The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

In the rural northeastern mountainous regions stands a tiny Buddhist temple, named One Finger Temple. It isn’t a large one but it is extremely miraculous. The temple has rice that emanates an aromatic fragrance. The temple has sweet and refreshing water that rivals ambrosia. The .... Read more

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Chapter 1510 season finale Chapter 1509 Play non play Chapter 1508 Woman in red

Chapter 1507 Deep memory Chapter 1506 Pharmaceutical company storm Chapter 1505 Founder's Storm Eve Chapter 1504 Patent master Chapter 1503 The poor monk is angry Chapter 1502 Chapter 1502 Don't Lie Chapter 1501 Yizhi Temple is on fire again Chapter 1500 This monk hits people! Chapter 1499 Monk attracted by a chicken

Chapter 1498 No way? Chapter 1497 Resentment Chapter 1496 Injustice

Chapter 1495 So petrol Chapter 1494 gas? where? Chapter 1493 Flicker, scaring a dragon Chapter 1492 Torn car Chapter 1491 Dig dig Chapter 1490 lottery Chapter 1489 Man and dog Chapter 1488 I run I'm Wang Ba Chapter 1487 Treat equally

Chapter 1486 Control your dog! Chapter 1485 Master wants to walk the dog Chapter 1484 Angry monk Chapter 1483 people? Or a dog? Chapter 1482 How much is your life worth? Chapter 1481 Don't smoke? Chapter 1480 Wicked and Liar Chapter 1479 Find a mental hospital Chapter 1478 Sunburn is healthier Chapter 1477 Going crazy Chapter 1476 Not human, but magic Chapter 1475 Blood drill [bottom]

Chapter 1474 Blood drill [on] Chapter 1473 Money and fate Chapter 1472 Not quite like Chapter 1471 Poor monk founder Chapter 1470 Grilled fish Chapter 1469 Woman donor kneeling in front of the door Chapter 1468 Monk from the nuclear explosion Chapter 1467 Monk in a nuclear explosion Chapter 1466 Quiet city on the Gobi Desert Chapter 1465 Founder is coming out Chapter 1464 Haunted? Chapter 1463 Founder's abacus

Chapter 1462 Founder of Dragon Buddha Chapter 1461 Acquaintance again Chapter 1460 You do n’t understand my art Chapter 1459 A gentleman doesn't move? Chapter 1458 Devil Flurry Chapter 1457 Bull Ghost Snake God Chapter 1456 I am an internationalist! Chapter 1455 Calligraphy exhibition Chapter 1454 Identity seems to be exposed Chapter 1453 what's the situation? Chapter 1452 Money! Chapter 1451 Master, what should we do?

Chapter 1450 Don't come back, shame Chapter 1449 the first Chapter 1448 What about people? Chapter 1447 Lighthouse at sea Chapter 1446 Let's run, everyone Chapter 1445 The Master's Way to Make Money Chapter 1444 I'm hungry Chapter 1443 Boxed lunches Chapter 1442 Miracle moment Chapter 1441 Hallucinations Chapter 1440 Still a big brother Chapter 1439 visitor

Chapter 1438 Bald eating alone Chapter 1437 The old man is a bit fierce Chapter 1436 Manage the tube Chapter 1435 Who says there is no devil in the world? Chapter 1434 Downhill Chapter 1433 Laughter in Buddha Hall Chapter 1432 Squirrel lantern Chapter 1431 Cure Chapter 1430 Degrees and seconds Chapter 1429 Don't go too far Chapter 1428 No signal Chapter 1427 Why so skinny?

Chapter 1426 The magical use of salted fish Chapter 1425 Wake up Chapter 1424 Hungry ghost Chapter 1423 Runaway girl Chapter 1422 You should be thick-skinned Chapter 1421 Sambo Chapter 1420 Dumplings Chapter 1419 Homeless Chapter 1418 Poor monk did Chapter 1417 People are poor Chapter 1416 Fish and meat Chapter 1415 You are different

Chapter 1414 Free lunch Chapter 1413 lose weight? nonexistent Chapter 1412 This is the truth Chapter 1411 Continue the routine [four] Chapter 1410 Continue the routine [3] Chapter 1409 Continue the routine [two] Chapter 1408 Continue the routine [1] Chapter 1407 Youkai Kazuto Chapter 1406 Routine [2] Chapter 1405 Routine [1] Chapter 1404 Good guy Chapter 1403 Bear child doing good deeds

Chapter 1402 Really not intentional Chapter 1401 Be kind Chapter 1400 low profile Chapter 1399 Lingtai square inch not dyed gold Chapter 1398 Dichong Golden Lotus Chapter 1397 The master is crying [2] Chapter 1396 The master is crying [1] Chapter 1395 Squirrel, brother! Chapter 1394 It's delicious ... Chapter 1393 Master's disgusting supernatural powers Chapter 1392 Dog and cat fight Chapter 1391 Big dog, come on!

Chapter 1390 The power of swiping the screen Chapter 1389 Despair and condemnation Chapter 1388 Bombing the World Live [Next] Chapter 1387 Live bombing the world [on] Chapter 1386 Second cargo abbot Chapter 1385 Stubbornness Chapter 1384 The importance of a good wife Chapter 1383 Go internship Chapter 1382 Gift from the Master Chapter 1381 Master is a scum Chapter 1380 Not allowed in Chapter 1379 life

Chapter 1378 Relics from previous lives Chapter 1377 Poor monk wants to be famous Chapter 1376 life Chapter 1375 See the future Chapter 1385 .About the new book Chapter 1374 III zen stick Chapter 1373 His dad is here Chapter 1372 Bear kid rule bear kid Chapter 1371 Laugh, smug Chapter 1370 Dropped Chapter 1369 sold Chapter 1368 Good boss

Chapter 1367 Finally can't sit still Chapter 1366 The pit is very scared Chapter 1365 Monk digs big pit Chapter 1364 All smart people Chapter 1363 reality Chapter 1362 Masters also speculate Chapter 1361 Life is not easy Chapter 1360 So real estate Chapter 1359 Real estate group Chapter 1358 Founder's trouble Chapter 1357 dignity Chapter 1356 Expansion

Chapter 1355 Daxing Civil Engineering Chapter 1354 Sell ​​fish Chapter 1353 Come, open your mouth Chapter 1352 Shinjintsu Chapter 1351 A lot of merit Chapter 1350 Eat and sleep Chapter 1349 Monks are everywhere Chapter 1348 Social justice Chapter 1347 The wolf is coming [Next] Chapter 1346 The wolf is coming [on] Chapter 1345 So domineering ... Chapter 1344 family

Chapter 1343 Mouth is not small Chapter 1342 Wolverine Chapter 1341 marry Chapter 1340 Still water Chapter 1339 I am a web writer Chapter 1338 Reverse Chapter 1337 Wicked Chapter 1336 A hundred dollars Chapter 1335 The owner is fierce Chapter 1334 Good hat Chapter 1333 Women are not accepted in the temple Chapter 1332 For the Normal University

Chapter 1331 Social monk Chapter 1330 Lord Chapter 1329 Restless Chapter 1328 Monk Nowhere Harassment Chapter 1327 Harassment Chapter 1326 The monk's crooked trick 【Modify】 Chapter 1325 Founder exits Chapter 1324 I don't laugh Chapter 1323 Are you allergic? Chapter 1322 Ferocious animals Chapter 1321 There is a thief going up the mountain Chapter 1320 Crazy for the Founder

Chapter 1319 Scold Chapter 1318 Money, money Chapter 1317 Quiet on the mountain, crazy on the mountain Chapter 1316 What is the big goose Chapter 1315 Giving money is aggrieved Chapter 1314 see a visitor out Chapter 1313 Is this taste Chapter 1312 Baptism [Next] Chapter 1311 Baptism [on] Chapter 1310 Hold monk together Chapter 1309 The monkey is a bit fierce Chapter 1308 Founder's Fortune Dream

