"I thought how beautiful your Liang family was in Lingnan and dominate the party! But now? Even 1.3 million days of spar can't be taken out, it's really laughing at people's teeth!" Liu Feilin giggled, Full of pleasure.

"Now your Liang family, your Liang Tingzi, are a lowly pig, a dying man! While you still have a tone, quickly find the grave! Save the day if you don't pay attention, you will be violent on the spot, and even collect the body No one! "

"I just didn't take enough of Tian Jingshi. Who said that my Liang family had no money?" Liang Tingzi said unconvinced.

"Still stubborn?" Liu Feilin sneered: "Don't think that I don't know, your Liang family has already run out of water, and now you can borrow the crystals everywhere to pay off the debt!"

"Dare to come to Hengyuanfang to buy medicine without money, are you willing to take someone for fun?"

As soon as this remark was made, the shop buddy's face was not very good, and said indifferently: "Miss Liang, if you can't take out the spar, then I can only sell this double fire and ice to Miss Liu It's up! "

"I bought it! At least I didn't bring enough crystals. Let me go home and get them. I'll be right back!" Liang Tingzi said quickly.

"Sorry, I don't have credit on this Hengyuanfang!" The shop guy shook his head directly.

"Hurry up without sky crystal and still want to credit? Do you treat others as fools? You Liang family ca n’t eat any food immediately, what do you pay for it?" Liu Feilin sneered, pushing Liang Tingzi away with a scornful look, He took outrageously from Liu Feilin's hands, and there was a double flower.

At the same time, she looked desperately at Liang Tingzi: "Otherwise, let the man beside you buy it for you? Oh, forget, this man beside you is a beggar! Hahaha!"

Liang Tingzi was so anxious that she almost cried. She was anxious not because she was insulted by Liu Feilin, but because Ye Feng followed her!

He had intended to buy medicine for Ye Feng, but ended up causing Ye Feng to humiliate with her!

At this time, Liang Tingzi was already in chaos, and there was no way out!


Just now!

Yefeng sighed helplessly, then took a step forward and said to the shop buddy, "Can you borrow a step to speak!"

The shop man frowned suspiciously, but still followed the night breeze to the side.

"Oh, so mysterious! A deadly waste, and want to turn things around? I don't believe you can really bring 300,000 spar!" Liu Feilin said with a look of scorn.

Liang Tingzi was also suspicious, and did not know what abacus Yefeng was doing!

Then they obviously saw that shop buddy's figure stunned, as if they were going to kneel to Yefeng!

At this time, the night breeze also seemed to make a supportive action!

This made Liu Feilin and others a little dazed, what the **** is going on!

Immediately after, Yefeng murmured something with the shop buddy.

The shop buddy walked back aggressively, and then politely reached out to Liu Feilin: "Bring me the herbs!"


Liu Feilin was stunned on the spot, angrily: "Why? He gave Tian Jingshi? Why didn't I see it? Why didn't Tian Jingshi take the medicinal herbs!"

She is not convinced!

What did this guy mutter with the shop buddy, so much so that his attitude changed dramatically!

"He buys medicinal materials in my Hengyuanfang, he doesn't need to spend spar!" The shop man said coldly, his tone was a little impatient!

Because he already knew the true identity of Yefeng.

what! !! !!

As soon as this remark came out, let alone Liu Feilin, even Liang Tingzi was stunned!

Why does Yefeng not need to spend spar when buying medicine in Hengyuanfang? You have to know that even the existence of Longjiang has to be given to Tianjingshi since Hengyuanfang came!

But the night breeze is not used, what is going on?

What the **** is this guy doing?

"Why do we need Sky Spar, and he doesn't need it?" Liu Feilin was furious and felt severely beaten.

Isn't this guy a beggar? How could there be so much energy?

Hearing that, the shop buddy immediately sneered and said politely: "What are you two worthy of being compared with that adult? Even if he evacuates the entire Hengyuanfang, we will do the same No penny! "

In front of this, but the master of their boss!

His Majesty the Demon Emperor, who dares to accept his spar?

Isn't that looking for death?

Sorry, if you are upset by the night breeze, the whole Hengyuanfang will be razed to the ground by his anger, and they can't say half a word!

And Liu Feilin and others, offended, offended, wouldn't they dare to take action on Heng Yuanfang? Give them ten guts and they dare not!

this is the truth!

