"Lin Jin, look at your good deeds. You actually described a wolf beast with flaws and no potential as a top-grade beast pet, and even signed a blood contract. You still have the professional ethics and honor of a beast appraiser. Feeling? Either you are bad, deliberately, or you are stupid, you are not good at skills, and you can't see it. I really don't know how you got admitted to the official appraiser."

   In the room, a man with a moustache is scolding a man lying on the table in front. The former's voice was loud and frothing, while the latter was silent and motionless.

"I knew at a glance that I didn't know where to go to steal the dog last night. I told you that the customer has already complained to me. According to the rules, I will deduct your salary this month. In addition, for your assessment, I It will also be reported to the association truthfully, and you will weigh it yourself."

   After finishing speaking, the moustache was full of anger, and he waved his sleeves and strode away.

   The crowd of apprentice appraisers who watched the excitement outside were all hurriedly doing bird and beast scatter, until the moustache walked away, a few people discussed in a low voice.

   "Chairman Wang Ji was really upset this time, and I blame Lin for failing to live up to..."

   "Shhh, keep your voice down. He is an official beast appraiser after all. You have committed the following."

   "Cut, a misnomer, would I be afraid of him? He had better be disqualified, so that we have a chance to be on top."

   "Even if you are a superior, it is not your turn..."

As an official beast appraiser of the Hongye City Beast Appraiser Branch, Lin Jin is indeed miserable now. He said that this lounge is the most remote, without a window, even the places where the trainee appraiser stays. Not as good. Not only was he deducted from his salary, but he was also exhausted. In the past few days, Lin Jin has been working overtime, sorting out the animal pet books, and taking care of the dozens of animal pets in the club’s animal pen. He has not even slept a full sleep.

   At this time, a trainee appraiser came cautiously.

   "Master Lin, will... the president asks you to leave immediately and go to Jian Beast in Changping Town!"

The trainee animal appraiser who spoke was a very shy girl who looked like she was sixteen or seventeen years old. Even though Lin Jin is now targeted by the president very badly, she is still one of the official animal appraisers of the Hongye City Beast Appraiser Association. One, I must not neglect.

   Seeing that Lin Jin didn't respond, the girl dared to shake a few times. Finally, Lin Jin, who was almost like a dead man, shook her head up.

   "Where is this?"

   Lin Jin squinted his eyes and asked dazedly.

   He only remembered that he had drunk before, went home and fell asleep. He felt like he slept for a while before being shaken up.

   Everything in front of me is very strange.

   This is not his bedroom, no computer, no old-fashioned electric fan that he is familiar with, hanging on the ceiling, just a rather gloomy room, and a pretty girl in ancient costume standing in front.

"Master Lin?" Zhao Ying yelled again: "This time we go to the countryside to Jian Beast, the president said, let me go with you. The president also said that if we want to leave as soon as possible, we must arrive before dark. Changping Town, otherwise, it will... be punished as negligence of duty."

   Zhao Ying is actually reluctant to do this errand, but as a trainee appraiser who has just come to the association, she has no choice. She has to do whatever the above arrangements are.

Everyone now knows that Beastmaster Lin Jinjian’s'aura is exhausted'. Everyone is afraid to avoid it. If it gets caught, she will definitely be unlucky, but she can't help it. She is relatively shy and has no foundation when she first came here. This unlucky thing will happen It was no surprise to her.

   The ‘Ms. Lin’ opposite    still has a dementia look like he just woke up.

   "Teacher Lin? Teacher Lin!"

   In the last sentence, Zhao Ying's voice increased by an octave, and then Lin Jin, who was wandering beyond the sky, called back.

   saw Lin Jin's face stunned, first shocked, then pensive, and finally smiling bitterly.

   "You go outside and wait for a while, I'll come right away."

   Lin Jin gave an order, and Zhao Ying hesitated for a while, and walked out with her head down.

   At this time, Lin Jin was left alone in the house.

   "Unexpectedly, I would encounter such a thrilling thing to cross." Lin Jin had a wonderful expression and muttered to himself. After a meal of wine, he actually drank the world, which really made him unexpected.

   Just now, he had received a lot of memories from the original owner, and he knew a lot of things before he knew his current situation.

   "Others travel through, have endless adventures, either a famous teacher, a high apprentice or a family prince, the worst, there is also an old grandfather pointing the country in the ring, I seem to have nothing."

Through memory, Lin Jin knew how unlucky his predecessor was. He was targeted and suppressed by his direct superiors, and his life was poor. He also helped people identify the animal pet a few days ago and recommended a wolf beast with hidden diseases and defects to a person for consultation. The guest of, the result is that he stabbed Lou Zi. You must know that in this world, almost everyone will sign a blood contract animal pet, and most people can only have one animal pet in a lifetime, so if this Jian beast has a problem, it will The resulting'irreversible' consequences may ruin a person's future. It is also because of the pressure of this incident and the deliberate targeting of the boss. This predecessor hasn't rested for several days, and his heart is haggard. It's just a sudden death.