Chapter 1307 A play a dream Chapter 1306 Walking fish Chapter 1305 Confidant Chapter 1304 Give in Chapter 1303 Continued Cup Chapter 1302 Drink tea Chapter 1301 too easy Chapter 1300 Boundary Chapter 1299 Cheap fish! Chapter 1298 Behold Chapter 1297 the difference Chapter 1296 Founder's analogy

Chapter 1295 Monkey and dog Chapter 1294 fox Chapter 1293 Fish-feeding Chapter 1292 Bullying ancestors without knowing numbers? Chapter 1291 Change target, pick a weak one Chapter 1290 Such a person Chapter 1289 Confused Chapter 1288 Yizhishan wants fire again Chapter 1287 What is the master doing? Chapter 1286 Sweepstakes Chapter 1285 Such a dog Chapter 1284 Fragrant monk

Chapter 1283 Supper Chapter 1282 See nothing Chapter 1281 Dead terribly Chapter 1280 Exactly the same Chapter 1279 Promise Chapter 1278 Disgusting them Chapter 1277 See where Chapter 1276 A big dream Chapter 1275 Founder's plasticine theory Chapter 1274 Future teaching Chapter 1273 Endless brainwashing Chapter 1272 Star transmission

Chapter 1271 free Chapter 1270 Bullshit Chapter 1269 Close contact Chapter 1268 Devotional Chapter 1267 Chen Long is missing Chapter 1266 Man and nature Chapter 1265 Galaxy Chapter 1264 Are you system? Chapter 1263 Qizhen Soup Chapter 1262 Scum monk Chapter 1261 Silhouette in the sun Chapter 1260 It's not good people who fall from the sky

Chapter 1259 Brother and sister Chapter 1258 came back Chapter 1257 Great unity Chapter 1256 Master takes you waves Chapter 1255 fair? Master Crook: Not Existing Chapter 1254 Coronation Chapter 1253 miracle Chapter 1252 Sadness of selflessness Chapter 1251 Madman Monk Madness Chapter 1250 A bit aggressive Chapter 1249 Choose a good tomb Chapter 1248 Because lazy

Chapter 1247 A monk crawled out of the phone Chapter 1246 Master come Chapter 1245 This teaser is friendly? Chapter 1244 Try it for five minutes for free Chapter 1243 Cheating monk Chapter 1242 He is coming out Chapter 1241 Angry for the teacher Chapter 1240 Multiple choice Chapter 1239 United Nations Chapter 1238 Bragging Chapter 1237 Yes it is him Chapter 1236 Pretend

Chapter 1235 Master is crooked again Chapter 1234 So much under the grass! Chapter 1233 Firefly Crest Chapter 1232 Oh oh Chapter 1231 tell a story Chapter 1230 Master, stop chasing Chapter 1229 Extinguishing Chapter 1228 Fire fighting for all Chapter 1227 Terrible of nature Chapter 1226 Train in the mountains Chapter 1225 Fire Dragon Roll Chapter 1224 Surprise

Chapter 1223 Here comes the master Chapter 1222 terror Chapter 1221 Do your best Chapter 1220 fire Chapter 1219 Silly bitch Chapter 1218 Father and daughter Chapter 1217 Restless Chapter 1216 Branch campus Chapter 1215 Queen's Wrath [Next] Chapter 1214 Queen's Wrath [on] Chapter 1213 Kneel! Chapter 1212 you are wrong

Chapter 1211 No hurries? Chapter 1210 father Chapter 1209 Settle accounts Chapter 1208 Limeen, Tonmeu Chapter 1207 Got it? Chapter 1206 Visit of an old person Chapter 1205 How fast can you run Chapter 1204 Monkey's shocking secret Chapter 1203 Times Chapter 1202 surrender Chapter 1201 despair Chapter 1200 To kill the monk

Chapter 1199 Eat without talking about business Chapter 1198 Can't stop it Chapter 1197 Bald, bitch Chapter 1196 Smash Chapter 1195 Tough half month Chapter 1194 So cute Chapter 1193 We have a lot of doors Chapter 1192 Are you full? Chapter 1191 I'm not afraid! Chapter 1190 Unlucky Chapter 1189 Pumped this stuff! Chapter 1188 Fox fox

Chapter 1187 Going crazy Chapter 1186 Live Lei Feng Chapter 1185 So shameless Chapter 1184 Too much Chapter 1183 The temple was closed Chapter 1182 Drunk Chapter 1181 Different wedding Chapter 1180 So it is Chapter 1179 Going to get married Chapter 1178 The picture is beautiful and the atmosphere is awkward Chapter 1177 Cannibalism Chapter 1176 Enemies are narrow

Chapter 1175 Everything is affectionate Chapter 1174 Need for boyfriend Chapter 1173 Bald Wisdom Chapter 1172 Feel pitted Chapter 1171 This donor is a bit fierce Chapter 1170 Monkey Master Chapter 1169 Put down the butcher knife Chapter 1168 Leisurely Chapter 1167 Fly! Chapter 1166 full HP resurrection Chapter 1165 More heroes Chapter 1164 Ben Xiaokang

Chapter 1163 Fairy Appearance Chapter 1162 Natural Fu Chapter 1161 The pain of a bereavement, the blood of a brave Chapter 1160 can not go out Chapter 1159 Fragrant monk Chapter 1158 Lazao [Seventh] Chapter 1157 You are worth Chapter 1156 Eighteen monsters [fifth more] Chapter 1155 This guide (fourth more) Chapter 1154 warrior Chapter 1153 Monk as rogue Chapter 1152 Who am I first

Chapter 1161 Outbreak tomorrow Chapter 1151 Raffle Chapter 1150 No burial place Chapter 1149 Miserable end [on] Chapter 1148 Never die Chapter 1147 All dead Chapter 1146 Amputation Chapter 1145 Test knife Chapter 1144 Cold-blooded Chapter 1143 Dog and White Rat Chapter 1142 Runaway dream Chapter 1141 Ishii troops

Chapter 1140 just began Chapter 1139 pain Chapter 1138 Beasts in sorrow Chapter 1137 Why Chapter 1136 Master style Chapter 1135 The bald ran away Chapter 1134 Almost forgot him Chapter 1133 Twisted ... Chapter 1132 Go die, thief bald! Chapter 1131 Ready to drive Chapter 1130 Salted fish Chapter 1129 You pull

Chapter 1128 Experience Chapter 1127 White Chapter 1126 Heavenly Slate Ghost Rune Chapter 1125 Raffle, new seal Chapter 1124 Silent, farting quietly Chapter 1123 Too bullying Chapter 1122 Unappetizing Chapter 1121 Appetizing Chapter 1120 Old, can't sleep Chapter 1119 Law enforcement weapon Chapter 1118 The master is back Chapter 1117 Don't you run

Chapter 1116 A monk falling from the sky Chapter 1115 Weird hijacking Chapter 1123 .System disorder correction Chapter 1114 He scolded first Chapter 1113 Salted fish to Chapter 1112 Invincible Master Chapter 1111 with full force Chapter 1110 Can you not speak Chapter 1109 Salted fish and sheep Chapter 1108 Three fools Chapter 1107 I know Chapter 1106 Who fired?

