At the same time as Nick Fury and Captain America met, Instant was exercising his control of space gems on an uninhabited desert island deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Although it is said that Kama Taj headed by "Ancient Master", even if it is hostile to Saint, it will never be too deep. The possibility of using time gems to deal with him is very small, but if He really had his luck back to the extreme, and encountered a chance that was basically impossible. So, in the current situation, in the face of an infinite gem, his most secure means of self-protection is to use another infinite. gem.

Insent, who had previously experienced a surge of spiritual power in the spiritual world, studied intermittently for three days alone. The further development of the power of space gems has now entered the stage of actual combat. He is the three people on the desert island who serve as his companions. It's Colleen Win, Shiv, and Lorna.

I have to say that when Incentive stated that he would stand still as a target and let them attack without any counterattack, there was no shortage of bones for this opportunity to let go of his hands and vent his extra energy. The three women of the violent factor all have a little desire.

But the development of things is obviously far from what they expected ...

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Colleen Win shouted three times in a frantic manner, and resentfully reclaimed the katana with a white glow all over her body. With Instant's mention, she has already learned to infuse the iron fist into the weapon. In other words, this is an indestructible katana.

However, in the face of stagnant space, the concept of "every invincible" completely lost any meaning.

Before being swiftly retrieved by Colleen Wen, the radiant samurai sword on her hand almost touched Insent's neck, and it was just a layer of dreamlike magic across it. Light blue smoke.

Whenever this seemingly light smoke blew away, when it appeared in the air, it represented the word "absolutely stop".

Whether under the blessing of iron fist, the blade that is almost "immortal" itself, or the special energy hidden in the blade body, when exposed to the faint light blue smoke, it is unable to exert any power at all. Being able to stop is purely unreasonable.

"I told you all that if you want to break through my 'space blockade', the only possibility is that your attack frequency is better than my response ..."

Because of the Saint ’s words, the index finger of his right hand pointed lightly into the air, with a sudden flash of faint blue in the air, a black metal shuttle whistling from the air, and immediately followed with a phantom. The super-high-speed flight state has changed to a hovering state.

As the most powerful weapon of Lorna today, the "Ulubo Shuttle", aside from the top-level materials of the universe, whether it is the flexibility of the arm and the finger, or the super high speed in Mach, for anyone who comes It is said that all are deadly threats, but in the face of space gems that ignore distance, they also lose meaning.

"……Response capability."

Because Sainte easily settled down Lorna's shuttle, he hurriedly made up the words in his mouth, shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't mean anything, but I don't even feel any pressure now. If you can't cooperate better, I can practice it myself. "

"Smelly boss, it's obviously smelly!"

Lorna pouted her lips, turned to look at Colleen Wen and Shiv, and exchanged a look with them: "I can't stand his elation, how about you?"

"For Asgard!"

Just listening to this charge, you know that it was Hiff who took the lead in killing the sword. As the most experienced of the three women, she first discovered a weakness in Yin Sheng that is not a weakness—and most of them The Masters are exactly the same. Whenever the power of space gems is used, Yin Shengte is used to using the most flexible fingers of the human body to assist his own mental power to control. If he wants to disrupt his rhythm, the knife The knives are chopped at the hands, surely!

After seeing Shiv's tactics, Lorna also started to struggle with Insante's fingers, and began a continuous stream of remote support. Although she only had a Uluhuo shuttle, as long as there was still around In the presence of metal, she did not have ammunition severed.

The two attacked each other from a distance and a distance, and then matched with Colleen Wen, who could also take a close-range or long-range turn, and even turned his arms around the circle to form an endless wave of all-round attacks. They could only stand. The battered Incente, under the siege of the three women who had been thoroughly and seriously motivated by him, began to lose his initial ease and had a taste of being busy.


After Hif forced a sword's flame protection body with a sword, the whole person was shocked and flew back. The person was still in the air, and he smiled cheerfully: "You lost!"

One of the rules of this game is that Incente can only use the power of space gems.

In fact, even if you can only use space gems, if Sainte did not release water, Colleen Wen and others would not even want to play so fast. The space blockade can not only be used for defense, if he wants, it can be. Including their weapons and even their hands and feet, once this is the case, those attacks that have been passed on should not be easily recaptured, the subsequent tricks will no longer exist, and the frequency of attacks will be impossible to talk about.

Of course, because the purpose of Sainte is for practice, naturally it will not be done upside down.

"That's right."

Because Saint Teco is not as strong as Hiff ’s mentality of victory and defeat, instead of being annoyed at this time, he is very satisfied and everyone is forced out. The more he assists with his training ~ ~ the faster his progress will be The faster: "Let's do it again."

Until one morning passed, the three women who became more and more acquainted with each other, but it became more and more difficult to break through the space blockage of Sainte. Obviously, both the offensive and defensive sides were improving, and the defensive side should grow faster.

"not coming."

Colleen Wen, who couldn't take a long time to attack, "brushed" to return the katana in her hand and took the lead to quit the siege: "It's time to go back for lunch, I have something to do in the afternoon."

Lona, who was already a bit out of energy, was relieved immediately, and then recalled Ulufeishuo: "I have been hungry for a long time."

Seeing this, there was still some unwilling Shifu, who had no choice but to die. Before putting up the sword, he smiled at Yin Shengte: "This activity is good, we can come a few more times."

"Have a chance."

Because Sainte said so, his portal opened fast, facing the blue-blue energy as the threshold. The door was just a circular space door in New York. He reached out and made a "please" gesture: "Ladies first . "

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