglan couldn't wait to return to the Taiji Hall to share the good news with Ye Huaiyang.

"Yang'er, your eldest brother is indeed a natural talent. Under such dangerous conditions, he can defeat the enemy with less and more. It's really gratifying! When his class returns to the court, I will lead the officials to welcome him. Into the city!"

It's rare to see him so excited, Ye Huaiyang smiled and blessed his body, pretending to say: "The concubine first thanked your majesty for the brother."

Chu Jinglan showed a little helplessness, stretched out her hand to drag her into her arms, and suddenly found that she was wearing an extremely plain phoenix-tailed skirt, and asked strangely: "Where are you going?"

Ye Huaiyang curled her lips and said, "I asked Xin'er to buy a panda from Shuzhong a while ago. I was lucky enough to arrive in the royal capital today, and I will put it in my home now. I want to see..."

"Buy another one?"

"Yeah..." Ye Huaiyang's voice became smaller and smaller, as if she was embarrassed, "Lan Lan is big, I don't have time to play with him, it's time to find a lady for him..."

"Why don't I know you still have the talent to be a matchmaker?"

Chu Jinglan couldn't help but laugh, Ye Huaiyang couldn't stand his teasing look, blushing and stomping lightly: "Didn't you tell me, I'm going back to my home."

"What's the rule for not taking my husband and son-in-law when I go home?" Chu Jinglan stopped her, chuckled her thin lips and smiled softly, "Wait, I will accompany you when I change clothes."

Ye Huaiyang asked suspiciously, "Don't you still discuss with Xie Miao and the others about rewarding the three armies in the afternoon?"

"Why, I am not allowed to take a day off and accompany my wife back to my natal house?"

"I can't ask for it." Ye Huaiyang was so amused by him that he closed his mouth from ear to ear, and then pushed him into the room, "Then you move quickly, my lady will be anxious when it's late."

"Yes, Mrs. Speaking, I take it upon myself to obey." Chu Jinglan gave her a leisurely smile, and went in unhurriedly.

Soon, the two left the inner imperial city in an ordinary carriage, and arrived at Yefu within half an hour. Everyone did not expect that Chu Jinglan would also come, and he hurriedly picked up, but he waved his hand to indicate that they did not need to. Duo Li, as approachable as before, as if he was not a superior emperor at this moment, but Ye Huaiyang's husband-in-law.

Having said that, since both parents are here, the little guy can't fall. Chu Xiang, who has never been out of the palace since birth, seems to have discovered the new world. He is so excited that he wants to jump from Ye Huaiyang's arms all the time. He came down and rushed into the garden, but he hadn't learnt to walk yet, and he had to be supported by someone behind him. If he accidentally fell, it would be troublesome. Chu Jinglan didn't want Ye Huaiyang to worry, so he simply carried him over and held him personally. .

He rarely had such intimate contact with Chu Xiang, so that Chu Xiang instantly turned his attention to him, and occasionally pulled the purple gemstone on the neckline, or touched his face, and had a great time. .

Ye Huaiyang was very pleased watching from the side. She originally thought that Chu Jinglan would not hold the child, but she did not expect to have such a strong posture, passing the narrow bridge and the water pavilion all the way, and turning a few turns without knowing that he was always steady.

In this way, the father and son, who are both outstanding in appearance and temperament, became a scene of the night family, and they were particularly eye-catching wherever they went. Although the two of them have the same handsome face, they are big, cold and arrogant, not angry, and their small faces are almost laughing. They are all a moving peach blossom. This contrast makes it hard to look away.

Nothing is better than this.

Some maidservants still remember the words Huaiyang said at home that night—I don’t want anything like the King of Laws to be extravagant. Now it seems to be the case. The kind of people who think they are handsome but are not on the stage at all, and your majesty Isn't this kind of immortal character more than the difference between the clouds and the mud?

Compared with the father and son, Ye Huaiyang's appearance is inferior, but both father and son regard her as a baby. Chu Jinglan held the child with one hand and put her arm around her waist, never letting go, Chu Xiang After having fun, I didn't forget to rush over and kiss her. The loud chirp made everyone amused. Of course, the happiest girl was the mother.

"Xiang'er is really good, is it okay to be a real father?"

Chu Jinglan saw that his saliva was dripping again, and immediately thanked Bumin, "Forget it."

Ye Huaiyang leaned forward with a smile.

In this joyful atmosphere, a family of three came to the backyard. The familiar fence and nest are still in place, but the panda that lives in it has been replaced. This one is one year younger than Lanlan and is also petite. Carefully It looks more delicate when eating and playing, obviously a little girl.

As soon as Chu Xiang saw the panda, he got excited and leaned out half of his body to catch it, but Ye Huaiyang quickly stopped.

"Xiang'er, this is not Lanlan, he is not familiar with you yet, you can't touch him for now, understand?"

Chu Xiang looked at her suspiciously, but didn't move anymore.

