The man outside walked in at this moment and took a closer look, but he was an eight-foot tall, solemn Taoist. This man was wearing a crown of three skulls and a hundred towers, and his face was very long. Of course, wearing a black robe and holding floating dust, the breath on his body is simply suffocating.

As soon as the other party came in, he found the Daoist Heishui instantly.

Right now, this person said in surprise: "There are still people inside the gate of this god?"

After talking about his figure, he was already in front of the Daoist Heishui instantly.

Heishui Daoist didn't dare to make the slightest movement in front of this man. He knew very well that the strength of this old Dao was much stronger than his master, and it might be the fairy in the legend.

Therefore, the Daoist Heishui reacted quickly, and immediately bowed down and saluted: "Heishui, disciple of Shenjimen, pay respect to the senior expert."

Low profile, this is the only way to survive.

Heishuidao people know the truth well.

Heipao Old Dao didn't have any expression on his face, he just glanced at Heishui, and said: "Are there anyone else in Heishui Gate?"

Heishui Daoist shook his head quickly: "No, there is only one person left on the trail."

The old Dao actually sighed at this time: "This is the fall of the Immortal Dao. The magic door that was so powerful in the past has actually declined. It is really unpredictable, but your magic door will also hide, and you are hiding in this valley. Inside, if it hadn't been for the magic weapon to break out of the formation and reveal its breath, it would be difficult for me to notice."

After speaking, he looked at the black iron gloves in the hands of Heishui Daoist. Heishui Daoist was quite clever at the moment. Although he felt 10,000 in his heart, he still did not hesitate to respectfully offer the black gloves with both hands.

"Heh, it's a bit of a wink!" The old Tao said, stretched out his hand to take it, and then smiled: "Good thing, the magic weapon of the ghost hand demon king back then, the ghost and the mysterious iron, the soul of ten thousand people refine, powerful Infinite. Later, the demon king was killed by a real person from the magical gate of the gods, and the whereabouts of this thing has been unknown. From now on, it is indeed treasured in the gate of the gods."

These words are all old-fashioned talking to themselves, but Heishui Dao people are dumbfounded, and at the same time they are frightened, they are also emotional.

He suddenly found an opportunity.

An opportunity to reach the pinnacle and set foot on the supreme road ever since.

Right now, the people of Heishuidao made a decision.

He knelt down again, banging his head.

The old Dao was taken aback and looked at the Daoist Heishui squintly: "What are you doing?"

Heishui Daoist hurriedly said: "Senior, now the Shenji Gate has fallen, and Xiaodao now sees Senior Xianrong, and I am admired. I am willing to dedicate everything in the Shenji Gate to his predecessors. I only ask Senior to take pity and accept the Xiaodao as a disciple. "

After finishing speaking, it was banging his head again.

Hei Shui Dao's thinking is very far-reaching. First of all, he gave everything in the door of the gods. This is because he can't keep it at all. Instead of this, it is better to send it out first. In this way, it is possible to seek a good impression for himself.

Also, it is the matter of apprenticeship. On the one hand, the Heishui Daoist is to find a stronger backer, and on the other hand, it is because he is saving himself.

Let me ask, the old way in front of me is not good at first sight. Even if the other party kills him and seizes everything from the divine machine gate, what can Heishuidao people do?


That is looking for death!

Therefore, only by asking for a teacher can he have a ray of life. After all, if he doesn't do this, this black robe old man will probably kill him.

Heishui Dao people are wicked, and this black robe old Dao is not good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saving others by oneself.

Sure enough, Heishui Daoist walked through the ghost gate.

The black robe old Dao stared at Heishui for a long time before he dissipated his murderous aura: "You guys are acquainted, or good. Nowadays, immortal demon Taoists can only linger in places outside the territory, and disciples with a foundation are getting harder and harder. I don't dare to step into the Middle-earth continents, that **** Immortal Swallowing more, no matter if you don't mention it, let me go back."

In a word, the people of Heishui Dao were overwhelmed with excitement, but I don't know if it is true or not.

Perhaps it is true.

It is also possible that it is installed.

But there is no doubt that Heishui Daoist has discovered a new world, and he can already be sure that the new master he worshipped is an immortal.


Batu Caves, within the cave house of the Tiger Daoist, Lin Jin owns a room exclusively.

At this moment, the stone room is already full of moisture, and the walls are covered with dew. In addition, there are many water spirits floating, either turning into the shape of a tiny water dragon, or turning into things like fish and shrimps.

These are the magical powers of Sihaizizijia, not real living creatures or water spirits.

At this moment, Lin Jin was delving into the universal gourd. In Lin Jin's view, this thing was the real magic weapon, more than a realm higher than the immortal rope.

Because of this, until now, Lin Jin has not found a way to completely refine this magic weapon.

Because only through thorough refining, can you use all the magical powers of this magic weapon, otherwise, you can only be like that black water Taoist, just use the universal gourd to nourish the body and extend the life span, nothing more.

Lin Jin also took out the Precious Water Treasure Armor, wanting to see if there could be some kind of ‘connection’ between the two treasures, but obviously, this was too wishful thinking.

The result was that Lin Jin made no progress all day and night.

At least, it has nothing to do with the progress he wants.

But on the second night, Lin Jin didn't come back to his senses until the door of the visitor hall was opened. He actually forgot about the visitor hall.

There is nothing in the recent visitor hall. The previous visitors are already acquaintances, and most of them are consulting some beasts, or chatting and talking about the current situation.

Zhao Jingyan from the Phoenix Palace regained the Phoenix Palace before and received the support of several elders. Now it has risen again. Of course, integrating the Phoenix Palace will not happen overnight, but it is foreseeable that the rise of the Phoenix Palace in the future is already a general trend.

And Feng Ziqian.

This kid has had a fairly comfortable life Because of the support of the previous ‘curator’, Feng Ziqian has gradually been re-used on the side of Emperor Feng Junwu, and the marriage to the Princess of the Thousand Island Kingdom has been settled.

In the eyes of others, Feng Ziqian had already stepped into the throne with half of his foot. As long as he didn't kill himself, it would not be a problem to become Emperor Tianxuan in a few years.

Although Lin Jin left the Tianxuan King City, the "legacy" left by him and the "curator" was enough to bring great benefits to Feng Ziqian. For example, because of Lin Jin, the entire Tianxuan Academy actually stood there. To Feng Ziqian's side.

This is a force that cannot be underestimated, and even the key to success or failure.

After all, in the academy, there is a transcendent existence including Shu Xiaolou.

He Qing, Ye Yuzhou, Hei Crow, Mrs. Guiying, Lao Tian, ​​Jiang Ziqi, etc. are also nothing special, but Ye Yuzhou will ask the "curator" every time, wondering when Lin Jianshi can return to the Yulong Kingdom and Hongye City.

I'm afraid that not only Ye Yuzhou wants to know this matter, but He Gan, the emperor of the Jade Dragon Kingdom, is also thinking about it, waiting for Lin Jin to return.

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