"Colson, you need to come and see this."

Phil Coulson, summoned by Hawkeye, glanced at the multiple displays in front of him and pulled out his cell phone without saying a word.

"Secretary, something happened."

Coulson, with a startled expression, reported to Nick Fury on the phone: "Instant appeared in Socovia, along with Iron Man, Hulk, Red Giant, and Dragon Female, North Star, and Asgard's harvest goddess, Schiff, who are besieging our research base ... "

Seven people, besieged an important research base of SHIELD, with a military fortress of hundreds of people, it sounds like there is something wrong, but Nick Fury on the opposite side of the phone apparently didn't think about it at this moment. Some of these, but also in the absence of critical information, he also clearly sees more thoroughly than Coulson: "They will not appear there for no reason, it must be what Strake did. ... "

After Nick Fury groaned for a moment, he immediately cleared the relationship: "Then, this is enough to explain the problem. It has already become a burrow of Hydra, instead of our SHIELD base, and immediately notified. Because of this fact, and telling him that our agents in Socovia will cooperate fully with his actions. "

"Let's clarify now, isn't it appropriate?"

Coulson's frowned frown deeply explained his feelings at this time: "Especially, we were just skeptical before, and we could not produce decent evidence at all, because Sant may not believe us."


Nick Fury reminded Coulson of the authorities with a very calm voice: "This is not the first time Hydra has provoked Incent, and he has even cooperated with our operation to clean up Hydra. You only You need to tell him the truth, he will understand. "

"I understand."

Although Coulson was still a bit frowning, he finally had a little confidence. After hanging up the call with Nick Fury, he turned his head and said to Hawkeye: "Call our agents and be ready to act."

Then, Incente received a call from Coulson.

The communication headset produced by Tony Stark is naturally compatible with Friday, because Sainte directly took the headset to make a call: "Coulson, at such a rapid response rate, I am sorry for the annual expenditure of your SHIELD. . "


Coleson was stunned by the unexpectedly friendly ridicule of Sainte's phrase, "You already guessed it?"

"of course."

In Saint Terbier was more certain: "Although they are wearing your uniform, they have the smell of 'Hydra' from head to toe."

Eliminating the difficulty of explanation, Coulson was, of course, overjoyed: "In fact, I'm nearby now, and they are my mission target."

"In fact, you're not talking about news. Before I came here, I felt the anger between you and Button."

Because Saint Tetilona blocked a beam full of the characteristics of the Rubik's Cube energy block, and squirted: "Colson, hurry up and say anything, but I am being attacked by a Rubik's Cube energy block I made , You can imagine, am I in a mood to chat with you now? "

"In fact, that wasn't something you made."

Regarding "facts", Coulson apparently got in touch with Incent: "From the beginning to the present, you have made more than one hundred cube energy blocks for us. The US headquarters alone is not enough. Where else? Unnecessary releases to branches in various countries? "


Because Sant thinks about this, even the tanks that fire energy cannons can be seen. How sufficient the Rubik's cube energy block reserves are. It is really unlikely that they will come from the SHIELD that has been deliberately restricted by him. It should be Since the Second World War, it has been retained by the Hydra who stole the beam and changed it. It has been secretly stored to this day.

"Our agents have assembled and rush to support immediately."

Coulson, who got the eagle-eye gesture, immediately said this on the phone, and heard that because Saint didn't hesitate to use the command tone: "You just block the border, don't just insert it into the battlefield, Hulk. Although I am in a good mood, I am still a Hulk. "

"Roger that."

Coulson consciously didn't express any opinions, but just carefully advised: "If you can, can you please leave the high-value goal headed by Baron Strark? They are alive, and they clear us the Hydra Action is more favorable. "

"no problem."

Because Sainte had been a bit stubborn of the blood of Saiyans, and before hanging up, he added a premise to his promise: "If they don't want to die."

However ... until the "Temporary League of Legends", which has been separated, has eliminated more than 70% of the resistance in this research base, and no one group of people ~ www.mtlnovel.com encountered the " High-value goals. "

Could it be that they have encountered the Hulk and the Red Giant unlucky?

Because Sainte was thinking so, just listening to Iron Man in the communication channel: "It is already certain that the reason they previously delayed time is just to escape. I suspect that the castle has a secret road, hair gel. Boy, help me find it with your sense of breath. "

"Give me a minute."

In fact, even if Iron Man didn't say it, because Sainte already planned to do so. Before, because there was a dense crowd of ordinary people, he could not tell who was the soldier and who was the head. By now, the situation is obviously different. Already.

Those who remained in place as cannon fodder must have been soldiers, who had been far away from the battlefield, mostly heads.

"Well ..."

Because Saint pouted, raised his arm and held the headset: "I need more time, and Coulson came with the agents of SHIELD because they are scattered to control the border, and I need to identify There was another pile of anger. "

"no need."

Iron Man's voice sounded at the same time as "Dangdang": "I have found a suspicious entrance."

"Then leave it to you."

Because Santa Tere had no trouble at all, he glanced at Lona, who was struggling with an energy tank, waving his arm and throwing out a one-handed qigong wave. Jin Chanchan's beam penetrated the heavy armor and exploded inside the tank. In the beginning, with his more than 3,000 fighting power, even if he just hit it with a hand, it has already surpassed the power he had just learned when he first learned Turtle Qigong.


For Lona, who looked at him with a bulging look, Yin Sheng directly extended an arm to her: "No time for you to play slowly, recruit your shuttle back, and then give your hand to I."

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