The child was very curious, reasonable and unworkable. In order to prevent him from crying for a while, Chu Jinglan threw the person to Yueya and asked her to take it to the front yard to play with Huaixin and the others. Ye Huaiyang was finally able to take a closer look at this new kid.

"It seems to be a bit wilting... Could it be that it's unacceptable?"

Chu Jinglan said with relief: "There are thousands of miles away from the middle of Shu to the king, so people should be tired from all the carts and horses, not to mention the animals, they will probably have to adapt for a while."

Ye Huaiyang nodded in agreement, and said to himself: "I wonder if putting it with Lanlan will adapt faster?"

"Maybe." Chu Jinglan turned his thoughts, and suddenly turned his head and asked, "Is this panda named?"

Ye Huaiyang was still thinking about how to cure the panda, but he didn't pay attention to the deep meaning of his words, and quickly answered two words: "Not yet."

"Not yet? Do you still need to think about it?" Chu Jinglan raised the corner of his eyes slightly, overflowing with a hint of cheerfulness, "So fat and stupid, it's a female panda again, so it's fine to call Yang Yang."

Ye Huaiyang was stunned, and reacted instantly, and smiled to screw him, "You've been waiting for revenge, right?"

Chu Jinglan held her hand and hugged her into her arms, with a long smile on her lips, "I just took a name, but it's not like someone kisses and touches it, so it takes advantage of it."

"I don't just kiss her, but also kiss you!" Ye Huaiyang became angry and rushed to bite his lip. He took advantage of the trend to hold her body and gave a deep and delicate kiss.

The two of them laughed and clamored for an afternoon and passed away. After dinner, Ye Xun and Yan clan played with Chu Xiang for a long time after dinner. They wanted what they wanted. They liked him in the heart, and Ye Huaiyang saw it. The two old eyebrows smiled and couldn't bear to disturb them, so they let Chu Xiang play for a while, but fell asleep for a second after receiving them, and when they saw it, the two simply stayed overnight at home.

While Ye Huaiyang was scrubbing the little guy, Chu Jinglan went to the study to find a book to pass the time. Who knows he picked it up, and a few letters fell out of the heavy ancient books, which said the owner of the family personally wrote. The ink is a little faint, obviously from years ago.

There was a piece of letter paper that had slipped out of the envelope, and he unfolded it when he was curious, and stopped halfway through reading it.

"According to subordinates investigations, the prince’s injury has not been healed because he missed the most important medicinal material. This medicine is called Chilian. It is very rare in the North. Meng Qi has sent people to other states and counties to find it. Nothing yet."

Chu Jinglan jumped directly to the end of the letter paper. The date was written on the eighth day of October in the 16th year of Taihe. That was his fourth year in the Northland and the year Ye Huaiyang had just become the head of the family.

Without thinking too much, he opened another letter.

"Patriarch, your subordinates have already received the medicine you transferred from Jiangnan and put them in the Yejia Drugstore, but the Meng family has not come to buy them, and the subordinates have asked about it to get the news. It turns out that the Rongjun King came quietly. A trip to the Northland was specifically for the prince to deliver medicine. Now that the prince is gradually recovering, don't worry."

No wonder the variety of local medicinal materials suddenly increased, he thought it was Zhenghe who asked them to do it...

"In the middle of the first month, the Meng family went to Mangshan with the prince. It is said that the hot springs there are healing, so they stayed there for more than half a month. Later, Meng Qi and Meng Xuan took the lead to return to the city due to busy military affairs. Staying to take care of the prince, every time he soaks in the spring to heal his wounds, he will personally serve the soup and medicine, and he never fakes his hands."

This letter paper is different from the others, it is all wrinkles pinched out by the hands, Chu Jinglan twisted his eyebrows, and immediately revealed a ray of clarity.

He did not continue to read, put the letter paper back in place, then went out, and returned to the bedroom. The crystal lotus night light in the corner was still on, and the dim light stretched Ye Huaiyang’s back. She looked so thin, but it blocked all the light, allowing Chu Xiang in the cradle to sleep peacefully.

Chu Jinglan walked over gently and hugged her from behind.

She turned her side a little, and saw him with empty hands and whispered inquiries: "Didn't find a book you like?"

"Found it." Chu Jinglan paused, and her high nose rubbed her ears, and her voice was full of bewilderment, "It's just a little sleepy, let's go to bed."

"Okay." Ye Huaiyang responded in a low voice, and tucked the quilt for Chu Xiang again, before turning around to go to bed with him.

Chu Jinglan snapped her finger to extinguish the small night light, then put her into her arms, and suddenly asked in the darkness: "Yang'er, have we not been out to play alone for a long time?"

Ye Huaiyang has been busy for a day, and when he touches his pillow, he feels sleepy, and there is only a grunting voice: "Yes..."

Strange to say, there was no sound next to her after she answered, but her big hand touched her back, rubbing her again and again, as if to coax her to sleep. She was so sleepy that she didn't think about why he asked like this, her eyes dropped slowly, and she soon sank into a dream.

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