An expression of disbelief appeared on the male immortal's face for an instant, it was more like being hit by an invisible force, thumping, and retreating four steps in a row.

At the same time, the male fairy only felt the blood rippling in the fairy body, like his throat, almost spouting a mouthful of fairy blood.

Fortunately, he wants to save face, and if it comes out, he will have no face to live.

Especially in front of the famous Fairy Yunshang, that can't be ashamed.

So even if he was desperate, the male immortal swallowed this mouthful of blood abruptly, but his face was not so good. He just wanted to make the giant liger next to him come forward, but he found this liger. It was also showing a look of fear, and he was backing away, his hind legs trembling.

At the moment, Chen Xuankong didn't dare to say anything more.

The fairy next to her saw the end from the beginning, but she was surprised.

She and the male fairy obviously knew each other and knew each other's details.

Chen Xuankong, the immortal of the Xuan Dao Sect, can be regarded as the top number among the several immortal gates hidden in the Heishan in the outer land. Who would have thought that as soon as the ‘curator’ appeared, Chen Xuankong would be defeated in a single encounter, and even that the director did not act.

What kind of magical power is this?

Can't believe it.

At the moment, Fairy Yun Chang, who was originally deserted and arrogant, has also subconsciously put away that arrogance, and her posture has been lowered unconsciously.

This is pure respect.

Fairy Yun Chang knew that Chen Xuankong's abilities were almost the same as his own. This mysterious ‘curator’ could wound Chen Xuankong calmly, and it shouldn’t be difficult to clean up himself.

Maybe, they are the kind of great immortal existence of the master, so they must be respected.

Thinking of this, Fairy Yunshang reacted extremely quickly, and walked forward with respect to manners.

"Qin Yunshang, the thirty-fourth generation chief disciple of Yundao Xianmen, has met the senior curator!"

The tone was gentle, speaking entirely in the manner of a junior.

Although it is only a simple sentence, it has already been explained that the strength of the'curator' has been recognized by this fairy. This truth is not only understood by Lin Jin, other people, including He Qing, Hei Crow, and Ye Yuzhou, are also in the mirror.

Lin Jin was actually sweating just now, but the result was satisfactory to him.

Sure enough, I am in charge of my site. This is in the visitor hall, so even if it is a fairy, I have to be honest. On the one-third acre of land, the dragon is holding it and the tiger is lying.

Lin Jin's confidence increased.

At the moment, he asked in a cold voice, "Why hurt?"

With that, Lin Jin already walked over to check everyone's injuries.

Here, Lao Tian was directly fainted, and his animal pet was hurtful enough. Fortunately, here was the visitor hall. Lin Jin tried a few tricks to wake Lao Tian, ​​and then he raised his hand, radiating brilliance. The mist swayed out, nourishing the wounds of the injured and several beasts.

A shocking scene happened.

Both human and animal pet injuries are recovering at an extremely fast speed that is visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yunchang's eyes brightened over there.

Even Chen Xuankong was shocked, with a look of fear on his face.

Even they can't do this, let alone them, neither can their masters.

This kind of magical means of healing is simply incredible.

How did they know that this was actually the magical powers of the Four Seas Gourd, and it was also the greatest method Lin Jin could use this magic weapon to display.

A little more, maybe Lin Jin won't work.

But even that was enough for Lin Jin to pretend.

Chen Xuankong also reflected over there. After experiencing this, if he hasn't recovered, he would be too stupid. How could he be that stupid person who can cultivate into an immortal.

At the moment Chen Xuankong bowed forward and said: "Chen Xuankong, the 36th generation of Xuan Dao Xianmen, paid respect to senior. Before Xuankong did not know the situation, he offended senior, and asked senior to punish him. As for hurting others, this is purely a misunderstanding. ..."

Chen Xuankong said bitterly.

Speaking of it, he hurt other visitors before, which is really a misunderstanding.

"Misunderstanding?" Lin Jin obviously didn't believe it, but when he figured out the whole situation, he sighed helplessly. The secret path was really a misunderstanding.

Although this Chen Xuankong was a bit more violent and arrogant, it wasn't the kind of hurting people when he didn't agree with him. In addition, according to his cultivation level, if he really did it, other people would not just get hurt.

Because he was drawn into the visitor hall inexplicably, everyone would be nervous, doubt everything, and may make a big fight if he didn't pay attention.

Didn't Ye Yuzhou and Mrs. Guiying fight directly because of this incident?

According to the ‘rules’ in the visitor’s hall, the newcomer came and was to be educated. It was Lao Tian who raised this matter because he had been educated.

This time they finally found out that a newcomer was coming. The eleventh and twelfth wooden doors were pushed open almost at the same time, and one person walked in separately.

At that time, Lao Tian was excited and excited.

He wanted to demonstrate his status as an ‘veteran’, so he took the initiative to ask and pretended to be forced.

But this matter is to share with whom.

It's fine for ordinary masters, but if you ran to show off in front of a serious fairy, you can imagine the fate.

With just one move, Chen Xuankong put Lao Tian on the ground, which led to a subsequent "battle". As a result, Chen Xuankong alone suppressed all other visitors. If the "curator" arrived in time, wouldn't it? Know what basket to get out.

At this moment, Lin Jin heard from the beginning to the end, the expression under the mask, it was helpless.

But in any case, things have not reached the point where they cannot be handled. These two ‘newcomers’ also need to understand more.

Lin Jin was too curious about them.

Shouldn't the fairy be extinct? Why did you run out again?

Where are they hiding?

And listening to what Qin Yunchang and Chen Xuankong said, they each have a fairy gate, and this fairy gate is still there.


Big news!

Lin Jin reacted to this and was also thrilled with There is no way, if there really are immortal gates, then the current pattern of states can be overturned in an instant.

In front of the immortals, what a great power is not worth mentioning.

Now Lin Jin is very curious, but this thing can't be shown, an expert must look like an expert, so Lin Jin wakes up Lao Tian to heal his injuries, first reconcile the conflicts between the two parties.

After all, this is not a deep hatred. In the name of the ‘curator’, it is impossible for the double opposition to not give this face.

However, the easing is easing, but there are still grudges. There is no way to solve this in a short time, and Lin Jin doesn't bother to care about it. He couldn't wait to start asking about these two immortals and their corresponding immortal gates.

Not only Lin Jin, but Ye Yuzhou and others are also more anxious than monkeys.

The extinction of the immortal was something that happened a year or two ago. Now there can be no immortals in this world, so they all pricked their ears to listen to it, wanting to understand the truth of this matter.

It can be imagined that this truth is definitely quite explosive.

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