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The Modern Age of the Mysterious

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The ancient stone sculptures in the museum changed their sitting positions in the dark.

Columns with bizarre news disappear like invisible ink.

The oil tycoon in the skyscraper has the shadow of the evil god behind him.

Jazz on vinyl records hides ancient evil prayers.

Internal combustion engines and alternating current, Prohibition and silent movies, Earthsea Scrolls and underwater cities…

This is the modern era of neon splendor! In the mysterious fog, what devours the soul?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TMAM
Alternate Title:诡秘者的摩登时代
Author:It's better to be young
Weekly Rank:#5640
Monthly Rank:#2747
All Time Rank:#7188
Tags:Action, Dark, Detectives, Evil Gods, Evil Organizations, Exorcism, Fantasy, Gods, Religions,
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31 Comments on “The Modern Age of the Mysterious
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  1. Is he actually looking for his sister? Why did the plot suddenly become like that. Shelving this until someone makes sense of the plot

  2. Too many things going on the same time, mc was involved in like 4 or more sub plot at the start (finding his sister/taxi driver and enemies/hotel rivals/researching his plot armor/ explorer association) and i am not sure how he has time to do so many things. The story doesnt feel interesting as there are many things happening and mc was just passively going along the flow and interviewing every person he met. Photo evidences got conveniently disappear and people he is interviewing got his memory deleted while talking about mysterious guy too. What was I talking about? Photo? There is no such thing at all. 3/10

  3. The first 2 are connected . The 3rd one was one chapter. The 4th one which is his cheat isn't that OP it gives him an edge over regular people and more room to grow. The 5th one which is the oeg he joined is pretty much central to the story and not a side-branch. The photo thing is just part of rhe plot. Like none of this is actual criticism.

  4. I am not talking about connecting or not. I am talking about things happening in week/month of time. Says his sister is missing and he must find her but he never search for her unless someone come to him with convenient infomation, in free time he was trying to control his mysterious power,trying to be part of org and write articles. Says he want to find his sister missing in new york but didnt even have enough money for one month stay. Yes, again plot armor slove his money problem with subplot or hotel + get offer to write article. Everything is mysteriously and conveniently happening whrn author feel like it, no rational thought process involved.

  5. It feels to rush he has no patient at all, he didnt care even if he has no power he still investiagte it anyway, i know its urgent but he need to make sure he can survive first, that luck(plot armor) irritate me

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