Chapter 1105 Confuse Chapter 1104 This is also called magical power? Chapter 1103 Almost want to crook Chapter 1102 Salted Fish Massage Chapter 1101 monster Chapter 1100 I asked Chapter 1099 acquaintance Chapter 1098 Stocking salted fish Chapter 1097 Amateur Chapter 1096 Enter Chapter 1095 Wear Chapter 1094 Can you see clearly

Chapter 1093 What about your invitation letter? Chapter 1092 Authentic Chapter 1091 Smoked a good thing Chapter 1090 Faxiang Temple Chapter 1089 Scattered Chapter 1088 You guess Chapter 1087 Blazing Star Chapter 1086 You TM sit down Chapter 1085 Salty fish so empty Chapter 1084 Twists and turns Chapter 1083 confusion Chapter 1082 Cure

Chapter 1081 Pouting salted fish Chapter 1080 Do not change Chapter 1079 Silly monk Chapter 1078 Annoying thief bald Chapter 1077 Boarding 囧 Chapter 1076 coming Chapter 1075 Want to scold Chapter 1074 Who is going Chapter 1073 Invitation card Chapter 1072 Can't have both sunrise and sunset Chapter 1071 Draw again Chapter 1070 Fragrant

Chapter 1069 Founder is upset too Chapter 1068 lottery Chapter 1067 Buy buy buy Chapter 1066 efficacy Chapter 1065 Collect money Chapter 1064 Fire up Chapter 1063 Crazy for Yizhi Temple Chapter 1062 fanaticism Chapter 1061 This monk is crazy Chapter 1060 not see Chapter 1059 Greedy greedy greedy Chapter 1058 Someone really wants it!

Chapter 1057 So surrendered Chapter 1056 why? Chapter 1055 Did you break the law? Chapter 1054 Bind yourself Chapter 1053 Monk Appears Chapter 1052 Scissors hell Chapter 1051 Grim Mirror Hell Chapter 1050 hell Chapter 1049 Livestock Chapter 1048 Skinning and deboning Chapter 1047 Who wants to cross you? Chapter 1046 Born Demon

Chapter 1045 Buddha's advent Chapter 1044 Something on the mountain Chapter 1043 Night Omen Chapter 1042 Empty village Chapter 1041 It's a coincidence! Chapter 1040 Want to crook Chapter 1039 Silent Eight Treasures Chapter 1046 .Notice Chapter 1038 Nine mouthpieces Chapter 1037 Erected ... Chapter 1036 Take leave Chapter 1035 Fang officially helps the poor

Chapter 1034 Heavy snow changed the recipe Chapter 1033 I bleed Chapter 1032 the truth Chapter 1031 Monk on lotus Chapter 1030 Sturdy Chapter 1029 So it is Chapter 1028 Notification only Chapter 1027 Who is who Chapter 1026 Dream Chapter 1025 Qiu Baihong Chapter 1024 attitude Chapter 1023 Chattering

Chapter 1022 Wudaohezi Chapter 1021 Liu Laoshi Chapter 1020 prairie Chapter 1019 Smoked a good thing! Chapter 1018 Frozen Chapter 1017 Do things fast Chapter 1016 Licensing Chapter 1015 Master is not so good at it Chapter 1014 Salted fish and mobile phone story Chapter 1013 Credit to the sky Chapter 1012 Three more Chapter 1011 Founder theory

Chapter 1010 Pit monk Chapter 1009 Proud of child Chapter 1008 Can you cross people like this? Chapter 1007 All right Chapter 1006 spirits Chapter 1005 came back Chapter 1004 Crazy Chapter 1003 Blaze Chapter 1002 Good and evil Chapter 1001 Bullying Chapter 1000 Buddha? Founder? Chapter 999 Baked Egg

Chapter 998 Buddha's advent Chapter 997 Blaze Chapter 996 dead Chapter 995 injured Chapter 994 Killed Chapter 993 Rage! Chapter 992 Founder helps you recall the past Chapter 991 statement Chapter 990 Incurable? Chapter 989 Get in! Chapter 988 Okay? Chapter 987 Slap

Chapter 986 Something is going to happen Chapter 985 Is this monkey funny? Chapter 984 Good and evil Chapter 983 I say Chapter 982 rule Chapter 981 Chapter 980 This monk is a bit pitted Chapter 980 Loophole Chapter 979 Salty pig hand Chapter 978 One finger temple effect Chapter 977 Unlike Chapter 976 Three Brothers Chapter 975 Take out the money

Chapter 974 Each manifested Chapter 973 clever Chapter 972 Brainless Chapter 971 Eyesight Chapter 970 Good wave of advertising Chapter 969 Salted fish Chapter 968 Dead Dog Upgrade Stupid Dog Chapter 967 Shinjintsu Chapter 966 Do you want money Chapter 965 Founder blocked Chapter 964 I didn't lie Chapter 963 Real torture

Chapter 962 Ten torture in Yizhi Temple Chapter 961 It's not a good ghost to sprinkle home improvement [ninth more] Chapter 960 Recognized [eighth more] Chapter 959 An Undead Monk [Silver Alliance [Snow Fishing] Plus] Chapter 958 The monk who is not afraid of death [for the silver ally [sea fishing]] Chapter 957 Amitabha Buddha [for the Silver League [sea fishing]] Chapter 956 I do n’t know him [for the Silver League [sea fishing]] Chapter 955 Housework [for the Silver League [sea fishing]] Chapter 954 The Peak [For the Leader [Good Bear Listen] Kagan] Chapter 953 Sky Lantern [for the ally [Book Friend 20170517202523563]] Chapter 952 regulation Chapter 951 Almighty Master

Chapter 950 A delicate Chapter 949 Did nothing Chapter 948 Meet the Living in the Barren Mountains Chapter 947 Big tail wolf Chapter 946 Over the mountains Chapter 945 As for what? Chapter 944 crazy Chapter 943 coin Chapter 942 Really Chapter 941 Pit man Chapter 940 The kindness of the lone wolf Chapter 939 Buddha is busy

Chapter 938 Buddhist temple one furnace temple Chapter 937 Have ghosts Chapter 936 Ignorance is elegant, but moans without disease Chapter 935 Stand in line Chapter 934 Mount a horse and kill a thief Chapter 933 Shangfeng Temple Chapter 932 Flee Chapter 931 prove Chapter 930 It hurts Chapter 929 Final struggle Chapter 928 Real man Chapter 927 Founder returns

Chapter 933 ... a murder case caused by a false Taoist Chapter 926 What are you doing Chapter 925 Come on Chapter 924 Holy land Chapter 923 Running crooked? Chapter 922 The biggest pain is just parting Chapter 921 Don't eat! Chapter 920 Pull red rope Chapter 919 Flower monk founder Chapter 918 Song Bin's apology Chapter 917 People rely on clothing Chapter 916 OK

Chapter 915 Cure Chapter 914 Stuffed in Chapter 913 lovely Chapter 912 Warm bed Chapter 911 have a meal together Chapter 910 Founder Chapter 909 Pigeon soup Chapter 908 Good boy Chapter 907 He is my dad Chapter 906 Life is not easy Chapter 905 Founder Daddy Chapter 904 Hiring Dad

Chapter 903 Scroll of Experience Chapter 902 Dishonest master Chapter 901 Dishonest monk Chapter 900 respect Chapter 899 Founder conceded? Chapter 898 Painless Chapter 897 Poor monks don't care about money Chapter 896 Do it Chapter 895 Chapter 894: This is Such a Person Chapter 894 Master wants to be famous Chapter 893 Can't walk Chapter 892 how is this possible

Chapter 891 Hot blood from external force Chapter 890 Talk Chapter 889 Chapter 888 Hot blood Chapter 887 The poor monk has already shot Chapter 886 Falling Demon Chapter 885 Lunatic doctor Chapter 884 Don't mess with master Chapter 883 What is the mind of this monk? Chapter 882 Help Chapter 881 sinister Chapter 880 shameless

Chapter 879 So many people Chapter 878 To worship Chapter 877 Blowing incense Chapter 876 Look at the cute world Chapter 875 sensation Chapter 874 This monk is so good Chapter 873 The sensation caused by the live broadcast Chapter 872 Master lecture Chapter 871 Reporters flocked Chapter 870 Roast roast roast roast roast cry Chapter 869 Perception is a good thing Chapter 868 Open eat open eat

