Chapter 784 The French...are out of luck

 After determining the basic response ideas, the development work on boil-off gas reliquefaction technology also began.

The ones responsible for this task are naturally Lei Zhixing and Liu Fangping.

 This is also a relatively common way of running a large research group—

As the big boss, Chang Haonan only provides basic ideas, as well as some key technologies and resources for non-core projects, while other researchers who are more familiar with the situation are responsible for the specific implementation.

 This ensures that the entire laboratory operates at a relatively high efficiency.

 Otherwise, if Chang Haonan is asked to do whatever project comes his way, no matter how energetic he is, he will not be able to take care of it.

“Mr. Chang, after we return, we will contact the comrades in charge of the docking at the Hudong factory and ask them to set up a horizontal topic, and then we will apply for it?”

 Lei Zhixing asked as usual.

  When he was studying for a Ph.D., he often followed Yan Yongnian in the project application process. Now that he has just changed schools, he is already familiar with the process.


What’s more, the investor is still Torch Group.

 There is no online fund management system these days, so you can only rely on this traditional method if you want to make money.

  Thirty thousand yuan, which in 1999 was almost equivalent to the entire cost of a small project.

Now we are just doing a feasibility study and preliminary research, and Chang Haonan signed it happily.

According to the unspoken rules of the school, a portion of the geese must be plucked, which is even higher than the funding for many small projects.

Chang Haonan didn't speak, he just put the pen back into the pen holder, then nodded and signaled the two of them to get busy.

 He said as he took out a stack of grant applications from the drawer.

“Take this and go to Secretary Liu to get it stamped, and then submit it to the school for reporting. That’s it.”

 So, the 30,000 yuan of funding is actually relatively abundant.

 After the brief excitement, Lei Zhixing took a deep breath, tried to calm down, and then picked up the allocation form from the table:

“Professor Chang, let’s go get some work first. If nothing else happens, the specific feasibility analysis report should be available before the end of next month.”

 Obviously, the depth of resources in this laboratory is unfathomable.

Chang Haonan simply wrote the amount and purpose on it, signed his name in the lower right corner, and finally tore it off and put it on the table:

 This is also Chang Haonan's deliberate move.

Especially for the reliquefaction of boil-off gas, the main consideration is the technical route of the reliquefaction process. It is impossible to study such a complex content as the strength of the hull in the early demonstration process.

 Under normal circumstances, a feasibility analysis, even one that is very detailed and involves some preliminary experimental verification, does not require a particularly high cost.

Chang Haonan nodded first, but then lowered his head and pondered for a moment, and then continued to add:

“However, the opposite side is also a central enterprise that has just been transformed into a group for a few years. It is estimated that it will not be very efficient in this kind of spending money, and we cannot waste this time.”

Lending funds between different projects vertically is basically unfeasible, but horizontal projects are much more relaxed in terms of review.

“In this way, I will first allocate 30,000 yuan from the laboratory’s public funds to you as project feasibility study and pre-research funds. After the project is officially declared, I will loan the money back.”

Lei Zhixing's pupils trembled a little when he saw Chang Haonan writing the words "30,000 yuan".

 Even proposed it on his own initiative.

 “This…pre-research funding?”

 There is no doubt that Lei Zhixing and Liu Fangping are two people he wants to entrust with important responsibilities.

 But everything must be done step by step.

 Whether it is from the perspective of gradually increasing the stakes and giving them enough room to adapt, or from the perspective of testing whether the two are reliable enough, it is a good choice to first let them independently preside over a feasibility demonstration process.

On the other side, Lei Zhixing, who had just walked out of the office, took out the appropriation slip and stood at the stairs and read it over twice.

"What are you doing?"

Liu Fangping, who had already gone down half a flight of stairs, turned back with doubts on his face:


Lei Zhixing shook his head and followed his friend’s footsteps:

“I’m just thinking that we didn’t choose to stay in school, but listened to Teacher Yan and came to Beijing Airlines. This step should be the right one..."

Although at the school level, Qinghua is still a much better platform than Beijing Airlines.

 But for their two little lecturers, the most important thing is the laboratory they work in and the boss they work with.

  No matter how many school resources there are, they will be empty if they are not allocated to individuals.

 Liu Fangping doesn't talk much, but he definitely doesn't have an expressive ability disorder. He's just reluctant to speak in most cases:

“Of course, Professor Yan will not trick us. Besides, when he was working on the die forging press, he had already been in contact with Mr. Chang. He is definitely a person with a high enough level..."


at the same time. Paris France.

 After lunch time, Serge Dassault and Charles Edelsteiner were walking on the path inside the group.

“Charlie, has the news that we are planning to cooperate with the Chinese been released?”

Dassault looked at a sycamore tree beside the road and asked suddenly.

“According to your request, the cooperation was negotiated under the name of a civilian project. Two days ago, I gave some inside information to a reporter from the New York Times through my acquaintances in the media.”

Ed Steiner nodded and replied—

 In fact, Wen Kangjian’s previous worries were justified.

 Serge Dassault’s wishful thinking is indeed to try to make General Electric feel some sense of crisis by releasing a signal of cooperation with China, thereby restoring the relationship between the two parties...


 Cooperative relationship.

 In fact, according to his initial plan, he only needed to have some simple written exchanges with China, and there was no need to enter formal negotiations at all.

It is also for this reason that he chose to use a loophole-filled method of a business jet cooperation project as a cover—

 Because I had no intention of hiding it in the first place.

 Dassault even wanted to do it with a big fanfare and let the whole world know about it.

 Just considering that it was a bit too fake to do so, I made it a little more reserved.

 But it was also reported by the media as soon as the two parties started to contact each other.

“So, what is the reaction from the United States? Has it expressed its intention to continue to cooperate with Snecma?”

Dassault asked with a confident look.

  But facts have proven that the literature of spoiled wives is not necessary.

 If you have no intention of actually flipping the table, don't threaten the other party by flipping the table.

 After hearing his boss’s question, Ed Steiner shook his head with a complex expression.

Dassault frowned upon hearing this.

 But apparently not yet aware of the seriousness of the matter:

 “They refused?”

Ed Steiner shook his head again, and then spoke with a slightly bitter tone:

“Actually…so far, we have not received any feedback, and the United States seems to have simply ignored the news…”

 Dassault's expression froze on his face.

"how come…"

Ed Steiner did not answer.

 The air fell into silence for a moment.

 Obviously, this is not a question with a possible answer.

 For a moment, Serge Dassault felt that his mind was a little confused.

In his view, even if GE cannot directly change its mind, it can at least bring the other party back to the negotiating table.

 Perhaps at the very least, the latest F414 engine can also be made available for production Rafale.

In this way, although Snecma will suffer some losses, the impact on Dassault will be minimized—

Re-matching the new engine is bound to take some time, but it will always allow the Rafale fighter jets to be delivered to the French army on time in name.

 Ahead of the J-10 and EF2000.

But against all odds, I didn’t expect that the other side of the Atlantic didn’t even pay attention to him.

 This is rather stiff.

 “Mr. Dassault.”

 After the awkward atmosphere lasted for a while, Ed Steiner finally spoke:

“Actually, in order to prevent this from happening, I specifically asked Oliver Willy to maintain contact with the Chinese side.”

“So, it’s probably not too late to go back and find the Chinese people now…”

 (End of this chapter)