After the New Year, Chu Xiang was almost one year old. As the temperature warmed up, his clothes became less bloated. He was no longer satisfied with crawling, and he stood up tremblingly while holding a small table during a meal. Up. Ye Huaiyang here just mixed him up. He looked up and almost didn't scare to death. He stretched out his hands to grab him, but he kept laughing.

Later, Ye Huaiyang asked people to set up a small area in the room for him to practice walking, surrounded by thick silk cloth, and covered with a whole piece of Persian cashmere carpet, even supported on the four corners of the circle. The stakes are all wrapped in cotton, no matter how much he falls, he will not get hurt.

Qu Fang and Yueya were not at ease, they had to be guarded by them every time. The three of them almost formed an iron triangle, protecting him tightly. Although Ye Huaiyang felt that this was a bit too much, but there was such a baby in the palace, and a happy fruit that laughed at everyone, it was a bit difficult for them not to be used to it.

After eating at noon that day, Ye Huaiyang still took him here to walk.

"Xiang'er, here is my mother."

Ye Huaiyang was sitting two meters away and beckoning to Chu Xiang. Chu Xiang stood up swayingly. His little fat legs couldn't hold it until he took a step, and his soft body suddenly rushed forward, just in time. Entering Ye Huaiyang's embrace, he seemed to feel that this was quite exciting, and he let out a series of happy laughs.

"His Royal Highness loves to laugh so much, and has a lively temper. He really looks like a mother."

Hearing what Yueya said, there was a sense of pride and pride in Ye Huaiyang's heart, "It's good to be like me. If you are like your majesty, it will be difficult to find a lady in the future."

Crescent Moon chuckled and said, "I have asked you to say anything. I don't know who came back from Huguo Temple a few days ago. Who complained that there were too many wild bees and butterflies outside, and they all rushed on your Majesty?"

"That's different. They are here for glory and wealth. If your majesty is not your majesty, this number will be greatly reduced."

Crescent said, "What's the use of what you said? The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already submitted the roster of women who will be selected for the first spring. There will only be more and more people. You play with the little majesty all day, and don't want to think about what to do. In response, the servants are anxious for you."

Ye Huaiyang laughed: "Is there anything to worry about, hasn't your majesty dismissed it?"

"It was rejected, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs adjusted the personnel and numbers and sent them to the Imperial Study. This time, His Majesty did not refuse. He also said that the scientific examination will be held soon. There is not enough time to let them as soon as possible. You did not see, Mrs. Liu of the Internal Affairs Office grinned at this and couldn't wait to fly back with his wings, so that the show girls could report quickly."

Ye Huaiyang pursed his lips and groaned for a moment, and said: "It seems that he has not underpaid the silver of those nobles."

"Why do you still have the heart to think about this?" Seeing that she didn't understand the point, Yueya jumped up in a hurry. "The roster is listed according to the standard number of people. In addition to the four concubines and nine concubines, there are also imperial ladies of various grades. , There are hundreds of people in total, just picking a fraction is enough for you, you still don't care."

"What can I care about." Ye Huaiyang smiled faintly, and saw Qu Fang coming with the medicine, and handed Chu Xiang to her, "The medicine smells too strong, take Xiang'er to the side hall."

Crescent Moon was about to take Chu Xiang over, but he was holding Ye Huaiyang and refused to let go. He rubbed her chest affectionately, and the cute little appearance immediately amused everyone.

"Although the little majesty is very happy when he sees your majesty, but in the end it is better to kiss your mother." Qu Fang put the medicine on the coffee table and turned to look at Chu Xiang kindly.

Ye Huaiyang lightly nodded the tip of his nose, and said, "Mother is going to drink the medicine. It smells bitter, aren't you afraid?"

Not only was Chu Xiang not scared back by her, he clung to her neck with a grin, and spit out a few vague words: "Brew brewing, be afraid."

"My mother is not afraid, and my mother is not like you."

Ye Huaiyang laughed and laughed. He never thought that he would be scorned by his son. But when he thought of it, he might think she was afraid that he didn't want to go. His heart was moved beyond the reach.

Who said that only a daughter is a caring little padded jacket? Her Xianger is much stronger!

Thinking of this, she picked up the villain in her arms and walked to the coffee table to sit down, and then shook the medicine bowl in front of him, smiling slyly: "You smell it, isn't it very bitter? Are you afraid?"

Chu Xiang's face was wrinkled because of being smoked, and he threw at her chest suddenly, burying his head in the skirt of her clothes.

An unscrupulous mother suddenly laughed.

"Niang, you are really..." Qu Fang looked at the mother and son helplessly, and found that there was no way to talk about it, so she had to persuade her tactfully, "The concoction is still a bit hot, please be careful, don't scald yourself and your highness."

Ye Huaiyang nodded, and simply drank the medicine in one sip, then rinsed his mouth with Crescent's hand, and contained a candy. After the smell of the medicine passed, he pulled Chu Xiang out of his arms, deliberately teasing him: "To be clear, who is afraid? Huh?"

Chu Xiang's mouth was squashed, and he looked aggrieved.

Crescent Moon looked so distressed from the side, she couldn't help but yelled: "Manny, how can you be like this!"

Ye Huaiyang chuckled with her mouth in her mouth, waited for the smile to rest, leaned down and kissed her relative Chu Xiang, and said, "Okay, it's time to take a nap. Will my mother take you to sleep in the big bed today?"

Because Chu Xiang wanted to get up to drink milk at night, Chu Jinglan was afraid that he would make Ye Huaiyang rest, so he always let the nanny take him to sleep in the side hall. It's rare to sleep with Ye Huaiyang today, and he was immediately excited. Scream out.