Chapter 867 Sweep down Chapter 866 Astrology has changed Chapter 865 Miss parents Chapter 864 Jumped up ... Chapter 863 Can't stand up Chapter 862 I can go hungry with Master Chapter 861 Let ’s go together [for the leader hjz666] Chapter 860 Go down the mountain Chapter 859 Drink Chapter 858 Run away Chapter 857 Master cure Chapter 856 Not enough

Chapter 855 Barking dad Chapter 854 walk Chapter 853 Warmth Chapter 852 So eavesdropping Chapter 851 Snow Mountain Visitor Chapter 850 Help you Chapter 849 Yes, yes, yes Chapter 848 Huayuan OR robbery? Chapter 847 Such a person Chapter 846 Smile to grandpa Chapter 845 Draw a new magical power Chapter 844 Sunny to cloudy

Chapter 843 Good and bad Chapter 842 "relative" Chapter 841 uninvited guest Chapter 840 Come and come, eat less Chapter 839 Master wants to infringe Chapter 838 Childlike memories Chapter 837 Indisputable Chapter 836 Salty fish flavor Chapter 835 Confession, confession! Chapter 834 Eighteen floors of hell Chapter 833 Door of hell Chapter 832 Come over

Chapter 831 Just counterattack Chapter 830 Masters Chapter 829 Transform Queen Chapter 828 Opinion can kill Chapter 827 Let's go Chapter 826 Storm Chapter 831 . Today's update is delayed by a few hours Chapter 825 Tangled Chapter 824 Smokeless battlefield Chapter 823 Who can I help? Chapter 822 shameless Chapter 821 Feng Shui turns

Chapter 820 Fish knight Chapter 819 It ’s so strict Chapter 818 Someone came out Chapter 817 Sudden monk Chapter 816 The beginning of rumors Chapter 815 please Chapter 814 Kill it! Chapter 813 Got it! drive! to! Oh! Chapter 812 nail Chapter 811 life and death Chapter 810 Believe Chapter 809 Been teased

Chapter 808 Something is wrong Chapter 807 Get on the wrong car Chapter 806 Served Chapter 805 Xumi Space Chapter 804 Arguing with the fish, going down the mountain [down] Chapter 803 Argument and Fish [Part 1] Chapter 802 make clothes Chapter 801 Surprised? Chapter 800 sincerity? NO! Chapter 799 Find the difference? Chapter 798 Quality Quality! Chapter 797 Put down a big rock

Chapter 796 Founder's Distress Chapter 795 Salted fish down the mountain Chapter 794 shameless Chapter 793 Chapter 792 Collect salted fish [on] Chapter 791 So much talk Chapter 790 Duel between the monsters Chapter 789 Drawn a weird thing Chapter 788 Lose money Chapter 787 secret Chapter 786 Alive! Chapter 785 Second Brother Goes Off [Next]

Chapter 784 Second Brother Goes Off [On] Chapter 783 salute Chapter 782 collapse Chapter 781 The monk killed! Chapter 780 cliff Chapter 779 Monk wolf Chapter 778 Master appearance Chapter 777 Gale fire [Ghost Guigan hanging on the tree for the leader] Chapter 776 Addiction Chapter 775 No way to go Chapter 774 fire Chapter 773 Mountain climbing

Chapter 772 Ignorance is so fearless Chapter 771 Master, look! aircraft! Chapter 770 A living miracle Chapter 769 Ghosts Chapter 768 The abbot is angry Chapter 767 Ass theory Chapter 766 Everything to eat Chapter 765 Dongfeng Chapter 764 Make up Chapter 763 Test you for the teacher Chapter 762 Visiting the Molu and seeing the monk Chapter 761 Poor parents

Chapter 760 Began to eat Chapter 759 I'm hungry Chapter 758 Honest child Chapter 757 So it is Chapter 756 Grim female boss Chapter 755 Southerners are penguins Chapter 754 Missed the chance to become famous again Chapter 753 Ask for the heart but not the Buddha Chapter 752 Miserable childhood Chapter 751 Hot Chapter 750 Here comes the mermaid Chapter 749 I want to fly

Chapter 748 Active visit Chapter 747 Crazy monk fishing for mermaids Chapter 746 Monk buying fishing gear Chapter 745 This monk is a bit fierce Chapter 744 Menacing Chapter 743 Another beggar? Chapter 742 Two for money Chapter 741 Want to hit someone Chapter 745 . Wife and child were discharged today on November 3 Chapter 740 Start again Chapter 739 Nai heqiao Chapter 738 Longqiao Lighting

Chapter 741 . On November 2, my wife is about to have a baby! Chapter 737 No dog good Chapter 736 Don't mess with me Chapter 735 Crowd of people Chapter 734 One after another Chapter 733 Nosy Chapter 732 Feather Seasonal Arrow Chapter 731 Expert cowhide Chapter 730 Each with thoughts Chapter 729 Uncle police, can't you stop people? Chapter 728 All here Chapter 727 Block the road

Chapter 726 Fire up Chapter 725 The magical use of Tianlong Lake Chapter 724 Big draw! Chapter 723 Rise to fame Chapter 722 Wanzongzong Chapter 721 Reveal Chapter 720 Wind-like monk Chapter 719 Culprit Chapter 718 It's going to be dark Chapter 717 This monk has a muscle Chapter 716 Meet the deceased Chapter 715 Departure, dry rice bowl

Chapter 714 My apprentice is capable Chapter 713 Are scared Chapter 712 You call Chapter 711 superstition Chapter 710 Snow Village Mystery Chapter 709 problem occurs Chapter 708 Place of death Chapter 707 Mountain climbing Chapter 706 Dry rice bowl Chapter 705 Chrysanthemum Chapter 704 Dafa Chapter 703 Old driver take me

Chapter 702 Does the Buddha eat sauerkraut? Chapter 701 Not ordinary people Chapter 700 Go on Chapter 699 Do him Chapter 698 Life and death Chapter 697 Jumped off Chapter 696 There are stories of people Chapter 695 Who owns what dog Chapter 694 Little adult Chapter 693 new task Chapter 692 Lone Wolf Wants to Cry Chapter 691 distressed

Chapter 690 Where is the demon! Chapter 689 source Chapter 688 Draw again Chapter 687 Poor monk doesn't remember overnight feud Chapter 686 Jiangting Chapter 685 Pitted Chapter 684 Stew stew Chapter 683 Blood gas Chapter 682 Bodhisattva Chapter 681 Step heaven Chapter 680 There is a guest Chapter 679 Work

Chapter 678 Ginseng Chapter 677 Combat power burst Chapter 676 Raffle Pack Chapter 675 Rounding off the bustling [fifth more] Chapter 674 Conceived! [Fourth more] Chapter 673 Real man [third more] Chapter 672 Poor people are not poor [second more] Chapter 671 Great Summoning [First] Chapter 670 The village chief who performed well Chapter 669 No sludge Chapter 668 Thick skinned meat Chapter 667 Ignorant villagers

Chapter 666 Open light Chapter 665 Slap Chapter 664 Want housing Chapter 663 Can't stop Chapter 662 Wheat field Chapter 661 Mike Chapter 660 Hongyan guest Chapter 659 Buy a stop Chapter 658 Sister came! Chapter 657 Guaranteed to fall Chapter 656 Call from the big sister Chapter 655 Buddha's lottery

Chapter 654 Anymore? Chapter 653 Town Treasure Chapter 652 Unconscious Chapter 651 Founder woke up Chapter 650 Almost forgotten monk Chapter 649 Monk to be famous Chapter 648 Wanfo Temple Upgrade Chapter 647 Lottery basket Chapter 646 Founder works better than dogs Chapter 645 Broken bridge Chapter 644 This monk is going to die Chapter 643 Hot heart, sore nose

