As the sky was just getting bright, with crystal dew hanging on the leaves, a carriage quietly drove out of the inn and set foot on the official road leading to the capital of Chu King.

It's not long before autumn, the sky is high and the clouds are low, refreshing and pleasant, but the carriage is covered with heavy curtains, it is still very deep blue-gray, and even the shadow of the silk can not be seen. The man driving the car is named Tang Qingfeng. He is a burly man with a rein in his hand and a long sword around his waist. Although he looks simple and honest, he has always been sullen. He is inexplicably suspicious, and teaches people not to approach. .

The horse galloped at a constant speed all the way, and the towering walls of the king's capital had appeared in the field of vision, and they would be there in about two hours. Tang Qingfeng reported back, and the people in the car nodded almost invisible.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the maple groves on both sides. Tang Qingfeng stopped his horse immediately when he noticed something was wrong. He stared and scanned for a moment. A dozen black shadows shot out from the shadows, and the cold light flashed forward.

"Here again, it's all down to the roots of the imperial city. They haven't given up." Tang Qingfeng was half sullen and half disdainful, but he didn't move at all, as if waiting for the order from the people in the car. Soon, it was low. And the calm voice reached his ears through the curtain.

"Catch a live this time."

"Yes, Lord."

Tang Qingfeng turned and jumped out of the carriage, his thumb slightly opened the scabbard, revealing a white sharp blade, reflecting the rising sun with a little golden light, which was both dazzling and daunting. The leader of the black clothed man saw him alone in front of the carriage, thinking that he should not be afraid, so he lightly stepped around the carriage, Tang Qingfeng looked at them coldly, his intention to kill gradually rose, but he did not move. , Between breathing, the air is so tight that it will burst at any time.


The leader of the black clothed man suddenly drank low, everyone immediately rushed forward, and the murderous intent appeared. Tang Qingfeng split the one closest to the carriage with his bare hands, and then jumped in front of the black clothed leader like a ghost, the long sword suddenly unsheathed. Carrying Li Mang to stab him in the chest, he raised his sword to block it, but Tang Qingfeng's footwork changed and drifted behind him. Such a fast speed was simply too much to resist. He leaned over to avoid it. He stepped back and stood still, and was about to call for help. He looked up and was shocked instantly.

More than a dozen shadow guards appeared out of thin air on the empty official road!

The previous advantage suddenly disappeared. Not only was the man in black unable to get close to the carriage, he was beaten helplessly by the martial arts superb shadow guard, and gradually fell into the wind. The leader of the black man gritted his teeth slightly and was about to give an order. After retreating, he just turned around and clasped a hand on his shoulder, almost crushing his bones like steel claws.

"Want to go?"

As soon as the voice fell, his waist was numb, and he couldn't move anymore. Tang Qingfeng walked out from behind him and dealt with the two men in black who had been killed. Then he stood there until the man in black was shadowed. Wei beheaded.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, the black-clothed leader immediately crushed the poison that was hidden between his teeth. Tang Qingfeng's face changed slightly, and he suddenly reached out to clamp his jaw, but he was still a step too late, and blood rushed out wildly. The palm of his hand was red, and the man in black fell to the ground, splashing countless flying dust.

He twisted his eyebrows to wipe the blood away, then walked to the curtain and said in a low voice, "Master, the subordinates have missed, and everyone is dead."

"Fine, pick up and continue on the road."


Tang Qingfeng raised his eyes and looked around. The corpses of people in black were all around, which was an eye-catching sight. He made a gesture to the people under his hand. They immediately began to clean the scene, while he himself kicked a few and blocked the road. His corpse walked towards the leader of the man in black, and then bent down to explore the inside of his shirt. Suddenly, a silver medal slipped to the ground and made a crisp sound. He picked it up and saw that he immediately masked the frost.

"Master, look at this."

He held the silver medal and handed it into the car. Chu Jinglan didn't pick it up, so he glanced lightly at the incoming light, and then coldly uttered two words: "Yejia."

Tang Qingfeng nodded, a flame burst into his eyes, "It is the emblem of the Ye Family."

"Just put it away, let's talk about it after entering the king's capital, this should be the last group of people."


Tang Qingfeng took the silver medal into his waist, followed by **** the reins, and after a scream, the horse shook his feet and ran forward, while the dozen or so shadow guards hid in the forest and continued to protect secretly. Chu Jinglan.

Time came quietly at noon, the sky was already clear, and the huge king capital stood under the blue sky, unable to see the end at a glance, extremely majestic and majestic.

The empty Xuanwu Street was actually overcrowded today. The sunlight fell from the red but not red maple leaves and paved the stone road with a layer of gold foil. From time to time, the shadow of the geese passed by, accompanied by the curling autumn wind and went south, and soon Drowned in the crowd.

Forbidden troops on both sides of the street are like forests, all dressed in armor standing upright, five steps and one strike, silver guns overlap in the air, firmly locking the crowded people, but whenever there is a change, the silver light will follow closely, and the people will be photographed. He dared to make trouble, so he whispered to each other quietly. The children of the aristocratic family are certainly not among them. They have already booked a seat near the window in the restaurant, and you can see it when you turn around.

