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The Ninth Year of the Great Devil Waiting For the Guide

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Novel Summary

Xie Yuzhou is an sss-level guide who sacrificed to save everyone in the federal decisive battle.

After waking up nine years later, the world has turned upside down.

The name of the man standing at the top of the alliance’s power is a taboo.
Represents blood, death, killing, endless darkness.

Only in the eyes of Xie Yuzhou, his partner has never changed, and is still the sentry who loves to cling to him and act like a baby.

Jin Yuan was a weak sentinel, and he was always called waste and was not worthy of his guide.

Only the guide treated him tenderly, carefully soothing his mental wounds.
Before leaving, the guide said to him: “Wait for me to come back.”

Jin Yuan waited obediently, guarding their home alone.

In the first year the guide left, he smashed the light and became a sentinel of darkness in order to gain strength.

In the second year after the guide left, he was covered in blood and got rid of all the traitors who had betrayed the guide on the battlefield.

In the ninth year after the guide left, he became the devil of the entire interstellar.

No one dared to mention his name again.

He sat on the highest throne of the league and finally waited for his guide.

①Guide sentry, a kind of world setting, non-real world guide sentry, there will be an explanation in the text

②There are many invincible private settings, please do not bring in other works settings for guidance

③The guide attacked Xie Yuzhou × the sentry received Jin Yuan

④ After attacking “death”, you will become a dark sentry, but will be reunited later

Content tags: Science fiction, a special liking, broken mirror, reunion, interstellar

Search keyword: Protagonist: Supporting role: Other:

One sentence introduction: The little milk dog becomes a big devil.

Purpose: Rebirth in adversity and grow up in difficulties.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TNYGDWFG
Alternate Title:大魔王等待向导的第九年
Author:Apricot is not too late
Weekly Rank:#5542
Monthly Rank:#6547
All Time Rank:#7008
Tags:Amnesia, Appearance Changes, Comedic Undertone, Familial Love, First Love, Futuristic Setting, Handsome Male Lead, Jealousy, Mysterious Past, Obsessive Love, Seme Protagonist,
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14 Comments on “The Ninth Year of the Great Devil Waiting For the Guide
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  1. Bro wtf , Im srsly confused rn . Xie Yuzhou is The lost brother of Xie Can named Xiexie???? Im just in the midst of the Story and am already confused as hell :'>

  2. Wait lemme continue reading to know who he really is. Either the Dead Guide of Jin Yuan that came back from the dead or The long lost brother of Xie Can.

  3. It's good. It's just that i always thought xie yuzou is the shou.haha. I did read that xie yuzhou is the attack but throughout the story it feels like he's the bottom.

  4. Probably because of his description The ML being weak and so at the beginning people felt that the ML would be the shou However, in all novel I read... guides have always been shou...

  5. I think this is good. the mc is literally like a god in his last life. he can control the whole army based on the description of those who planned to kill him.

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