In the hands of Instant, Colleen Win beats down, Lorna beats soy sauce, and Schiff is in charge of a lunch, halfway through, an uninvited voice suddenly appears on the table.

"Help! Green alert!"

Tony Stark took advantage of his privileges to stay there on Friday, and went directly to Incent's phone: "Stark Building! Speed!"


Because Sainte did not hear the word "speed", he continued to chew in his mouth unhurriedly, until he swallowed the food in his mouth, and then took out his mobile phone from his pocket and said, "What? What's going on? Don't tell me, you're challenging Bruce's self-control limits again ... "

"Not much time ... ah ah ah ah ..."

Tony Stark said only half a sentence, and the latter was lost in a long exclaimed voice, and there was a murmur of "purine bangs" coming along the phone, mixed with Dao's grotesque "I," "I," and "Uh, uh" with Iron Man characteristics.


Lorna looked at Intenat as if he was listening to Xiaoqu's leisurely appearance, could not help but urge him: "Stark seems to be in danger, don't you come over and see?"

"It's okay, isn't he still full of energy? Don't worry, his new suit and shell are made of Zhenjin. Even if the Hulk catches the violent tyrannical, he won't die for a while. . "


It wasn't just Lona who was speechless. The conversation over the restaurant was apparently following the communication line to Tony Stark and facing him out of control. The Hulk finally managed to catch a respite, Immediately angrily shouted: "Mix boy! There are civilians at the scene! Come here! I'm almost out of control!"

"This should be your opening remarks!"

Seeing Insante's sudden change of face, he disappeared on the dining table instantly, Lorna followed, and looked at Colleen Wen. "I'll go and see."

The relationship between Colleen Wen and Tony Stark, although not close to Lorna, is always more than an acquaintance, and then stood up and took a picture of Shiv who still happily bowed his head: "Everyone together Go. "


She raised her head with an inexplicable expression, which made people wonder if she hadn't heard the series of conversations at all ...

"The landmark building that you rate as‘ very eye-catching and makes people want to demolish it ’.”

At the same time, the high-rise building of Colleen Wenkou, Stark Industries' R & D department.

"What's missing Betty Rose?"

Using space blockade to temporarily control the Hulk's In Saint, frowning and looking at the Iron Man in a battle suit: "You are telling me that someone sneaked into your Stark building without knowing it. , Did not make any noise at all, and took away the amazing Red Giant? "

"... Since I stepped down as CEO, Stark Industries' security measures have indeed been a bit lax."

Under the hulk's puppet, Tony Stark's suit with the theme of big red has already wiped out a large area of ​​baking paint, exposing the silvery glittering gold inside. After hesitating to take over as CEO Potter Potts, he threw out his own pot and shrugged his shoulders: "It was only Dr. Rose who was taken away. What you don't know is that she also has control over the transformation. Big problem, contrary to Bruce, after she spontaneously changed back to ordinary human form, no matter how angry she was, she wouldn't turn red ... "

Nonsense, the Red Giant does not have unlimited vital energy, and the way to enhance strength has nothing to do with anger. The current situation should be power out? You should illuminate her with all kinds of energy rays, just need another gamma ray, and definitely solve the problem ...

Incentive thinking about this in his heart, of course, said nothing, because he could not explain at all, how could he know this ...

Tony Stark, who ca n’t read the mind, turned his head at this time, looking at the whole body covered with faint blue smoke. The large-scale statue-like Hulk with special effects of light and shadow bluntly complained: "In fact, if Bruce was willing to listen to me and take some more drastic measures to assist him, Dr. Rose would never be able to control his own. Transfiguration. "

"In short, nothing is your fault?"

Because Sainte shrugged his lips, and because he couldn't point out Tony Stark's fallacy, he felt very uncomfortable, and turned his attention to the Hulk: "Big fat, I will let you go now, But if you don't calm down, I won't take you to Betty. "

I heard that from head to toe, I was restrained by the power of the space gem. Basically, it was the immovable Hulk. The original eyes filled with anger gradually calmed down. His essence was actually very fierce. However, the slight struggles on it stopped.

Seeing this, Tony Stark crooked his mouth in a depressed mood. The same sentence, "I'll take you to Betty", said from his mouth, and from Incent's mouth, the effect was really different. Too obvious, he couldn't help feeling unbalanced ...

I'm obviously much more reliable than this dude!

In the defamation of Tony Stark's resentment, Yin Sheng released the all-round blockade of the Hulk. After discovering that he had regained his freedom, this huge green fat man's eyes began to become eager to try again. , Erected a forefinger towards him, and shook and warned: "Hmm! Hmm! Hmm! Don't force me!"


Hulk raised his big hand ~ ~ With an extremely stout finger, he pointed at the iron man who slammed his face into a "slam": "His fault! He's not good!"

"Is he important, or is Betty important?"

Listening to Instant's question, the Hulk knocked a pair of huge fists, and gave Tony Stark a fierce glance: "Iron man! Endless!"

Before Iron Man had the opportunity to return to the Hulk ’s ruthless words, Yin Sheng raised his index and middle fingers of his right hand and reached his eyebrows. Before he closed his eyes, he said very seriously, "I want to start I'm looking for Betty, they all give me silence. "

Although I only saw the Red Giant's anger once, but because of the close contact, I was impressed by Incente. With his current mental power, he can use the momentary starting gesture, which is also called It is a breeze.


After a while, Yin Sheng frowned and opened his eyes, as if speaking to Iron Man and the Hulk, and as if whispering to himself: "Why can't I sense it?"

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