   Therefore, I have the opportunity to cross over.

   Lin Jin touched her body, tried it, and seemed to be unable to wear it back.

   "That's it!"

   As the saying goes, if you have come, you will be settled. It is still a matter of considering how to solve the current predicament.

  The place where he is is the Appraiser Branch of Hongye City. There is a branch president who is in charge of all matters of the big and small affairs, that is, the mustache man who scolded him before, called Wang Ji. Below the branch president, there are two permanent official appraisers, and one of them is himself.

   In addition to the chairman and the two official beast appraisers, there are also many apprentice appraisers here, just like the little girl Zhao Ying waiting outside now.

   It can be said that from top to bottom, the levels are distinct.

   At this moment, Lin Jin seemed to have kicked something under his feet. He looked down and saw that it was a baby wolf beast with gray fur, mixed with some red lines, but because it was too thin, it looked like a dog.

   Lin knows that this is his own'beast pet', Xiao Huo.

   At this moment, this wolf beast, which is similar to a local dog, is lying under the table. It may be hungry for several days. Not only is it skin and bones, but it also looks like it will die at any time.

Lin Jin shook his head and became so miserable. There is no one in his predecessor, but because the wolf animal pet itself only eats meat and has a large appetite, it is difficult to feed. To put it bluntly, there is no certain family background. , A few days can eat you into a pauper. Before he was hungry, his heart was hungry against his back, not to mention the animal pet, it was normal to be hungry like this.

In this world, animal pets are standard equipment for everyone. Some even choose animal pets from the beginning of a child, sign a blood contract, and practice together. The kind of animal pets that grow with the owner will have a higher degree of compatibility. The strength will be stronger.

  Blood contract animal pets can be used in all aspects in this world. Some are good at fighting and fighting, some are good at guarding, and some are strong endurance, suitable for transporting goods, some can fly, some can travel sea, river and lake...

   "Little fire!" Lin Jin yelled, the little wolf beast at his feet seemed to move, and Lin Jin thought that the other party would get up, but this guy just twisted his body and continued to sleep.


   Lin cursed, it's okay for others to despise himself, and his pet dare to treat himself like that. It's totally unreasonable. He slapped Xiao Huo directly on the head.

At the same time, Lin Jin only felt as if a thunderbolt was exploding in his head, crackling, and in an instant, the light in his head was shining, and Lin Jin was in a trance, as if he heard the roar of ten thousand beasts. It was deafening, and there seemed to be worms and birds, and it was exciting.

   The light flashed in his mind, the clouds drifted away, and a white jade hall appeared. In front of the hall, a stone monument was erected, which read the five characters "Museum of Beasts".

   Astonished, Lin Jinnian turned around and actually entered the hall. Seeing the vastness and depth here, the halo layering, the near light and the far dark, and then the space changed. In the blink of an eye, a showcase appeared in front of Lin Jin. Inside was a specimen of a wolf beast. UU Reading www.uukanshu. Com looks exactly like Xiaohuo, with densely engraved text on the stone tablet beside it.

   "The first-order beast pet: small fire; fire wolf beast; juvenile body; blood contract owner: Lin Jin!"

   "The state of hunger."

   "Attribute: fire; potential value 1, potential value is too low, there is room for increase, there are 36 ways to increase potential value, respectively..."

  "Status: three places of serious injury and hidden injury, respectively...; twelve treatment methods, respectively..."


What Lin Jin saw was stunned. First, it was this beast museum. I don’t know what it came from. There was such detailed information on the small fire. Second, his own beast pet was too'junk', not only flawed. The potential value is still terribly low, and it is even more of a sick child. I don't understand how this guy lived until now.

   After studying for a while, Lin Jin was only shocked.

   Beast Museum is a thorough analysis of Xiao Huo, and even everyone can see that the other party’s bloodline is the wolf father and mother wolf mother. Putting it in this world where beast pets are respected, the effect can be imagined.

   Lin was very excited.

   He has the memory of his predecessor, how useful is the way of nature, the beast museum, it seems that he passed through this time, not empty-handed, but also with some good things.

  With this museum of beasts, I am afraid that I will not be famous in this world where beast pets are respected?

   Thinking of what he was happy about, Lin Jin laughed, but outsiders looked at him as if he was crazy and foolish.

   "As an official beast appraiser, you are all mixed up like this, and you can still laugh, Lin Jin, Lin Jin, you are really complacent."

   At this time, a voice with contempt and disdain pulled Lin Jin's thoughts out of the Beast Museum.

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