"It's good, learn what wolf calls." Ye Huaiyang teased him while holding him back to the bed, pulling the brocade to cover each other, and then softly coaxed, "Close your eyes, we want to sleep."

Chu Xiang was very obedient, his eyelids drooped, and he lay motionless.

When the two of them slept until Shen, the crescent who was guarding outside came in to see it several times and then went out without waking them up without authorization.

Ye Huaiyang, who had always had cold hands and feet, slept particularly sweetly with the small stove in his arms, and Chu Xiang also liked to stick to her, even after turning over a few times, he was still ignorant and made small snoring noises from time to time.

A quiet room, peaceful as a dream.

When Chu Jinglan returned to the hall, the mother and son were asleep. He waved back the palace man at the door and walked over with light steps. As soon as he opened the tent, he saw Chu Xiang snoring on Ye Huaiyang’s chest with his **** pouted. Her drool soaked her clothes, and her fat hands were still resting on the ball, which immediately made Chu Jinglan black.

Stinky boy, hasn't the skin been itchy after a few days?

He took Chu Xiang aside without saying a word. Chu Xiangwu fell asleep on his own and didn't mean to wake up at all. Ye Huaiyang was awakened in an instant, and found that it was Chu Jinglan's shaking hand, his heart loosened slightly, and he turned to replace Chu Xiang. After the quilt was covered, he whispered, "You lighten up, what should I do if you wake him up?"

"He is so heavy, what should I do if it hits your waist? You should have a degree when you are used to him!"

"It won't be crushed, I know it in my heart." Ye Huaiyang smiled softly, and sat up with his arm. "What are you doing back now?"

Chu Jinglan put her hands around her waist, and put her arms around her, slowly getting up and going to bed, "Take you to the big show."

Ye Huaiyang looked suspicious, but didn't ask him what he was going to do, but said: "Can you take the kids to see it?"

"No." Chu Jinglan refused with a stern face.

"That's it..." Ye Huaiyang smiled, turned around and touched Chu Xiang's hot sleeping face, and said helplessly, "Well, I'll change my clothes and accompany you."

After speaking, she went in and changed her clothes. She didn't ask anyone to come in and look at Chu Xiang, obviously making Chu Jinglan do the work. Chu Jinglan stared at the little man who looked extremely similar to him, then glanced at the damp marks on his pillow that were gradually fading away, and barely restrained the urge to throw him back to the side hall.

After Ye Huaiyang had settled, the two went to the new platform.

Long Yan stopped by the arch bridge, Chu Jinglan helped Ye Huaiyang down, she raised her eyes slightly, and she saw a bright red on the other side of the bridge, and the formation was not small, so she raised her eyebrows at him: "Is it today?"

Chu Jinglan nodded, and immediately led her to the high platform, seated in the eyes of everyone's envy and jealousy, and accepted their worship.

"The courtier knocks to see your majesty and the empress."

"Flat body." Chu Jinglan said faintly, and then told Zhuo Jin, "Go ahead."

Zhuo Jin yelled, and the ladies automatically lined up and waited in the empty space below. When the first group of people boarded the new platform, Ye Huaiyang slightly picked the corner of his eyes, but did not say a word.

Pink and willow green, ringed fat and thin, there are all kinds of them, and they are really complete. It seems that Mrs. Liu has made no little effort.

The six beautiful women stepped forward to see them. Before they even reported their names, they saw Chu Jinglan wave her hand, and her face turned pale. They were the best of the noble women in the family. They tried their best to get the first sight. Qualification, he didn't even fancy any of them?

When they were invited by the eunuchs, they were still a little unconvinced. They wanted to see what kind of people could enter Chu Jinglan's eyes, but to their surprise, the following groups of people were all brushed down. A wave, faster than turning a book, when the tenth group came down, Chu Jinglan's voice floated to his ears.

"The people selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs are at this level?"

Dozens of show girls changed their faces when they heard these words, like colored lights flickering, it was a magnificent one, Ye Huaiyang couldn't bear to look at it.

"Your Majesty, these are the top-notch women in the family, and your eyes are too picky..."

The show girls were greatly surprised. They never expected Ye Huaiyang to speak to Chu Jinglan in public. After listening carefully, there was a feeling of flirting and cursing, which made people wonder if they had heard it wrong. Lan didn't mean to blame her at all, and cast a petting look.

"There is not even a person who can match you half a point. How can I pick?"

Just flirting.

Ye Huaiyang was still covering her lips and smiling, and Chu Jinglan gave an order again in an instant: "Through my will, Liu Yan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not doing well, so I will immediately dismiss and investigate."

Everyone was shocked by the words.

Some smart people have already tasted the taste, Chu Jinglan didn't mean to draft women from beginning to end. Putting on such a big drama is simply a wake-up call for the major families to stop them from interfering with the emperor recklessly. Housework, otherwise the end will be the same as Lord Liu.

Who said the queen was about to fall out of favor? It's a blind eye!

When the ladies secretly slandered themselves, they saw the queen caressing her waist delicately and weakly, saying: "Your Majesty, the concubines are tired."

Obviously sitting here for less than a stick of incense, these people who came up and down on stage and kowtow to salute have not said that they are tired. Where is she tired?

The emperor’s voice was so soft that he was almost tired of death: "Then just ignore it, I will accompany you back to rest."

The show girls straightened their falling chins and stopped talking in whispers. Even if they were unwilling, they could only kneel down and send them away, but the two who did not know that they were drifting away also whispered.

"There really is no one that looks better than me."

"Madam is right."

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