I saw the Hulk across the scene through the portal. The first Iron Man who ran across the past, followed by Iron Man who sprayed flames of hands and feet. The sound of the launch of the mini-missiles, almost the first time they passed through the door before and after them, sounded across the door and came to the same time.

Immediately after that, Collin Wen, Shif, and Lorra all rushed through in sequence, and they all showed their magical powers immediately. They stayed in the detention of Instant and finally arrived in a hurry. At the scene, this architectural style is very old-fashioned, but the facilities are very advanced. It gives a clear contrast to the large laboratory. None of the people who are here is long awake.

Betty Rose, who was abducted here forcibly, is also included.


After Sainte closed the portal, he turned to look at Colleen Win, pointing to Betty Rose in a coma: "Rescue her."

At this point, Betty Rose, who had been firmly protected by the Hulk in her arms, was nothing more than being injected with some type of sedative, and even the iron fist, which even the lethal toxins could easily solve, was removed. The impact of non-lethal drug residues in the human body is of course a piece of cake.

"What did I say before ?!"

Tony Stark's focus is obviously in two directions with Incentive. The original "I am responsible for hacking their server" plan, which had already been thrown away by him at this time, he faced In the direction of Yin Shengte, "Dangdang" lifted his faceplate, pointed at the subdued enemy troops on the ground, and said, "Look at their uniforms!"

The badges printed on the chest of these armed men in uniform are the striking Eagle Shield logo of SHIELD.

Because Sainte frowned slightly, he felt that the architectural style around him was familiar, and thoughtfully looked at Tony Stark: "Which country are we in?"


That's right ... When Captain America said, "Baron Strak, the number one villain in Hydra." The guy did say one thing-strictly speaking, I was a SHIELD villain.

Instant, who suddenly realized, of course, has also realized that here is the hereditary castle belonging to the family of "Wolfgang von Struck", that is, in the original plot, the Avengers came to recapture the "embedded mind The Scepter of Jewels "battlefield.

The most proud works of Baron Strak, who is famous for illegal human experiments, are "Crimson Witch" and "Fast Silver".

It's been a few years early ...

Because of the urge to cover his face with Sainte ’s force, the fact that the women ’s federation 1 has not yet begun, and the women ’s federation 2 has been unveiled, shows that his power to stir the **** stick and the wheel of destiny are no longer known. Where have you been ...

"Again, don't rush to conclusions."

Because of course, Sainte was not able to directly reveal the mystery. When he waved his hand to Iron Man, he slammed and explained: "I think there is something strange here, you may not know, Aegis ..."


A roar similar to that of a large female feline interrupted the words in Intent's mouth, and a touch of bright pink was imprinted on his eyes.

Startled by Colleen Wen, she hurried away from Betty Rose, who had just become sober, and began to transform into Betty Rose. It was purely conditioned and rushed to the side of Inst. She was still wondering why the iron fist in her body, The energy would be so terrible for her. At this moment, my heart is probably a little bit unreasonable ...

"She sucked up my Tekken energy."

Listening to Colleen Wen Ru said, because of Saint special nodded: "Don't worry, this should be normal."


Colleen Win slapped her lips. Although she didn't express any opinions on this, both her and Lona and Schiff who heard Instant say the same, were now dismissive.



Immediately after, the reunion picture of the Hulk and the Red Giant made everyone on the scene look away. It was too beautiful to look at ...

"You just said, what I might not know?"

Facing Tony Stark's inquiries, Instant shrugged his shoulders and succinctly recounted the fact: "A large number of Hydra are lurking in SHIELD. I once co-cleaned with Nick Fury, but Well, it is quite possible that Hydra actually penetrated deeper than we know. "

In fact, Yin Shengte is not a lie. For Hydra, which is called "cut off one head and grow two heads", except for the largest "snake head" that was eliminated "Alexandre Pierce". How many branches of the "head" exist in the SHIELD, even his traversal, dare not know all.

In other words, it is too much to remember ...

"I thought ... Hydra has been eliminated in the last century."

Tony Stark frowned. "You mean, these people are Hydra? Not SHIELD? How confident are you?"

"Nine percent."

With certainty, Instant shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't think Nick Fury would do such a thing. Don't get me wrong, of course he can do it, but he is not so stupid."


Tony Stark did not fully trust Incent's judgment: "But you have to admit that he always hoped that SHIELD would have their own superpowers."

"The SHIELD has it now."

Yin Sheng shrugged his shoulders again: "The Extraordinary Agents I taught, the Super Agents I gave to Moyin, and the newly melted Captain America will most likely join them, although the 'obedient piracy Hulk' It's seductive enough, but I still don't think it's enough to risk Nick Fury. "

"Captain America?"

With raised brows, Tony Stark didn't seem to have hacked SHIELD recently ... He was very surprised and immediately switched the topic: "What did he just melted ..."


Wearing a shiny armor, he seemed somewhat out of step, and interrupted the chat between Incente and Iron Man: "You two are enough! Is it true that no one but me remembers that we are now Are you in the enemy camp ?! "

"What's panic? Their alarms aren't ... wait a minute!"

Because of Sainte ’s words, ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ frowned and looked at Iron Man, with the opposite tone in his mouth, giving the same basic meaning as just now, "to this day, their None of the alarms have sounded. "

"They want to delay time, and for security reasons, we still don't give them a chance."

Iron Man, who understands in seconds, immediately put on his face armor again, with a voice that suddenly became deep and thick after an electronic process, and said, "Whether it is SHIELD or Hydra, kill them first. "


Because Sainte nodded deeply, acting as a glue to gather all the people present, he acted as a commander: "The place is not small, we break up, fat, you and Xiaohong together, Ke Lynn, take Shif, Lorna, follow me. "

As for the Iron Man who placed the order, naturally it was deliberately ignored by Inst. Is it not a person who listens to the command ...

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