"The prohibition hasn't changed." Heishuidao people sneered in their hearts. This change of the prohibition is not a simple matter. Back then, the door was no longer good. Where can anyone change the valley entry prohibition.

Therefore, Heishuidao talents will have such confidence.

Stepping into the bottom of the valley, it was suddenly enlightened, and there was no miasma in it, like a paradise.

And in this valley, there are houses and farmland, which looks more like a small mountain village.

But here is already full of weeds, a mountain village that has been abandoned for many years.

Heishui Daoist is extremely careful at this time.

He knows the dangers of this place, because he has lived here for ten years, even if it is a very ordinary person here, his strength is much better than the first-class masters outside.

Heishui Daoist is very cautious at this time. He is familiar with the plants and trees here, and he also knows many restrictions here. For example, the wooden bridge in front is actually surrounded by insect blades. If anyone walks over, he will be caught halfway. The almost invisible insect leaf knife array beheaded.

There are many such things.

The Daoist Heishui went around to observe, and after confirming that there was no one else in the door, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then laughed wildly.

"I originally planned to scrape here in a few years, but I didn't expect to encounter a strong enemy, but it's okay. This time I will take away all the treasures in this door, and then kill them to regain the treasure gourd." Heishui Taoist finished. , Walked directly into a small hall.

The ancestors of several generations who enshrine Taoism here are decorated with portraits and tributes.

But because it had been left unattended for a long time, the hall was already dilapidated and dusty, but a few paintings were still there, but they didn't have the charm of the original look.


Daoist Heishui raised his head and looked at him, then gave a cold snort.

"Shen Jimen, what's the use of once again glory? In the end, it is not a successor, and it is ruined."

After finishing talking, the people of Heishui Dao thought for a moment, but walked over, actually kneeling on the ground, and knocked their heads at the masters of the divine machine gate.

"Although I stole the charms and left in Heishui, it is not considered a defector. Strictly speaking, I am still a disciple of the Divine Machine Gate. Now I am the only seedling left at the Divine Machine Gate. It is only natural and righteous, Master, please bless me Heishui."

After speaking, the Daoist Heishui bowed a few more times before getting up.

Shenjimen, the best at is the formation.

Including the poisonous miasma formations around the valley, as well as the insect-leaf knife formations in some places in the valley, and even the yellow sand formations learned by the Heishuidao people to protect their water gods. In fact, they all came from the divine machine gate. .

It is said that in the ancient times of the Immortal Dao period, the Shenji Gate was considered to be a remarkable inheritance of the Immortal Dao, but just like other immortal gates, the Shenji Gate also declined.

It’s just that Shenjimen chose to continue the inheritance in the Heishan realm outside the territory, but at the beginning, it was founded by some marginal disciples. Later, as time went on, many died of fighting and exhaustion of life, and they did not continue to add new disciples. So it's no surprise that it has completely declined.

Heishui Daoist said that he is the only surviving descendant of the divine machine gate, and this may be true.

Behind this small hall is a special building, which cannot be seen from the outside, only the special formation can be solved.

The people of Heishui Dao followed the old road of Yuehua, the Shenjimen, but the latter was not thin to the people of Heishui Dao, and it can be said that they were all taught. Therefore, the people of Heishui Dao knew many secrets of the Shenjimen.

It took some effort this time, but the Daoist Heishui still untied the formation restriction and opened the door.

Behind the door, is the treasure house of Shenji Door.

Cultivation techniques, formation diagrams, panacea, magic weapons and magic weapons can be said to have everything.

Of course, even if the door is opened, there are separate restrictions on each of these things, so although there are many things here, the Heishuidao people can take away, I am afraid that there are only a handful of them.

"Damn it, it's already gone into the earth and died, and I have sealed these things to death. I don't know what the old **** of the **** machine door thinks." Heishui Dao people tried several times to no avail and couldn't open it. After banning the removal of the baby, he began to curse.

A thief entered the treasure house, but most of the things could not be taken away. One can imagine how angry and annoyed that thief would be.

Heishuidao people are like this at the moment.

He tried for a long time, and finally opened the ban on a treasure.

It was a black lacquered iron glove with sharp five fingers and hunting blades on the back of the fingers. The whole exuded a kind of black air like ashes. Just by looking at it, you know that this thing is extremely evil, but the more evil things, black The more people in the waterway like it.

"It must be an incredible magic weapon." Heishui Daoist was extremely excited. After he tried his best to open the restriction, he suddenly heard a bang, and the sound resounded across the sky, which shocked Heishui Daoist.

"what happened?"

He took a few steps back like a frightened bird, with a serious look on his face, but after waiting for a while, nothing happened, so he was a little relieved.

When he walked over and took off the iron claw gloves, the Heishui Dao people were very proud. When they were about to study the use of this magic weapon, suddenly, a loud noise came from outside.

Accompanied by it, the sky is shaking.

Heishuidao’s heart was beating wildly, he immediately ran out to check, but saw a figure standing in the distance, at the entrance of the valley.

The figure is quite tall, even if it is separated from the thick miasma, it can still be seen quite clearly.

This made Heishuidao people extremely frightened.

You know, the place where the Divine Machine Gate is located is a place outside the territory, a death area full of poisonous miasma, ordinary people, and even some birds and beasts dare not enter. Those who can survive here are some terrifying monsters, and such The inheritance of Taoism like Shenjimen.

"Could it be someone from another sect?" Heishui Daoist secretly asked at the moment.

Although he hasn’t seen anyone from other Dao Sects during his ten years of cultivating here, Heishui Dao people have heard Master say that they are not the only ones in the outside world who are taking refuge here~www.mtlnovel .com~ Although the Heishui Daoist has lived for five hundred years, there are still many things he doesn’t know about. For example, he doesn’t know which other Taoist gates are hidden in the depths of the outside world, let alone what the master said. What does'refuge' mean.

Thinking about things in his heart, the people of Hei Shui Dao focused on the figure at the entrance of the valley.

It stands to reason that I can see the outside from the inside, but because of the formation, people outside cannot see the scene in the valley.

But at this moment, the figure stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and then the formation guarding the valley was abruptly torn open.

In this scene, the frightened Heishuidao people broke out in cold sweat, so don't mention the panic in his heart.

The Poisonous Array that guards the valley is said to have been arranged by a powerful man of the Divine Machine Gate thousands of years ago. In the eyes of Heishuidao people, no one can break it open with external force.

But today, what he thought was impossible happened before him.

How can he not be afraid?

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