Chapter 642 Vajra Guardian Prajna Chapter 641 Founder shot Chapter 640 What are you doing? Chapter 639 Come with me! Chapter 638 Bang! Chapter 637 debate Chapter 636 A monk's trip Chapter 635 Moon rise and fall Chapter 634 No principle guy Chapter 633 Mooncake Conference Chapter 632 squirrel? Stewed it Chapter 631 Uphill

Chapter 630 What smell? Chapter 629 Call the abbot Chapter 628 This Mid-Autumn Festival is not very peaceful Chapter 627 Cheating Master, Taste of Home Chapter 626 Worthless Chapter 625 expert Chapter 624 Little friends are snoring Chapter 623 Bragging monk Chapter 622 Poor monk: Founder! Chapter 621 Ugly too! Chapter 620 Non-existent monk Chapter 619 Find lice

Chapter 618 I'm coming! Chapter 617 Master do n’t get excited Chapter 616 Fuel consumption! Chapter 615 Big scam Chapter 614 A monk hits the ground Chapter 613 Sky eye Chapter 612 Good guy? Chapter 611 Parental heart Chapter 610 Cousin who came suddenly Chapter 609 Clouds over happy events Chapter 608 Great event Chapter 607 Founder's abacus

Chapter 606 Taste of autumn Chapter 605 Eat eat Chapter 604 It's autumn Chapter 603 Founder's tongue twister Chapter 602 Conflict of Conscience Chapter 601 Old man Chapter 600 Tomorrow, soon Chapter 599 Flustered old man Chapter 598 Kindness does not mean there is no bottom line Chapter 597 Give you money Chapter 596 One boat, one monk and one umbrella Chapter 595 Open the pot [for subscription]

Chapter 594 Give you 100,000 Chapter 593 Collected more Chapter 592 anger Chapter 591 What are they going to do? Chapter 590 I'm black [Subscription] Chapter 589 Heaven Drop Master [Subscription] Chapter 588 Generous monk [for subscription] Chapter 587 Hui's surprise 【Subscription】 Chapter 586 Fishing for people [for subscription] Chapter 585 Net [for subscription] Chapter 584 There are many good people [seeking subscription] Chapter 583 静 极 思 动 [Subscribe]

Chapter 582 Scriptures Scriptures [Subscription] Chapter 581 Gongsun Tree [Subscription] Chapter 580 Didn't drink too much? [For subscription] Chapter 579 Inexplicable excitement [for subscription] Chapter 578 It ’s really big [Subscribe] Chapter 577 The poor monk takes you away [Subscription] Chapter 576 Temples do not leave people [subscription required] Chapter 575 Rules [for subscription] Chapter 574 Heads-up [for subscription] Chapter 573 Hard to bear the child [Subscription] Chapter 572 Life and death do not go to school [subscription] Chapter 571 Founder lying gun [subscription]

Chapter 570 To install x is to pay for the machine. [Subscription] Chapter 569 Regret [subscribe] Chapter 568 No regret medicine [for subscription] Chapter 567 Master watching the rain [Subscription] Chapter 566 Air Transport [Subscription] Chapter 565 Surprises and doubts [Subscription] Chapter 564 Thunder has changed [for subscription] Chapter 563 What does it have to do with me? [Subscription] Chapter 562 The villain comes [for subscription] Chapter 561 Bald also troubled [for subscription] Chapter 560 Heart is very small [seeking a subscription] Chapter 559 The abbot wants to be crazy [subscribe]

Chapter 558 War is not the purpose [for subscription] Chapter 557 Right and wrong [Subscription] Chapter 556 War [for subscription] Chapter 555 Brothers and sisters together [seeking subscription] Chapter 554 Group charter [for subscription] Chapter 553 Coming soon [Subscription] Chapter 552 Straightforward point [for subscription] Chapter 551 Down the mountain [for subscription] Chapter 550 Lottery [seeking subscription] Chapter 549 Bragging [subscription] Chapter 548 Bring into the coffin Chapter 547 Germany is greater than [for subscription]

Chapter 546 Very valuable? [For subscription] Chapter 545 Don't [seeking subscription] Chapter 544 Ferry [Subscribe] Chapter 543 Do not change if killed [Subscription] Chapter 542 People are not the same [seeking subscription] Chapter 541 Pretend to be struck by lightning [for subscription] Chapter 540 Chop firewood [for subscription] Chapter 539 Master's door shouted [Subscribe] Chapter 538 Recommend you personally [for subscription] Chapter 537 Surprise after turning back [for subscription] Chapter 536 It hurts [please subscribe] Chapter 535 Bitch mustache second-rate child [subscription]

Chapter 534 Let ’s stay [subscribe] Chapter 533 忒 is not a thing [for subscription] Chapter 532 Tyrant! [For subscription] Chapter 531 One Lotte Security View [Subscription] Chapter 530 Can't die in half an hour [Subscription] Chapter 529 Hang monk [for subscription] Chapter 528 Lottery [seeking subscription] Chapter 527 Changbai Mountain Savage [Subscription] Chapter 526 Lunatics and fools [subscription] Chapter 525 Pure heart shot [for subscription] Chapter 524 Is surrounded [subscribe] Chapter 523 Crazy, crazy, crazy! [Subscription]

Chapter 522 Evil Gate [Subscription] Chapter 521 Brutal [subscribe] Chapter 520 Village tour group [Subscription] Chapter 519 Sad Chapter 518 This monk is really thick [Subscribe] Chapter 517 Yi Shi Tao also Shi Bishen [seeking subscription] Chapter 516 Succeeded [seeking subscription] Chapter 515 To seek a bell [for subscription] Chapter 514 Model pacesetter [seeking subscription] Chapter 513 I have a unique gesture of contempt [Subscription] Chapter 512 Unloading [for subscription] Chapter 511 Uninvited [Subscribe]

Chapter 510 What is Founder [Subscription] Chapter 509 Ring the bell and drum [for subscription] Chapter 508 Bell and Drum 【Subscription】 Chapter 507 What is a nerve? [For subscription] Chapter 506 Scary stuff! [For subscription] Chapter 505 The reward is here! [For subscription] Chapter 504 Do not enter the ancestral grave after death [Subscription] Chapter 503 Take off take off [subscribe] Chapter 502 Hitting the ground? [For subscription] Chapter 501 A group of uninteresting stuff [subscribe] Chapter 503 . Postponement of updates. Chapter 500 Master ** Flower Art! [For subscription]

Chapter 499 Vulgarity ends in goodness [Subscription] Chapter 498 Master shut up! [For subscription] Chapter 497 High hopes for great magical power [Subscription] Chapter 496 Master sends blessings [seeking subscription] Chapter 495 Come and ask the master to cheat Chapter 494 Old tree towering [for subscription] Chapter 493 Hands on [for subscription] Chapter 492 Amitabha [Subscription] Chapter 491 Haunted [for subscription] Chapter 490 Banmen axe [for subscription] Chapter 489 Do you see the money? [For subscription] Chapter 488 Qi Liya [Subscription]

Chapter 487 Enthusiastic Master [Subscription] Chapter 486 The master lied [for FieRceB] Chapter 485 Good conscience is hard to persuade the **** ghost [subscribe] Chapter 484 Golden Pie [Subscription] Chapter 483 Big Philanthropist [Subscription] Chapter 482 Class has begun [for subscription] Chapter 481 Leaders don't get angry [Subscribe] Chapter 480 Ring the bell Chapter 479 Poor monks do not discriminate snoring [subscribe] Chapter 478 This monk is so delicious! [For subscription] Chapter 477 Monk counting money [Subscription] Chapter 476 Nima [Subscription]

