"Dragon Ball World's Earth is really big! Even dinosaurs are not extinct yet."

In the wilderness, Yang Tai looked at the large group of dinosaurs running past, and complained.

I remember that when Akira Toriyama drew Dragon Ball in the beginning, it was drawn in the form of a comic, so at the beginning, there were many strange creatures in Dragon Ball.

A werewolf who turns into a man when he sees the moon, a dinosaur man whose saliva is super glue, a Tianjin rice with three eyes, a risotto like a little Namekian, a kobold who became the president, and a noseless man Krillin…

It's no wonder that Sun Wukong has a long tail, and when he sees the moon, he will turn into a gorilla. It's not surprising for people on earth - this world is like a dance of demons.

It's just that these ethnic minorities appeared less and less in the later period, probably because the whole Dragon Ball has turned into a **** romance.

Otherwise, if Arale is pulled out again, it is estimated that the combat system will completely collapse.

Standing in the wilderness, Yangtai unfolded his super vision. Not only did he see the spaceships of Frieza and his father, but also the spaceships of Frieza and his father, who were working **** the Void Timeline. Trunks came here.

"Time machine..." Yang Tai also had to admit that the scientists in Dragon Ball were indeed perverted, you know, because of the time machine, even King Quan was directly split.

Watching the entire timeline split directly into two from the very beginning, the entire world instantly had 12 single universes, splitting into more multiverses, Yang Tai's eyes faintly passed countless streamers, and to some extent He said, the insight brought by this strange sight has made up a large part of his realm.

By the time Trunks completely came to Earth's current timeline, the entire universe had also been split into multiverses. Yang Tai closed his eyes and seemed to think for a while, then suddenly reached out.

His whole hand crossed the time line in an instant, and he came to Karinta a few years ago, and easily grabbed a lot of fairy beans from a little fat man who was eating fairy beans.

"Go back and try to see if you can use Mu Dun to cultivate fairy beans... and the goddess of agriculture in the Saint Seiya world, you can also let her try it out."

It's just a small thing. Next, Yangtai took a look at Trunks and felt that he didn't seem to have any need to intervene in the current plot of the earth.

The crisis of the earth is getting bigger and bigger every time. If there is one less training opportunity in the middle, maybe next time, the group of Sun Wukong will be the end of the group.

Yangtai didn't want to be a nanny for this group of people all the time. The result of helping was that when there were more terrifying crises later, the combat power of the earth was insufficient. Leaving is the best option.

Turning his eyes, Yang Tai's super eyesight soon saw a strange ultra-small planet, that is Jiewang, right?

With a round head and a round head, the Northern Realm King with two tentacles on his head seemed to sense something. Looking at Yang Tai, Yang Tai grinned, stepped out and appeared on Jiewang Xing.

"It's incredible, actually moved directly to Jiewang Xing!? Who are you?" The Northern Realm King was almost scared by Yang Tai and squatted on his butt, and said with a look of surprise.

Yang Tai carefully observed the realm king of the entire Northern Galaxy, and the result was: "This guy is so weak!"

Although the realm of the realm king is very high, and he has various special abilities and authority, his real combat power is really not high.

In a world like Hokage and Pirates, Kaiwang can be called a super master, but in a world like Dragon Ball that often destroys planets, it can only be considered normal.

"The combat power is probably around 10 million. Counting things like the King's Fist, it's probably on par with Frieza. It's no wonder that this guy can't do anything about the Emperor of the Universe." Yang Tai thought for a while. a bit.

Although Frieza has never fought hard battles, his racial talent is that of a warrior, but the King of the Realm... Judging from this round body shape, he should be the most incapable of fighting in his class.

After all, even if Majin Buu turns into a ball, his combat power will decrease, let alone the King of Kai.

Seeing Yang Taiguang looking at him and not speaking, the King of the Northern Realm swallowed a mouthful of spit: "What, Jiewang Xing can't rush in!"

"Jiewangxing?! Where is it? I only saw a small earth ball." Yang Tai said with a smile, only to hear a puff, and the King of the Northern Realm only felt an arrow in his heart. Everyone fell to the ground.

"I think back then, Jiewang Xing was also very big, but the last time it was because of Lord Beerus..." The Northern Realm King fell to his knees and muttered with a look of frustration on his face.

"In that case," Yang Tai said with a smile, "then let me help you!"

"Earth Blast!"

The strange little black ball was thrown from Yang Tai's hand. There is a terrifying attraction in the endless void, condensing a large amount of cosmic dust, gravel, and small meteorites into one. times the stars.

If it wasn't for Yang Tai's use of the force field to protect the entire Jiewang Xing, I'm afraid that Jiewang Xing would also be directly torn to shreds.

Seeing that the asteroid next to him had formed, Yang Tai reached out and released a large amount of pure Yang Dun Chakra: "The tree world is born!"

A large number of lawns and countless giant trees soon grew on the nearby planet.

Yangtai opened his mouth and blew again, and the water escape chakra suddenly turned into a monstrous dark cloud. The pouring rain suddenly fell on the entire newborn planet. The gurgling stream condensed into a small river, and finally turned into a peaceful lake. .

During the whole process, the realm king opened his mouth wide and looked surprised.

"Well..., let's call this planet Yang Taixing, and it will be my living planet for the time being." Yang Tai said with a satisfied look on his face.

"Wait, isn't this a planet given to me?" The King of the Northern Realm jumped up and asked.

"It doesn't look very good, but I think it's quite beautiful." Yangtai pouted, and then said, "You can if you want. After I leave, this planet will be given to you."

"Huh!?" The King of the Northern Realm only reacted at this time. "You want to be my neighbor?"

"To be precise, I am very curious about the abilities of the realm king, and I want to learn from you." Yang Tai said, although it is not impossible to go directly to the realm king, but learning still has to be done step by step. .

Moreover, compared to the Realm King God, this Realm King is naturally more talkative and less noticeable.

Yangtai may have more contact in the future, but for now he still wants to see the situation first

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