Such a grand occasion is only because today is the day when the Lan Dynasty returns to the court.

Speaking of Chu Jinglan, he was the third son of the first emperor. He was once extremely favored by the emperor. He entered the central government at the age of fourteen and established the military meritorious service at the age of eighteen. The memorials he has made are endless. The people are treated as princes. But when he went to the frontier to quell the chaos six years ago, the first emperor suddenly became critically ill. Before he died, he established his eldest son Chu Sanghuai as the prince and succeeded to the throne. But since then, Chu Jinglan has never returned to the capital and has been living in In Northland, one stay is six years.

In the past few years, there have been constant discussions about the Li Chu Fengyun of the year, and there are all kinds of speculations, but the four great families of Wang, Xie, Bai, and Ye who have experienced all of this have never mentioned them, and they have become more and more imaginative. The most talked-about anecdote among the storyteller population.

While talking and laughing while tasting the tea, King Lan's car drove slowly from a distance.

Ye Huaili was sitting alone on the third floor of her restaurant, and she suddenly heard the sound of silk shoes behind her. When she looked back, the visitor was wearing a cross-hair bun, wearing a jade dress, eyebrows as far away as daisies, eyes with floating waves and pink lips. Bend a very beautiful arc, smiling at him.

"Yang'er, why are you here?"

He is well aware of the temperament of his younger sister. Since she became the owner of the Ye Family Patriarch, she hasn't been as calm as an 18-year-old girl. There are few things that can arouse her interest, like this kind of people swarming to watch the excitement. She must be the least willing to approach the scene, and I don’t know what to do today, and actually went up to the Tianque Tower in front of the crowd, which is truly unprecedented.

"I came here when I was idle at home, and I happened to be with you."

He didn't know how useful this was to Ye Huai-li's ears, a bit of joy overflowed on the face that had always been so cold and hard, and his big palm stretched forward, pulling Ye Huaiyang to sit down beside him.

King Lan's car also went downstairs at this moment, Ye Huaiyang watched from a distance, even though the dark gray curtain blocked everything, but she couldn't stop her quietly revealing smile. There was noise that made her feel uneasy, and no one was sitting on the second floor, making a loud noise.

"This King Lan didn't grab the throne back then. Didn't he flee to the north with his tail sandwiched? How dare he come back now?"

"That's right, look at this one-handed man, none of the guards brought one. Is it possible that you want to make any waves? If it is really like that, it would be fine. In the peaceful and prosperous world, this is a good opportunity to make merit!"

After that, the two of them laughed together, their voices were wretched and licentious, unbearable.

The smile on Ye Huaiyang's face gradually solidified, the person did not move, the light did not move, the cold voice spread from square inches, crisp as ice, no beak was allowed.

"Ci Yuan, drive them out."

As soon as the voice fell, Xuan Ying flashed and went straight downstairs. The clamor stopped shortly before, and there was no sound of resistance, and the person had been thrown out of the door.

Ye Huaili sank his eyebrows without a trace, and said, "When have you taken care of this kind of thing too?"

"Dog barking is annoying." Ye Huaiyang said with his Feng eyes down.

"They don't necessarily mean lies." Ye Huaili looked at the unpretentious car and looked very deep. "You were young back then, and I don't know what happened. King Lan's return this time must be a wolf's ambition. Defense."

"Big brother, I was young back then, but I still haven't reached the point where I can't tell right from wrong." Ye Huaiyang retracted his gaze, the color of nostalgia faded away, leaving a touch of Shen Liang, "Taking back what belongs to me, it cannot be called wolf ambition. ."

"Presumptuous! Who learned this to you?"

Ye Huai Li stood up quickly and reprimanded Ye Huaiyang, her expression was extremely stern, and she seemed to be very sensitive to the matter, but Ye Huaiyang looked calm and calm, and she caught a glimpse of Chu Jinglan's car driving away. He brushed his sleeves on the ground and said, "I've seen the excitement. I will go back to my home first. I will wait for you to come back for dinner in the evening."

After saying that, she turned and went downstairs, without giving Ye Huaili a chance to say more. Ye Huaili stood there and looked at it for a long time, until the slender figure disappeared at the end of the stairs, and the melancholy color on his face still disappeared. Subside.

What they didn't know was that this conversation had already spread into the carriage. Tang Qingfeng thought to himself that this little girl was quite interesting. He mentioned her family in her words. I wonder which family she belongs to? Just thinking about it, he never turned his head to take a look, his expression still cold, like a formidable colossus guarding the car, blocking those probing eyes one by one to prevent it from affecting Chu Jinglan in the car.

It's just that he forgot that Chu Jinglan's martial arts is much higher than him. Since he can hear the conversation in the restaurant, Chu Jinglan is no exception.

wild ambition……

Chu Jinglan silently put down the scroll in his hand, and his dark brown eagle eyes swept outside the curtain to see that the prosperous scene and the people of the Li people turned into deep shadows, like a scroll under the dim light. The outline can be distinguished but the colors cannot be distinguished. , There is an inexplicable sense of blindness. He tightened his thin lips, after all he didn't say a word, but he couldn't stand the huge waves in his heart.

After six years, he finally returned here again.