"Cough, cough! If you want to learn from me, you will have to stand the test!" The King of the Northern Realm said as he spoke, his eyes drifting to a new planet in the distance, and then he seemed to feel that his performance was too obvious. Chest up.

"I won't let people with bad intentions learn my abilities! If you learn, you have to show sincerity..."

Yang Tai tilted his head, then stretched out his hand and took out a large book from the void. to the King of the Northern Realm.

"This is the complete collection of the earth's cold jokes, do you think this is enough?"

"Complete Collection of Cold Jokes!" The two tentacles on the head of the King of the Northern Realm stood up all of a sudden, and although he couldn't see the expression in his sunglasses, his face showed a longing expression.

"Show me, show me!"

Yang Tai directly handed the entire collection of cold jokes to the King of the Northern Realm. The King of the Northern Realm turned two pages, and suddenly laughed and rolled back on the ground.

When he was done laughing, he looked up another page, and then rolled on the ground again. Laughing wildly, he slammed the ground with his hands.

...Well, it's clear that the Northern King's laugh is ridiculously low.

After a while, seeing the face of the King of the Northern Realm gradually turning blue and purple, with a tendency to laugh to death, Yang Tai had no choice but to stretch out his hand and put away the complete collection of cold jokes.

"Ah, I've finally been saved. If I look at it again, I'll be completely out of breath." The King of the Northern Realm raised his head and breathed a sigh of relief.

"People with so many bad jokes can't be bad guys. Well, then I'll teach you something. What do you want to learn?"

Hearing the words of the King of the Northern Realm, Yang Tai rolled his eyes, and for the sake of asking him, he stopped complaining.

"I want to learn a lot of things, such as your perception of the entire galaxy, electrocardiogram calls, the specific principles of vitality bombs and world king boxing..."

"Oh? Don't you study martial arts? You actually want to learn more specific principles?" The Northern Realm King said in surprise: "This is something that only gods can study and understand."


The King of the Northern Realm took a closer look at Yang Tai, and his face became more and more surprised: "If it was you... maybe you can really study it thoroughly! Your life level is very strange. To a certain extent, it should be a life form higher than me!"

In the small universe of God, chakra fruits have raised Yangtai's life level. To some extent, Yangtai should probably be at a higher level than Kaiwang God and God of Destruction. It didn't reach the level of a full king.

If he can open up his own multiverse, then he is properly a creator **** like King Quan.

It's just that Yang Tai's power is more than enough now. The realm is far behind, so I am ready to start from the realm king and learn the skills and experience of these gods.

In this way, Yangtai settled in the realm of Beijiewang. Beijiewang, for the reason of being convenient to study, leaned his Jiewang Xing on Yangtai's planet and became a small mountain on Yangtai planet. .

Yang Tai didn't care about it, it was just a temporary base anyway. After he left, the planet could naturally be handed over to the realm king.

Although the Northern Realm King is not strong and looks like a funny character, in fact, the lifespan of these cosmos-level gods is calculated in units of ten thousand.

This time, the realm king, who has lived for thousands of years, has learned a lot in his life, and Yang Tai is not like Sun Wukong, who just learns martial arts, but wants to exhaustively study the principles of divine authority.

There are many questions, and even the real king himself has no answers. After all, many abilities are exercised by the real king relying on instinct, and he has not really thought about why.

With the teaching and learning of He Yangtai, the King of the Northern Realm re-examined his abilities and gained a lot.

And Yang Tai's harvest is not to mention, his current power level, in fact, has long surpassed that of the Northern Realm King. Relying on the perception of a higher realm obtained from strength and his own super brain, he can learn a thousand miles in one day. The most obvious expression is that various abilities gradually merge into one, almost becoming his instinct. It's hand picked. There is no distinction between chakra, domineering, and devil fruit abilities.

Just one Northern Realm King has allowed Yang Tai to have such a big harvest, and Yang Tai is completely convinced that his thinking is correct, and that these gods in the Dragon Ball world can indeed make up for his shortcomings.

Although Yangtai's learning speed is very fast, the **** system in Dragon Ball is still somewhat different from him, so Yangtai still spent a lot of time.

On this day, Yangtai was watching how Kai-wang condensed some broken meteorites into asteroids, and let life reappear on them.

Compared with the Earth Blast Star and the Tree Realm used by Yang Tai, it is simple and crude, and the method of the Realm King is closer to the toggle rule, allowing these meteorites to spontaneously condense into asteroids, and grow green grass and small trees.

"No, no, no, I can only do this!"

The King of the Northern Realm sat on the ground, sweating profusely, and said breathlessly.

Yang Tai pouted, looking at a sphere with a diameter of less than 100 meters in front of him. He finally knew why this guy couldn't repair his Jie Wang Xing.

"It's so rude!" Yang Tai muttered and narrowed his eyes slightly, recalling the feeling of the Northern Realm King just playing the rules.

"Where is it?" The King of the Northern Realm said loudly, "Creating planets and life is something that only the King of the Realm can do. I can use the body of the King to touch a little bit of the ability of the King of the King. , that's an amazing achievement!"

Yang Tai hummed twice, UU reading www.uukanshu.com In fact, he also knew in his heart that the Northern Realm King's ability to create small planets did not seem to be very conspicuous. But in depth, the principle is far more complex and clever than the Earth Blast Star and the Arborescent Tree that he controlled and used.

It's just that this range is too small, and the life created is too weak, right?

Before Yang Tai's daily complaints were over, with a swipe, a huge monster suddenly appeared in front of them. Like a fat mutant insect, it made a grunting sound, and the terrifying and chaotic energy fluctuations circulated continuously on this monster's body.

"What is this?" The King of the Northern Realm said in a daze, and at this time he also heard the shout.

"It's strange, how did Jiewang Xing become like this?"

Only then did Yang Tai and Beijie Wang notice that there was a villain under the monster's body. They said that he was a villain. In fact, he was the same size as a normal person, but he was very small against the monster.

"Wukong!?" The King of the Northern Realm just said this, and with a loud bang, the huge monster had completely exploded.