correct! Betty Rose is in a "powerless" state. If you only rely on the rays in the sun to replenish your energy, you do n’t know when you will be able to recover from the previous state of prosperity. I ca n’t find it with the intensity of the breath I sensed last time. Decreased by the standard ...

Because of the sudden realization of Sainte, he closed his eyebrows with **** again. Before Tony Stark tried to express his opinion, he broke his thoughts first: "Don't make noise, let me try again ..."


A clear and loud noise interrupted the words in Yin Shengte's mouth. Among the glass **** rain splashing in the sky, a spherical protective cover with a glowing white halo was first printed in his eyes, needless to say. It is known that the person who opened the original protective cover closest to the ancient iron fist was Corinne Wen holding Lona in her left hand and Hive in her right hand.

The next moment, a huge green fist was printed on Colleen Wen's protective cover, just like a frightened beast, and the Hulk showed his tusks without hesitation.

This time, but the horse honeycomb.

The blazing white hood shattered silently, smashing the Hulk who broke the shield, and flew back at the same time. Then, Colleen Win, Lorna, and Schiff all spent one morning. The "combined attacks" that were trained at Instant fell on the Hulk, just like a storm.


Tony Stark took a quiet breath and saw the tragic Hulk being besieged. It was difficult to hide his heart's feelings, and he walked to Incent: "Are you going to look at it this way? ? "

"Don't make a noise."

In fact, because Sainte did n’t even “see” at this moment, he did n’t open his eyes to Tony Stark ’s question and said, “When I find Betty Rose, the green fat man is naturally in no mood. Let's continue to play around. "

Nonsense? Do you dare to be more biased? This is obviously not Hulk's fault ...

Tony Stark hid his eyes behind the faceplate of the battle suit, and stayed in place with a lot of self-knowledge. Facing the three women and one giant who was in a war in front of him, he was not able to pull the frame ...

Just saying that his absolute nemesis, Lorna, was destined that Iron Man wouldn't find it boring, let alone whether it was Colleen Win or Schiff, they were not easy to match ...

"Stop it."

The situation that made Iron Man incompetent and suddenly solidified with one finger of Incente: "Stop me."

I have to say that his words have something to say about the law. Under the stagnant space constraints, even the strongest Hulk on the field cannot make a complete action. Haven't both sides stopped passively?

Instant's space was blocked and received immediately, and then stared at the Hulk: "I found Betty."

I heard that the Hulk ’s anger that had already risen was as if it had been directly extinguished by a splash of cold water, and instantly forgotten that the three women who had beaten themselves were hurt. In front of Saint: "Betty!"

"Don't worry, take you to her right away."

Instant calmed the Hulk, then turned to look at Iron Man: "It was a little weird. When I found her, I felt Colson and Barton's anger nearby."


Tony Stark lifted his faceplate with a bang, revealing a frowning expression, against the icy steel glow emanating from his body, his eyes looked very sharp, although between SHIELD and him There have always been contacts and constant encounters, but they have always been minor and innocent, and this incident is quite different: "I have already told you that I can't believe that group of spies! "

"Don't just casually draw conclusions, okay?"

Yin Sheng pouted his lips: "I say 'near' means a look a few kilometers away. It is more likely that they are focusing on the same goal as us. I say 'strange', which is also a coincidence. "

Tony Stark looked slightly grim. "Where's Dr. Rose for a long time?"

"A certain country in Eastern Europe, without giving me a map, I can't say which one."

After Saint shrugged his shoulders and dropped the sentence, he reached out and patted the restless Hulk, and walked to Colleen Wen's daughter, "Why are you here?"

"Since you know something happened, you have to come over and see what happened."

Listening to Colleen Wenru saying that she nodded due to the characteristics of the saint, and roughly explained the situation: "Betty Rose has been abducted, and we will go to her now."

"I'll go as well."

Lorna wanted to say something like this, and stepped forward to look at Inst. "When I was part-time at Stark Industries, Dr. Rose took the best care of me. Boss, I can't stand by."

"Okay, then you follow me."

Because Sainte's face lightly touched his jaw, then he turned his eyes to Colleen Win: "You and Shiv?"

"We followed."

Colleen Win pointed at the apparently impatient Hulk and Iron Man: "Just leave us alone, it matters."

"it is good."

Incente turned around and looked at the Hulk and Iron Man: "Dr. Rose is surrounded by an amazing amount of gas. If I am not mistaken, there should be a large building group such as a military base. What do you think? Should we kill it directly or make a plan first? "


"Since they are all powerful, we certainly need a plan."

Iron Man ignored the roaring Hulk: "Our most important task is to save people. There is no doubt that it is also imperative to completely solve the hidden dangers."

"I agree."

Because of the holy character, the head expressed approval: "So? Do you already have a draft in your heart?"

"Simple ~ ~ You open a portal next to Dr. Rose, we rush directly to it, and then you are responsible for saving people, I am responsible for hacking their servers, wait until I figure out their way, then Plan for the second step. "

"It sounds pretty good."

Yin Sheng nodded again, looking around: "Are you all right?"

Everyone shook their heads, because Sainte beckoned and signaled that everyone was coming to their side, Iron Man popped out four in-ear mini-type headphones from the battle suit, except for Hulk, everyone threw One: "Use this to keep in touch, and press your finger on the headset to trigger the microphone."

"Are you ready?"

With everyone nodding their heads, Instant who raised the question immediately raised his right arm and fisted with five fingers: "Be ready, the door is about to open."

At the next moment, as the five fingers of Instant slowly spread out, a circle of clear blue zoomed in front of him, and while his right hand became a fist, a three-meter-high space portal was completely followed. Of molding.

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