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The Miracle Doctor’s Two-Faced Toddler

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The new article “Shou Fu Jiao Niang” has been released, welcome to jump into the pit.


She is the first god (veterinary) doctor in the empire. Once she crossed, she became a small peasant girl on the four walls of her family.

There is a weak mother on the top, and a younger brother who is waiting to be fed. What’s worse, she was also rejected by the scumbag—

NND! Tigers don’t show their power, when she is HelloKitty? !

Abuse the scumbag, fight for the best, heal the sick and weak mother, and raise the big and thin brother.

Open up wasteland, plant white land, and sit on thousands of hectares of fertile land, and have since reached the peak of life.

When the little days passed and the more pleasant, the rumored living King of Hell forced to come to the door and threatened to marry her?

Although it’s true that she likes beautiful men, I heard that this prince…

“My lord, we don’t know each other!” a certain woman said seriously.

“Haha.” A certain prince hooked the corners of his lips meaningfully, and took out three chubby little milk buns from behind him, “My mother.”

A certain woman is messy…

(Ancient and warm text, first bitter and then sweet, welcome to jump into the pit O(∩_∩)O~)

The male protagonist is nine dynasties, the dynasty of the dynasties.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MDTD
Alternate Title:神医娘亲之腹黑小萌宝
Author:folk remedies
Weekly Rank:#66
Monthly Rank:#39
All Time Rank:#3471
Tags:Childcare, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Pregnancy,
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  1. I am 50 chapters in, and am not too concerned with her remembering her past (though going by the precedence in other novels it probably won't be until the later stages of the book). I just want her to stop being dumb. Especially when that dumbness only ever seems to appear when the story wants her to get involved with the ML in some way.

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