Chapter 475 Poor monks do not know how to play cards [Subscription] Chapter 474 Howl [for subscription] Chapter 473 So many coincidences? [For subscription] Chapter 472 Message 【Subscribe】 Chapter 471 Enthusiastic good classmates [seeking subscription] Chapter 470 Sure enough, I still do not want to see Chapter 469 Xiangyun [for subscription] Chapter 468 More fierce [for subscription] Chapter 467 Two **** [seeking subscription] Chapter 466 Awake [for subscription] Chapter 465 Leave [for subscription] Chapter 464 Simple reason [for subscription]

Chapter 463 Diary [for subscription] Chapter 462 Know too much [subscribe] Chapter 461 Diesel [for subscription] Chapter 460 Clown [for subscription] Chapter 459 Violin [for subscription] Chapter 458 Dogs on the ground 【Subscription】 Chapter 457 Mixed up with meals [seeking subscription] Chapter 456 Catch [seeking subscription] Chapter 455 Xiu Enai [Subscription] Chapter 454 Replenishment [seeking subscription] Chapter 453 Scripture Exchange [Subscribe] Chapter 452 Buddha Bell Economy [Subscription]

Chapter 451 Zhong Sheng'an Quartet [Subscription] Chapter 450 The world's largest clock hangs up [Subscription] Chapter 449 The clock tower is completed, the system recognizes [seeking a subscription] Chapter 448 Mortal magic [subscription] Chapter 447 Good feedback [Subscribe] Chapter 446 Enthusiastic [Subscription] Chapter 445 What do you want [subscribe] Chapter 444 All merit sweepstakes [Subscribe] Chapter 443 Turn back [for subscription] Chapter 442 Kneeling collectively [seeking subscription] Chapter 441 Continue Do Not Stop [Subscription] Chapter 440 Moved the knife [Subscription]

Chapter 439 Ca n’t afford to lose and rob [request for subscription] Chapter 438 Crazy to win [Subscribe] Chapter 437 内讧 [For subscription] Chapter 436 Money in sacks [for the leader Feifei jip] Chapter 435 Fried! [For the leader Feifei jip] Chapter 434 Founder also bet [for the leader Feifei jip plus] Chapter 433 Deep Mountain Meets Founder [For the Leader Crazy Tyrant] Chapter 432 No human nature [seventh more] for the Crazy tyrant leader add more Chapter 431 Homelessness [sixth more] for the Crazy tyrant leader Kagan Chapter 430 One hundred and fifty thousand! [Fifth more] Addition to Haidilao Snow Alliance Chapter 429 Huge Iows [Fourth] Addition to Haidiao Snow League Chapter 428 All the way down [third more]

Chapter 427 Son of Luck [Second More] Chapter 426 Jackal into the room [first more] Chapter 425 [Bet] Chapter 424 Doorkeeper abbot [seeking subscription] Chapter 423 Do not suffer Chapter 422 Founder was bullied 【Subscription】 Chapter 421 Ming Wu and Du [Subscription] Chapter 420 Ask Dao Xiaguang [Subscription] Chapter 419 Return [Subscribe] Chapter 418 Flood [for subscription] Chapter 417 The storm comes to dream [Subscription] Chapter 416 What is excitement? [For subscription]

Chapter 415 Live in Hope [Six] Chapter 414 Live in Hope [5] Chapter 413 Live in Hope [4] Chapter 412 Live in Hope [3] Chapter 411 Live in hope 【二】 Chapter 410 Live in hope [1] Chapter 409 Hungry [Subscribe] Chapter 408 Snow in the house [Subscription] Chapter 407 Golden? color! [For subscription] Chapter 406 Troublesome people [for subscription] Chapter 405 How to practice Buddha without a Buddha in my heart? [For subscription] Chapter 404 Finally able to speak [subscribe]

Chapter 403 Great people don't speak [2] Chapter 402 The best people don't speak [1] Chapter 401 Scum [seeking subscription] Chapter 400 Chickens in the city 【Subscription】 Chapter 399 To debt [subscription] Chapter 398 Luxury Hotel 【Subscription】 Chapter 397 Ask for advice Chapter 396 Hit [for subscription] Chapter 395 Bullying? [For subscription] Chapter 394 False monk [for subscription] Chapter 393 Bad guy master [for subscription] Chapter 392 You have to lose your temper

Chapter 391 Salute [for monthly pass] Chapter 390 Crude or noble? [For monthly pass] Chapter 389 Xiaguang Temple Invitation [Subscribe] Chapter 388 It ’s better to ask Buddha [to subscribe] Chapter 387 Pan An [Subscription] Chapter 386 Hey, mouse! [For subscription] Chapter 385 Wan Yandan [for subscription] Chapter 384 The world is not scared 【Subscription】 Chapter 383 stand up! [For subscription] Chapter 382 Man and wolf in one [seeking subscription] Chapter 381 Warning [for subscription] Chapter 380 Downstairs to watch the ball 【Subscription】

Chapter 379 Kaigan [seeking subscription] Chapter 378 Front and back [for subscription] Chapter 377 The Buddha in Founder's Heart [Subscription] Chapter 376 化缘 [For subscription] Chapter 375 Buy cigarettes [for subscription] Chapter 374 Interpretation of the strength master [seeking subscription] Chapter 373 蹭饭 Depends on the dog [Subscription] Chapter 372 Air Flying Dog [Subscription] Chapter 371 Wolves in line Chapter 370 Bitter [for subscription] Chapter 369 stop! [For subscription] Chapter 368 Youth [Subscription]

Chapter 367 Down the mountain [for subscription] Chapter 366 Secretly [for subscription] Chapter 365 Mushroom [Subscription] Chapter 364 Mushroom Soup [Subscription] Chapter 363 Can we draw? [For subscription] Chapter 362 Find a lot of nests [subscribe] Chapter 361 Donor, we are talking about chickens [seeking subscription] Chapter 360 Stewed Chicken [Subscription] Chapter 359 Boy [for subscription] Chapter 358 Scary [for subscription] Chapter 357 When the chicken [seeking subscription] Chapter 356 Wicked [subscribe]

Chapter 355 100,000 years [for subscription] Chapter 354 Infinite Death [Subscription] Chapter 353 One step [for subscription] Chapter 352 Swallowed [seeking subscription] Chapter 351 Chase [seeking subscription] Chapter 350 The abbot is angry 【Subscription】 Chapter 349 Steal without a way [Subscription] Chapter 348 What is Master? [For subscription] Chapter 347 The bottleneck of Yizhi Temple [for subscription] Chapter 346 Lottery [seeking subscription] Chapter 345 Can also help people without magical powers [Subscription] Chapter 344 Zhongshan [seeking subscription]

Chapter 343 Dead or Alive [Subscription] Chapter 342 Want to go down the mountain Chapter 341 Warm [subscribe] Chapter 340 Method [for subscription] Chapter 339 Man [for subscription] Chapter 338 This pilgrim is a bit special [seeking a subscription] Chapter 337 Mixed doubles [seeking subscription] Chapter 336 [For subscription] Chapter 335 This **** is poisonous [seeking a subscription] Chapter 334 The most unreliable cheerleading team [Subscription] Chapter 333 下山 喽 【For subscription】 Chapter 332 Dirty [seeking subscription]

Chapter 331 General mobilization [for subscription] Chapter 330 Festive [Subscribe] Chapter 329 Back to the mountain, call the wind and rain [Subscription] Chapter 328 Lottery [seeking subscription] Chapter 327 There is water [for subscription] Chapter 326 Farewell [for subscription] Chapter 325 The **** monk descends [for subscription] Chapter 324 Leave [seeking subscription] Chapter 323 Rain [Subscription] Chapter 322 Hidden water [Subscription] Chapter 321 Sky Ladder [for subscription] Chapter 320 Mage you fly a puppet? [For subscription]

