"Negotiations are always within the range of the artillery. They don't even have guns. Why should they negotiate?"



So the meeting came to an end.

The next day, Founder received the news from above. After the Founder read it, he said lightly: "There is no bargaining power? There is strength to talk about it? The poor monk did not ask you, but gave you a way to live ... Bliss If you don't go there, go to hell. "

On this day, Li Xuan came by helicopter and brought several elderly people.

Fang was receiving them in the cold bamboo forest, and no one knew what they were talking about ...

All I know is that the old people were so excited when they left, their fists were pouring water, one by one, their heads were raised and their chests went away. The spirit was like a teenager!

Three days later, Huaxia announced that the Pure Land Group was officially established. The group is owned by the entire people. All medicines produced in the country are sold for only two dollars and one bottle!

As soon as the news came out, pharmaceutical companies around the world were happy ...

Because of this price, there is basically no profit!

The point is that this company doesn't seem to have any products.

RD, inside the Matsuura Group.

"Haha ... Napps, is this what you are talking about? Set up a company that doesn't even have drugs, shout a meaningless slogan?"

"Napps, I don't think your recent decision is perfect."

"Naps, if you continue to do this, we will consider placing Garis in your place."


Naps said: "Dear everyone, after you laugh, please also look at my resignation letter. You are old and can't keep up with the times ... I am going to apply for the Pure Land Group. If I read correctly, it will be the world The most powerful pharmaceutical group! "

After that, Nappus left in a miserable look ...

Then there was a scold in the conference room!


"Naps, we are so disappointed!"

"What a bastard!"


But before they finished cursing, another news came over.

The Pure Land Group announced that the first batch of drugs are: Jingxue No.1, which can cure leukemia; and Qiangxin No.1, which can cure heart disease.

After seeing these two, the conference room was silent ...

Then there was a quarrel in the conference room!


"Huaxia cannot master such a superb medical skill!"

"This must be a scam!"

"Damn, if this is true, what else will we have left? All my new money will be spent!"

"There are medicines already produced, not even waste products!"


At the same time, pharmaceutical companies from all over the world have been shocked by this news!

Radical cure, doesn't it mean that these two diseases will completely withdraw from the stage of history in the future?

At the same time, a group of people began to mourn, because once these drugs are listed, countless companies will collapse in an instant!

For a while, the protest sounded one after another ...

But the cheering voice also began to swipe the screen ...

Especially in Huaxia, the people who were about to lose their homes suddenly disappeared, and people who were on the verge of seeing hope suddenly saw their hopes and hugged them one by one ...

Immediately afterwards, Pure Land Group announced: "The medicine will be sent to major designated hospitals the next day, and only patients with medical records can buy and take it with the doctor. Resale is strictly prohibited. Once found, Pure Land Group will Its permanent ban, and later anti-cancer drugs that are already under study, will never be sold to him and his family.

For current production and cost reasons, drugs are only sold in China. If other countries want to buy, the government must bear the cost, and then they will consider the export, the specific price, and the specific negotiation. "

After this news came out, a large number of crowds began to appear at the gates of Huaxia's major hospitals. As a result, the hospital was well prepared, everyone settled in line, and guaranteed that everyone could buy the medicine.

At the same time, countless people flocked to the government abroad, asking the government to negotiate with Huaxia immediately to import drugs!

However, government departments are aggressive. How can we talk about this? Huaxia made it clear that this is to fleece wool from the world, earn research and development funds and profits, and then benefit its people! Under absolute monopoly, no one is qualified to negotiate with China!

So everyone was silent ...

At the same time, my head hurts, as well as those drug suppliers who were once unfriendly to China!

Especially after another news was revealed ...

"Today, Pure Land Group has released a list of drugs that are already in development and will soon be successful, including 80% of the incurable diseases currently known, including a variety of anticancer drugs, and claiming that all can be cured All patents belong to Yizhi Temple, which is hosted by Founder! All medicines are sold at the same price, two yuan! "

"Huaxia, this is the job of everyone!"


"No soup left!"

"Protest, you must protest!"

As a result, many pharmacies, under the government's acquiescence, encouraged a large number of patients to march on the street to protest this "blood-sucking" behavior of Huaxia.

However, Huaxia Pure Land Group was unmoved, and silently took out the price comparison table of many foreign pharmaceutical companies selling drugs in Huaxia, and saw the sky-high prices of drugs sold in Huaxia, many people were silent ...

Only then did Huaxia Pure Land Group say, "The word of traitor, Huaxia is far worse than other pharmaceutical companies. Huaxia is based on the principle of putting people first and selling medicines at the lowest price in the country. This is a benefit to the party. It is understandable to collect foreign research and development expenses and earn profits, not to mention that we do not charge fees to patients, but to countries.

Because we know very well that if according to the pricing standards of pharmaceutical companies in various countries, most patients cannot afford this medicine, then they can only wait to die ...

We believe that it is the responsibility of a country to protect the health of its people. Therefore, we only charge the country and then sell it to patients at a low price ... This price is a sky-high price for ordinary people, but it is a small price for the country.

Therefore, if you have time to protest the Pure Land Group, you might as well protest your government's indifference to your life. Or, you can try another party ... "

With the announcement of the Huaxia Pure Land Group, the original parade began to slowly change its taste, and finally collectively turned to the gates of governments of various countries, urging the government to pay for research and development costs. And after being blocked for a few days, the governments of various countries also became angry ...

"Let those dark-hearted merchants start to tap lightly, one by one, like hungry wolves, to grab meat! Feng Shui has taken turns, and now it's their turn to be unlucky!

"I propose to impose monopoly penalties on major pharmaceutical companies! This fund is used to pay Huaxia for research and development costs!"

"When we do this, these companies are afraid to die."

"Look at the Pure Land Group's medicine. Do you think we don't punish them, do they still help?"

"In favor of punishment!"