As a result, major pharmaceutical companies have received high fines, one after another scolding their mothers, they are also bleeding blood to pay money ...

Of course, there are also dying, trying to obtain the medicine of the Pure Land Group for analysis.

Although the Pure Land Group has made sufficient protection measures, they have succeeded, but the end result is ... There are so many difficulties, and the current scientific and technological means are simply incapable of analyzing all the ingredients and proportions of drugs! Because it involves elements that have never been seen before!

At this moment, the major companies only realized what kind of medical skills China Xia has mastered. It is a technology that transcends the era and an absolute technology monopoly!

In less than a month, the world's pharmaceutical industry has turned upside down. However, the culprit that caused the collapse of pharmaceutical companies around the world has squatted in the backyard of the temple, looking at the thick, stacked hands in distress. Various patent materials like a hill!

"Master, how much is this for so many patents?" The red child looked at the pile of information and said with a squeak of teeth.

Founder laughed: "I don't know ... no one can figure it out. How much do you say about the health and life of people all over the world?"

Red baby is dumb ...

Founder said: "Medicine is life, and life can rob anyone's wealth without reason! This is a life-saving medicine and a killing knife."

The red child said, "What about us?"

Founder said: "I do n’t want to donate this. I ’ll leave it at Yizhi Temple. It ’s also a sheath for this knife. I think the reason why the government gave these patents to poor monks is also to prevent this huge profit from being controlled by some Can't help but make a big mistake. "

The red child said: "They are not afraid that we will take this knife and rob the world and become emperors ourselves?"

Founder laughed: "In their eyes, for the division, now it is a nuclear bomb that can go. I really want to be an emperor, who can stop it? The division has shown to the world with action that it is powerful, but The seat of the king of the world has no meaning of peeping. Otherwise, why do you think that the teacher is free to go to the nuclear bomb center to take a selfie? Is it really good to be a teacher free? "

The red baby is speechless ...

Founder Road: "OK, clear, you come here, put these things in your scales. Only you in this world is the safest ..."

After listening to the salted fish, I happily collected all the information into the scales, and then said, "Master, now that we have money, can we buy more delicious food? Every day, just eat crystal rice, mouth The birds are almost fading. "

As soon as this word came out, the car broke out and shouted, "I want to eat gasoline! 95 kind! Don't give me alcohol!"

Fang Zheng laughed: "Okay, I'm rich. I want to order more for everyone, but before that, I have to do something for the teacher. Break the car, you go down the hill with the poor monk!"


Since going up the mountain, the broken car has never been down, or even left the backyard.

He thought that Founder had forgotten his promise to him, and he was in the backyard every day, basking in the sun, scolding the monk in his heart ...

Founder suddenly said that he was a little hesitant to let him down the mountain.

Founder: "Why? Don't you go to see your former master?"

The broken car's headlights suddenly turned on and shouted, "Yes, I want!"

Listening to this voice, Xianyu grinned: "It's too easy to think crooked, the point is, it's kind of disgusting to think about it carefully. Still the original **** dealer online looks good ..."

The salted fish clicked, but found that the thief suddenly turned his head and grinned at him ...

The next moment, a long-awaited exercise on the mountain, the salted fish ball started again.

"Master, do you know where my past master was?" Down the mountain, on a highway, he asked while driving a broken car.

Founder Road: "People who have the government to help find it, of course, no problem. This is the route. See for yourself, understand it, drive it over ..."

After watching the broken car, he suddenly accelerated, screaming: "Yes, here it is! I have seen him use navigation, this is it!"

"Slow down! Don't speed! Pay attention to safety!" Founder was startled, and quickly patted the steering wheel.

"Relax, master ... haha ​​... my speed just happens to be on the speeding side! And, I'm the best driver in the world!" The broken car laughed happily, and at the same time a smoky gas filled the air Like the old-fashioned train, you can see the black smoke rolling all the way ...

Fortunately, Founder also registered with Li Xuan, and it is estimated that Li Xuan also said to the traffic police department, so when he saw that the car had not been licensed, it was a smoker, and it was obviously unqualified. In addition to curiosity, everyone did not get stopped or dragged away.

And the black smoke of the broken car, Founder has also studied, that is not the real car exhaust, but an inexplicable gas, no pollution, and will not obstruct others' vision ...

Later, the result of the analysis of the red baby was that this black smoke turned out to be a special energy!

This thing is nothing great in the fairyland, but on earth, it is a rare thing!

If the amount is large enough, it can even change the rule that the earth cannot practice ...

It's a pity that there is only one broken car. This exhaust can really not do anything ...

According to the map, the broken car found his original owner, an old man with white hair and a trembling spirit. Now the old man does not drive and only rides a bicycle when he goes out.

Grandson was sent to school in the morning, and the family was reunited in the evening. It was fun ... with a pocket watch around his neck, which looked very foreign.

"Grandpa, why do you always bring this broken watch?" Grandson asked curiously.

The old man laughed: "This is not a break, this is my most outstanding work!"

While talking, the old man stood on the street and opened the pocket watch. There was a picture in the pocket watch.

"What kind of car is this? Strange ..."

"This is an invincible tank built by grandpa!"

"Can he fly?"

"Of course! He can also become a Transformer and protect the earth!"

"Wow ... what about him now?"

"Now, he's in my heart."

The old man was a little hesitant about this, sighed, and took his grandson away.

"Aren't you going to meet? He didn't forget you." Fang Zheng asked.

"Forget it, I'll be content to see him. I used to follow him in the past, I had to hide from the police every day ... now I follow him, probably more trouble. He's fine now, very happy ..." Broken lane.

Founder: "Where are you going now?"

"Let's go back to the mountain." Broken lane.

"No more watching for a while?" Founder said.

Broken car shook his head and said, "No, I just want to see if he has forgotten me ... To be honest, I can't bear it, but sometimes I still want to learn to let go. It's as if he let me go. Watching me being dragged into an abandoned car treatment plant ... he must have been distressed, like I am now. "

Founder didn't speak because he didn't know how to answer the broken car.

Founder once found his parents in the memory, they put him down, and then left in tears ... they should be uncomfortable at the time.