Chapter 319 Red babe wants to cry [subscribe] Chapter 318 Celebration [for subscription] Chapter 317 Volunteer [for subscription] Chapter 316 Daili Village 【Subscription】 Chapter 315 When are you coming? [For subscription] Chapter 314 Flowers bloom in an instant [Subscribe] Chapter 313 Ripped off [for subscription] Chapter 312 Done [seeking subscription] Chapter 311 Protect your homeland! [For the lord [Sea fishing]] Chapter 310 Hero [sixth] Chapter 309 Mountain [fifth more] Chapter 308 Dust Seal [Fourth]

Chapter 307 Who earned [third more] Chapter 306 Send in [second more] Chapter 305 The monk is here again [for the leader [Fei Fei Jip] burst six more] the first more Chapter 304 Master and Apprentice [Subscription] Chapter 303 Golden lotus! [For subscription] Chapter 302 No phase door is open [Subscribe] Chapter 301 Reaching the Same Goal [Subscription] Chapter 300 Taoist [seeking subscription] Chapter 299 Benefit the villagers [for subscription] Chapter 298 Press the red baby again [for subscription] Chapter 297 Punch up [Subscribe] Chapter 296 One pig, two bears and three tigers [Subscription]

Chapter 295 Tracking [seeking subscription] Chapter 294 Trouble [for subscription] Chapter 293 Reason [for subscription] Chapter 292 Have a rest [Subscribe] Chapter 291 Back to the Finger Mountain [Subscription] Chapter 290 Mask [for subscription] Chapter 289 The master is bad [for subscription] Chapter 288 Fighting [seeking subscription] Chapter 287 Dig dig [subscribe] Chapter 286 This is great merit! [For subscription] Chapter 285 Master's energy [for subscription] Chapter 284 Online shop [for subscription]

Chapter 283 That ’s it [seeking subscription] Chapter 282 Be a dad [seeking a subscription] Chapter 281 Gao crisp [subscription] Chapter 280 Endless telephone harassment [Subscription] Chapter 279 Do n’t blame the poor monk [Subscribe] Chapter 278 Want to eat meat? [For subscription] Chapter 277 Your personality [Subscription] Chapter 276 This kid is so fierce! [For subscription] Chapter 275 法 法号 【For subscription】 Chapter 274 Receive apprentice [for subscription] Chapter 273 The means of the king [subscription] Chapter 272 Clean up the bear child [for subscription]

Chapter 271 Bear child fierce [Subscription] Chapter 270 Chapter 269 The Person Who Cannot Be Saved 【Next】 Chapter 269 Can't save people [on] Chapter 268 Temptation [for subscription] Chapter 267 Another woman [seeking a subscription] Chapter 266 Angry [subscribe] Chapter 265 What do you want? [For subscription] Chapter 264 Killing is not killing [Subscription] Chapter 263 Annihilation of human nature [for subscription] Chapter 262 Car accident [for subscription] Chapter 261 You treat me as a fool? [For subscription] Chapter 260 People and wolves [subscription]

Chapter 259 The abbot is angry! [For subscription] Chapter 258 Anxious crazy [seeking subscription] Chapter 257 Crazy Long [seventh more] Chapter 256 Green on your head [sixth more] Chapter 255 New Supernatural Power [Fifth] Chapter 254 Wang Jun returns [fourth more] Chapter 253 Eternal Life [Third] Chapter 252 For you to cross the Yalu River [second more] Chapter 251 In the past [for the new league main striker 07] Chapter 250 The old man on the Songhua River [monthly ticket] Chapter 249 Han Zhu [for monthly ticket] Chapter 248 No money ... [seeking subscription]

Chapter 247 One palm [for subscription] Chapter 246 Monk makes you chrysanthemum tight [Subscription] Chapter 245 The construction team is here [for subscription] Chapter 244 Sorrowful father [Subscription] Chapter 243 Master storytelling [for subscription] Chapter 242 It ’s so good to be a good person [Subscribe] Chapter 241 Tomorrow continues [seeking subscription] Chapter 240 Let ’s go sweep the streets together 【Subscribe】 Chapter 239 Manipulation [seeking subscription] Chapter 238 Bewitched? [For subscription] Chapter 237 Suicide is a great sin [Subscription] Chapter 236 Won a big gift package [for subscription]

Chapter 235 Leaked [for subscription] Chapter 234 Transit in case of noble [subscription] Chapter 233 The magical use of smart eyes [subscription] Chapter 232 Law not light pass [seeking subscription] Chapter 231 Merit Transfer [sixth more] Chapter 230 Bald Water Ghost [Fifth] Chapter 229 Save people [fourth more] Chapter 228 Invitation to Hongyan Temple [Third] Chapter 227 Three Ayaka [Second more] Chapter 226 The Family of Yizhi Temple [Changes for the tyrant Crazy Tyrant] Chapter 225 Education [for subscription] Chapter 224 Respecting the police and the posterity [Subscription]

Chapter 223 Huayuan [100 reward plus more] Chapter 222 Great thing [for subscription] Chapter 221 Poor want to return to the vulgar Chapter 220 The lone wolf can also pit people [100 reward plus more] Chapter 219 Painful happy [subscription] Chapter 218 Like crazy dogs [for subscription] Chapter 217 Do you know sin? [For subscription] Chapter 216 Home trouble [Subscription] Chapter 215 Lottery [seeking subscription] Chapter 214 Hackers asking for help [for subscription] Chapter 213 Meng Feimeng [Subscription] Chapter 212 Liar [subscription]

Chapter 211 Ransomware [Subscription] Chapter 210 The most beautiful but kind Chapter 209 Self-examination and knowing the wrong [Subscription] Chapter 208 Scattered [seeking subscription] Chapter 207 Relieved [seeking subscription] Chapter 206 Intimate contact [for subscription] Chapter 205 Hit the monkey [for subscription] Chapter 204 Backyard can not enter [seeking subscription] Chapter 203 Live Licensed Braised Egg [Subscription] Chapter 204 . Tomorrow will be the leader [Fei Fei Jip], and six tomorrow. Chapter 202 Something big! [For subscription] Chapter 201 No more shots [seeking subscription]

Chapter 200 Is it a person or a Buddha? [For subscription] Chapter 199 Compassion for Heaven Chapter 198 Compassion for Heaven Chapter 197 Compassion for Heaven [Part 1] Chapter 196 Dead horse as a living horse doctor [Subscription] Chapter 195 Group performance? [For subscription] Chapter 194 Come and sit one [for subscription] Chapter 193 Is this monk silly? [For subscription] Chapter 192 This is Zen Farming [Subscription] Chapter 191 Seeking Buddha [Subscription] Chapter 190 Good demon [Subscribe] Chapter 189 Mental illness? [For subscription]

Chapter 188 Person model [for subscription] Chapter 187 Filming [seeking subscription] Chapter 186 Niubi blows big [Subscription] Chapter 185 Kengkengkeng [for subscription] Chapter 184 Nongchan Zen Farming [Subscription] Chapter 183 Persistence [seeking subscription] Chapter 182 Seeking Sutra Monkey [Subscribe] Chapter 181 A dog food to feed the master, the next [subscription] Chapter 180 A handful of dog food to feed the master, on [subscribe] Chapter 179 Love triangle [seeking subscription] Chapter 178 Smoked this? [For subscription] Chapter 177 A handful of ashes [for subscription]

Chapter 176 That ’s it [seeking subscription] Chapter 175 Founder shot [for subscription] the third more Chapter 174 Experts and Fu [Subscription] Second more Chapter 173 Good big sign [seeking subscription] the first more Chapter 172 One minute [3000 super long Chapter 171 Help [for subscription] second more Chapter 170 New Year's Gift Package [Subscription] Chapter 169 One Night [3000 Super Long Chapter 168 Leave you! [3000 long Chapter 167 Born, gave birth to a knife! [For subscription] Chapter 166 Punishment from Founder [Subscription] Chapter 166 . Updates and group numbers [must-see]

