The ancient immortal Dao was extremely prosperous and lasted for 100,000 years. After that, the immortal Dao fell. The description of this matter in the book histories can be said to be very rare. Even if there is, it is often a stroke.

No one writes it carefully, so later generations know very little, and the fall of Immortal Dao has become an unsolved mystery.

Of course, Lin Jin knew more. He knew that the main reason for the fall of Immortal Dao was that Tier 9 Immortal Swallowing Beast.

So far, the Immortal Swallowing Beast hasn't really revealed the whole picture, and what Lin Jin saw at Daluo Temple was just a huge beast claw.

Judging from the information gathered from various quarters, the truth of this matter has been revealed. Thousands of years ago, the ninth-order immortal swallowing beast appeared, and then attacked the immortal sect indiscriminately, punishing the immortal.

This cruel battle may last for hundreds of years. In the end, the immortal was defeated and the immortal way fell.

This is what Lin Jin knew before.

There may be a very small number of surviving immortals, such as the one from Daluo Temple, but they can only hide and hide their breath, because once the immortal aura is revealed, it will immediately attract the 9th-order fairy swallowing beast, and the end will be one dead.

Therefore, Lin Jin believed that there should be no immortals in this world, and even more extreme speculation, the immortal of Daluo Temple was the last one.

But now, two immortals actually came to the visitor hall, and one can imagine how much shock it caused.

At this moment, under Lin Jin's inquiry, Qin Yunchang and Chen Xuankong also revealed the situation one by one.

It turned out that when the 9th-order Immortal Swallowing Beast slayed the Quartet more than two thousand years ago, very few visionary immortal sects had already begun to prepare their way back.

If you are not the opponent of Immortal Swallowing Beast, you can only escape.

The question is where to escape.

The most fringe places of the major states are called extraterritorial lands. There are endless miasma in the extraterritorial lands, which are extremely dangerous and forbidden since ancient times.

It is impossible for mortals and beasts to enter it. If you stupidly break in, you will be poisoned by the miasma in an instant, unless you carry some kind of treasure to restrain the miasma or other means.

Even if they are immortals, they need special magical instruments and detoxification elixir.

At that time, the sects of the immortal Dao were killed by the swallowing beasts, throwing their helmets and discarding their armor.

The fairy who was lucky enough to escape broke into a place outside the territory with a fluke mentality, but did not expect that he actually avoided the hunting of the Immortal Swallowing Beast.

It seems that the miasma of a place outside the territory provides protection for them. In short, the Immortal Swallowing Beast cannot lock the breath of immortality in places outside the territory.

In this way, the place outside the territories full of miasma became a refuge for the immortal sect, intermittently, some immortals from the sect fled into it, reopened a sect in the outside of the territory, and rebuilt the mountain gate.

To put it bluntly, it just found a place to linger.

These immortals, who had a fluke mentality, secretly sneaked back to the middle earth, but without exception, they were all gone forever. Later, no immortal dared to try again.

In this way, the outside world and the Middle-earth world are cut off.

There are not many immortal sects who have the opportunity to escape and rebuild the mountain gate in a place outside the territory. The Xuandao Gate and the Yundao Gate are two of them.

These are actually the results of Lin Jin after listening to Qin Yunshang and Chen Xuankong's narration, combined with his previous knowledge.

"In this way, for these two thousand years, have you all been hiding in that place outside the territory?" Lin Jin asked after listening.

The two immortals who had been subdued by Lin Jinzhi nodded quickly: "Senior, it is true!"

These two immortals were very respectful in front of the "curator". Compared to Lin Jin's curiosity, the two immortals were equally curious.

In their view, the ‘curator’ must be in the realm of immortals, otherwise, how can they be easily suppressed?

And it's definitely not an ordinary virtual immortal, at least at the real immortal level.

But the problem is that I have never heard of the name of the curator in a place outside the territory. From the words of the curator, it is also known that the other party does not know the situation in the place outside the territory.

That is to say, the curator is from the Middle-earth continents.

But how is that possible?

Except for places outside the domain, in other places, as long as the immortal shows his head, he will be immediately strangled by the Immortal Swallowing Beast, without exception.

This is what the two are most curious about.

Finally, Qin Yunchang couldn't help but asked, "How did the predecessors avoid the Immortal Swallowing Beast?"

The premise of this sentence is to treat the'curator' as an immortal.

Lin Jin also heard it.

"There is no need to avoid it, because I am not a fairy."

Lin tried his best on this matter, and felt that there was no need to pretend, it was of no benefit, and he had to lie and was tired.

If so, it's better to tell the truth.

Originally, Lin Jin was not a fairy.

Upon hearing this answer, Qin Yunchang and the others immediately showed horror, especially Chen Xuankong. He immediately said: "Impossible, senior, at least you are a true immortal, otherwise how could it easily break my capture? Dragon hand!"

"I really am not!" Lin Jin still denied it, but it could be seen that Qin Yunshang and Chen Xuankong didn't believe it at all. They had already determined in their hearts that this mysterious'curator' was definitely a master at the real immortal level and possessed The supreme magical power can not only open up a world (referring to the visitor hall) alone, but also avoid the attack and killing of the fairy swallowing beast.

Suddenly, the image of the "curator" instantly rose up in the hearts of the two immortals, and became a lot more stalwart.

It should be understood, Lin Jin already knew.

I have to say that this time the newcomer in the visitor hall opened Lin Jin's vision, which is equivalent to opening a door to a new world. Who would have thought that the fairy tale sect, which should have already withdrawn from the stage of history, still has some remaining.

"The land outside the territory, I said I can't find time to see it." Lin Jin muttered to himself at this time, according to what Qin Yunshang and Chen Xuankong said the land outside the region is even for their immortals. , Is also a very dangerous place. Not only are there the miasma that is permeating thousands of miles, there are endless miasma, but also all kinds of hidden ferocious beasts. If you know the beasts of the outside world, there is no good stubborn, and many of them can devour the fairy , How horrible is, this can be seen.

Although the two newcomers who came this time were very peculiar, Lin Jin was still as stable as a mountain. The rules that should be talked about were explained. Whoever they are, in the visitor hall, they must abide by the rules here.

Of course, Lin Jin will also give equal benefits to being a visitor to the visitor hall.

At this time, Lin Jin thought of the bottleneck he encountered when refining the Universal Gourd, and suddenly had an idea, and asked Qin Yunshang and Chen Xuankong about the refining magic weapon.

It turns out that Lin Jin asked the right person.

Xuan Dao Sect and Yun Dao Sect were also famous in the heyday of Immortal Dao, and there were many secret techniques for refining magic weapons.

As the mainstays of the two immortal gates, Qin Yunchang and Chen Xuankong know that it is of course very profound, and they have learned a lot. At this moment, the true immortal-level masters in their hearts have said to'test' them. Of course, the two of them know each other. Say, respectfully answer.

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