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Traveling to Tokyo in the second year of the economic bubble, he was adopted in an orphanage at the age of twelve and became a fifth-grade pupil at Heiwa Elementary School.

There is no One Punch Man, no Conan’s nirvana when he arrives at the scene, no system, no golden finger, the only fun in life is to go fishing with Tian Kongkui, the little albino girl next door, and occasionally deliberately score zero in the test Ben Yukiko’s mother was angry.

Wrote “Walk in the White Night” famous in the world?

Sorry, too much homework, no interest, finish writing and go fishing.

How about singing “lemon” and breaking arms with Kimura Takuya, or taking part in “Love Letter” to take away the male lead role of Takashi Kashiwahara?

Please, don’t you sleep well for a while, and go fishing in the afternoon.

“School will be closed tomorrow, Tian Kongkui, remember to put on the most beautiful little white dress. I will also put on a tie and a white shirt. After meeting at three o’clock in the afternoon, I will leave on time.”

“?G? Are you going to participate in the JunonsuperBoy star draft?”

“Idiot, let’s go fishing together.”


“People are in Tokyo, don’t fall in love”, “From the countryside of Tokyo to a national idol”, “I’m a primary school student, that’s all”, “Madam, can you sit far away from me?” “It’s better to buy karaoke money Bait, so I sang a cappella on the side of the road”

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Short Title:TMBBIT
Alternate Title:东京第一美少年
Author:The big devil with candy in his pocket
Weekly Rank:#5313
Monthly Rank:#8246
All Time Rank:#9918
Tags:Books, Male Protagonist,
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