Chapter 165 Third more Chapter 164 Second more Chapter 163 First more Chapter 162 Rumor [Monthly Ticket Plus] Fourth More Chapter 161 Can such people give love? [For monthly pass] Chapter 160 Not so poverty-stricken Chapter 159 Chance encounter Chapter 158 Wait, wait [monthly ticket plus more] Chapter 157 Blow up! [For subscription] Chapter 156 Pumping pumping! [For subscription] Chapter 155 Dharma in Life [Monthly Ticket] Chapter 154 Not willing! [For subscription]

Chapter 153 Deteriorated Conference [Subscription] Chapter 152 Catch up with the little monk [subscribe] Chapter 151 Okay [seeking a subscription] Chapter 150 Too passionate [for subscription] Chapter 149 Du Wuming [seeking subscription] third Chapter 148 Reward +1 [Subscribe] Second more Chapter 147 Question [seeking subscription] first Chapter 146 Crossing River Miracles Chapter 145 The Truth [First Choice] Seventh More Chapter 144 Do n’t think about it [Please make a decision! Fifth more Chapter 143 Purdue [Subscription] Fourth more Chapter 142 Who is so lacking in morals? [First decision] Third

Chapter 141 The mother will not know the prophet. Chapter 140 No one is good [first decision] first Chapter 139 Help the knife to do the modeling Chapter 138 Testimonials Chapter 137 Defiled Queen Chapter 136 Under the trip [for collection] Chapter 135 Invitation from Baiyun Temple Chapter 134 Lolita with arms [for collection] Chapter 133 Fireworks on the fifteenth day of the first month Chapter 132 Earth 132 Chapter 131 Buddha statue blessing [for collection] Chapter 130 Coax the child

Chapter 129 Death News [for collection] Chapter 128 Chen Jin apologizes [for collection] Chapter 127 What about the Sajia Buddha? [Seeking collection] Chapter 126 Lost and earned? [Seeking collection] Chapter 125 The bitter Chen Jin [seeking collection] Chapter 124 Abbot down the mountain [for collection] Chapter 123 On fire [collection] Chapter 122 Abbot Faner! [Seeking collection] Chapter 121 Snatch Chapter 120 头 炷香 风波 【Search for collection】 Chapter 119 Master also sells cute [seeking collection] Chapter 118 New year

Chapter 117 Addicted to writing [seeking collection] Chapter 116 Army of Words [for collection] Chapter 115 Ice lamp [for collection] Chapter 114 One's little year Chapter 113 The intestines are regrettable [seeking collection] Chapter 112 The miracle of a bowl of porridge Chapter 111 Where the heart is immortal Chapter 110 One Hundred Pillars Complete! [Seeking collection] Chapter 109 Bath buddha Chapter 108 Take a basin up the mountain Chapter 107 Just believe in money Chapter 106 Laba has arrived 【Favourite】

Chapter 105 The cost of eating alone [seeking collection] Chapter 104 Laba Porridge from Lingshan [For the Leader Lu'an Shan Jiageng] Chapter 103 The little monk wants to have a bath of Buddha Chapter 102 Is the poor monk bad for money? [Seeking collection] Chapter 101 Buy your youth with money Chapter 100 Upgrade Tianyan [for collection] Chapter 99 What a little thief! [Seeking collection] Chapter 98 Die without repentance [seeking collection] Chapter 97 Master angrily sends a blood Chapter 96 The master is angry [seeking collection] Chapter 95 Help you become immortal Chapter 94 Handkerchief

Chapter 93 Lifted away ... [for collection] Chapter 92 Sub-health issues [seeking collection] Chapter 91 Such a female donor Chapter 90 There is a mountain of dreams [seeking collection] Chapter 89 Magical power: [For collection] Chapter 88 Why don't pigs get on trees? [Seeking collection] Chapter 87 Wolf worship buddha Chapter 86 Why listen to you? [Seeking collection] Chapter 85 It's all gone, share the loot! [Seeking collection] Chapter 84 Win or lose Chapter 83 Winning and losing points [for collection] Chapter 82 Master's words [picture collection]

Chapter 81 Who will grind? [Seeking collection] Chapter 80 Master playing with mobile phone [for collection] Chapter 79 Nian Nujiao [seeking collection] Chapter 78 Start [Search for collection] Chapter 77 Nothing [for collection] Chapter 76 Don't scold people [for collection] Chapter 75 Blocked, blocked! [Seeking collection] Chapter 74 The earth is round Chapter 73 pants! pants! pants! [Seeking collection] Chapter 72 It ’s alright [seeking collection] Chapter 71 The master roared [for collection] Chapter 70 Disaster comes out of the mouth [for collection]

Chapter 69 Roar [for collection] Chapter 68 Temple protection method [seeking collection] Chapter 67 There are wolves on the mountain Chapter 66 Become fine? [Seeking collection] Chapter 65 Gambling Chapter 64 Hype, right? [Seeking collection] Chapter 63 Crazy crazy! [Seeking collection] Chapter 62 Diamond Sutra [For Collection] Chapter 61 Dragon Buddha Documents [for collection] Chapter 60 Is it a temple again? [Seeking collection] Chapter 59 No reward? [Seeking collection] Chapter 58 Two bald heads [for collection]

Chapter 57 Han Xiaoguo's method [seeking collection] Chapter 56 Jorge III Chapter 55 Want to go down the mountain Chapter 54 I know I'm wrong 【Favourite】 Chapter 53 Master of Violence Chapter 52 Unbeatable monk [seeking collection] Chapter 51 This head is really hard! [Seeking collection] Chapter 50 Master and Murderer [Favorite] Chapter 49 Confusion caused by a word Chapter 48 Host big flicker [for collection] Chapter 47 No culture is terrible. Chapter 46 Shocked: The abbot and the wolf are actually on the mountain ... [seeking collection]

Chapter 45 Open light Chapter 44 Murderer Chapter 43 Courier is going crazy [for collection] Chapter 42 Xiao Huan Dan [seeking collection] Chapter 41 Silver wolf Chapter 40 lottery! [For subscription] Chapter 39 Belated Merit [Subscription] Chapter 38 Conquer [Next] Chapter 37 Convinced [on] Chapter 36 Founder's way of revenge [for collection] Chapter 35 Greedy [for collection] Chapter 34 A few coolies [for collection]

Chapter 33 A bowl of water dispute [for collection] Chapter 32 One person and one bowl Chapter 31 Wolf and monk Chapter 30 Wolf back water Chapter 29 Temple little guest bullying [for collection] Chapter 28 One palm [seeking collection] Chapter 27 Into the temple Chapter 26 There are visitors [for collection] Chapter 25 Task three released [for collection] Chapter 24 Good tank and good water! [For the leader "Battle of the End 1" plus] Chapter 23 Poor [collection] Chapter 22 Buddha jar is at hand! [Seeking collection]

Chapter 21 It ’s all come [Favorite] Chapter 20 Two! Two! [Seeking collection] Chapter 19 Sincerity is spirit 【For collection】 Chapter 18 Burning incense worship Chapter 17 The system is a pit [recommended ticket] Chapter 16 Regret Chapter 15 A serious nonsense [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 14 It ’s so sweet Chapter 13 There are visitors [for collection and recommendation tickets] Chapter 12 Crystal rice [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 11 Rich! [For collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 10 The master stays with you overnight 【Seek for collection】

Chapter 9 Master and Wolf Chapter 8 Continuous lottery [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 7 There are wolves in the mountains Chapter 6 A rope [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 5 A shoe [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 4 You ca n’t miss the opportunity to see it. Chapter 3 Tianyan [for collection and recommendation ticket] Chapter 2 Buddha system [for collection] Chapter 1 Poor monk

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