After all, everyone knows that Lin Jin is now the appraiser of the Fourth Ring. As long as Lin Jin goes back to sit in the Jade Dragon Kingdom, the Jade Dragon can accumulate for a period of time, and he can become a superior power again.

But Lin Jin didn't worry about this matter.

This time, seeing that it was the day when the visitor hall was opened again, Lin Jin thought for a while, and temporarily gathered up all the worlds of freedom, and then stepped into it.

He has already thought about it. After entering the visitor hall, he will ask and there is nothing else. If not, he plans to come out early this time.

In this way, he can continue to study the world at ease.

Only after Lin Jin put on the curator's mask and opened the iron door to enter the visitor hall, he was stunned.

Because the scene in the visitor's hall at this moment was far beyond Lin Jin's expectations.

There were several people lying on the ground. It was Ye Yuzhou, Hei Crow and others. He Qing was taking care of her. Mrs. Gui Ying looked injured, and Lao Tian was lying motionless.

Feng Ziqian stood behind Zhao Jingyan and argued with the other two. Zhao Jingyan looked angry, but also showed panic and helplessness.

What's the situation?

Under the mask, Lin Jin frowned.

On the opposite side, there were two people standing, a man and a woman, both dressed in long robes, and the aura exuding all over them was extraordinary.

Among them, there was a giant mad lion beast beside the man, and the other woman, with nothing beside him, was alone.


These two people are different from the others.

Although at first glance, there is no difference between two arms and two legs, but if you look closely, you will find that these two people are special.

Regardless of their clothes and hair, the two of them are not stained with mortal dust.

At this moment, Lin Jin's heart jumped and remembered a word.

"Innocent body!"

Lin Jin has read Taoist classics. He has also studied the classics of ancient immortal ways. After knowing that he became immortal and experienced thunder tribulation, he could become an immaculate body.

Also known as Wushouxian.

This is the biggest difference between immortals and mortals.

Seeing these two newcomers at this moment, Lin Jin felt this way.

It's just the situation at the scene, it seems that there has just been a conflict.

These thoughts only flashed in an instant. In fact, after Lin Jin opened the iron gate of the curator and entered the visitor hall, He Qing was the first to find out and then asked for help.

"Director, we didn't do anything. These two newcomers started to do it when they came up." He Qing hurriedly complained that she found the mainstay on her face.

Don't talk about it. Seeing the "curator" appear, the others, including Black Crow, Mrs. Guiying, Ye Yuzhou, Zhao Jingyan, and Feng Ziqian were relieved.

They were obviously extremely nervous before.

The reality is also obvious. With so many of them, they are not the opponents of those two people.

Besides, from Lin Jin's observation, the person who actually did it was actually just one person.

One person suppressed masters such as Ye Yuzhou, Hei Crow, and Mrs. Gui Ying, and was not afraid of Zhao Jingyan at all, afraid that in this world, apart from immortals, no other existence had this kind of power.

It's just that Lin Jin is strange, isn't this fairy all extinct?

The only immortal Lin Jin had ever seen was the one from Daluo Temple, but after evading for thousands of years, he was finally destroyed by the Ninth-Order Immortal Swallowing Beast.

But even at that moment, Lin Jin also knew the power of immortals.

It can be said that apart from the perverted existence of Immortal Swallowing Beast, immortals are the top class in the world, but shouldn't immortals exist in legends and books? How can you go to your visitor hall?

For a while, Lin Jin's mind was also a mess.

But anyway, Lin Jin has to figure out the situation first, and now Lin Jin is a little angry.

Not to mention whether these two newcomers are immortals or not, even if they are, they must be honest in this visitor hall and act according to their own rules.

In fact, when the ‘curator’ appeared, the two fairies, one man and one woman, had already seen him immediately. Lin Jin once read that the eyes of the fairies showed divine light, but now they are true.

Against the immortals, and it was the first time for Lin Jin, even in the visitor hall, Lin Jin was definitely facing the enemy and encountered the greatest challenge.

So at this moment, every step Lin Jin took forward, his aura increased exponentially.

Not only his own, but also the power of the Beast Museum to bless him.

Only in this way can it be possible to suppress the opponent.

The two fairies, one man and one woman, frowned at this moment.

The two of them were inexplicably pulled into this peculiar place, of course, to make them mistaken for being attacked, so after they came in, they have been on guard.

Seeing other people, one of the immortals also worked directly and defeated them all.

Of course not all.

At least among these "mortals" in his eyes, there is still a woman who is not bad in strength, and can actually rely on beast pets to resist one or two.

These people told the two of them that this is called the visitor's hall, and the owner here is called the "curator" and is a master of the world.

Upon hearing this, the two immortals sneered again and again, completely dismissive of them.

In the eyes of the immortals, mortals and everything are ants. Although the two immortal gates where they are located have already been hidden in the depths of the black mountains outside the region because of a huge change thousands of years ago, they have not set foot in the middle earth for a thousand years, but Two thousand years, three thousand years, in the eyes of the fairy, it is just a little longer.

In their eyes, they have never regarded mortals as the same thing.

According to the two people's thoughts, the so-called curator shouldn't come. When he came, he immediately caught up and tortured, asking the other party what trickery used to move them here.

Now, the "curator" is here.

The male fairy sneered at this moment: "What the pretend to be a ghost, come over to me!"

While speaking, the male immortal stretched out his hand and grabbed it, as if he was about to grab the ‘curator’ from the air.

An invisible mana immediately enveloped Lin Jin's body. To be honest, Lin Jin was also taken aback. Although he asked himself whether his strength was weak, he was still a little frustrated in the face of real immortals. It’s just that right now, if you want to calm down the situation, you can’t do anything. The other party just came up in a daze. If this important matter was captured, the ‘curator’’s face was lost.

So Lin Jin didn't seem to be moving, but in fact he already blessed all the power of the Beast Museum. The most important thing is that he is now wearing a real curator's mask.

In addition, Lin Jin used his strength secretly, and if the opponent captured it all in this way, then Lin Jin would also recognize it.

The next moment, the male immortal's mana touched Lin Jin, as if an invisible palm grasped Lin Jin. The power was so suffocating.

But this feeling only lasted for an instant, and a more vast and powerful force shattered the mana of the male immortal.

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