And at this time!

Liu Feilin and others have been completely choked!

His eyes were so wide that he couldn't even speak!

Empty the entire Hengyuanfang, penniless?

Well, at least billions of celestials?

For nothing?

This guy, isn't he a beggar?

Originally, they despised him because of the realm of the nightwind fairy emperor, but they did not expect that this guy had a superb background even though his realm was not high!

Even the prestigious Heng Yuanfang must give a three-pointer!

This is simply incredible!

Liang Tingzi also stared at Yefeng inconceivably. This man should not be a local talent in Lingnan, but why can he allow such forces as Heng Yuanfang to bow their heads?

You know, the magic emperor is behind Heng Yuanfang!

At this time, Longjiang's face also became extremely ugly!

At the same time, Yefeng came over and said to the shop buddy, "Kick them out, I don't want to breathe the same place with them!"

Same tone!

The same words!

"Success! Please wait a moment!" The shop buddy promised respectfully, then turned around and ordered Liu Feilin to command:

"Two, please leave and leave Hengyuanfang. We don't welcome you?"

Liu Feilin suddenly became furious, and her eyes were split!

Anxious to rush up and unload the shop buddies!

"You just said clearly that Hengyuanfang has no rules for rushing passengers. Why are you going back again now?" Liu Feilin was furious. If she was kicked out in public, how could she linger in Lingnan in the future?

Another one, Liang Tingzi was watching from the side, how could she lose this face?

"Previously there was no such requirement, but from this moment on, there is !!!"

The shop buddy looked arrogant, completely disregarding the anger of the two Liu Feilin!

This is simply unreasonable!

At this time, Liu Feilin's face was not very good!

There is a feeling of being fooled!

They want to drive away the night wind, Heng Yuanfang refused, but the other party asked Heng Yuanfang to drive them away, but Heng Yuanfang agreed to it without thinking!

Look down on who?

"You dare to despise me on Fuhu Mountain!" Long Jiang's body suddenly burst into coercion!

The guests present were immediately shaking, and their expressions turned pale!

"Oh? Are you threatening me Heng Yuanfang?" The shop buddy's face sank, and after a while, there were several figures in that scene!

All are saints, with monstrous saints on their bodies, coming here one after another, one by one looking bad, with tense murder!

And at this moment, all the killings, gathered towards Liu Feilin and Longjiang!

The fierce expression on Longjiang's face suddenly disappeared, and then a panic emerged!

He didn't expect that there were so many saints hidden in this little pharmacy!

Liu Feilin immediately shivered, and in her heart scolded Longjiang for not knowing whether she was alive or dead, but said in her mouth: "Long little, little intolerance is chaotic. When he leaves Hengyuanfang, we have a chance to get him. He is in conflict! "

She knew that at this time Longjiang had to be stepped down, otherwise the conceited guy with high eyes would be very upset, and then she would have to be angry with her!

Then Liu Feilin honestly put the herbs on the ground, but she did not forget to look at Liang Tingzi.

Hearing that, Long Jiang snorted suddenly, and then took a deep look at Ye Feng and Liang Tingzi, and the threat in that eye was extremely intense!

Out of Hengyuanfang!

Liu Feilin asked impatiently: "Long, how are you going to deal with them?"

"Oh, do you still need to talk about it? The man killed, the woman killed first, then I killed her, and some people didn't think she was dirty!" Long Jiang said fiercely.

After hearing this, Liu Feilin's face suddenly appeared ecstatic!

Apparently, she also realized what Liang Tingzi would do, and she was tortured before she died. This cruelty made her feel happy!

"What if Hengyuanfang intervenes?" Liu Feilin said with some worry. In the scene just now, it is clear that Hengyuanfang and Liang Tingzi and others are already wearing a pair of pants.

"This time, my grandfather asked me to come to Lingnan to find an extraordinary existence, and sent me a few good guys for this purpose. I have summoned them just now, even if Heng Yuanfang wants to do more business, he has the heart Powerless! "

Longjiang looked arrogant and said coldly: "And as long as we find that existence, even if it is a demon emperor, we still don't look at it!"


Liu Feilin suddenly changed her face ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ The face was incredible: "What, that existence, who is it?"

"I don't know, my grandfather didn't say, but I guess it should be one of the nine emperors! It is most likely the emperor!" Longjiang said lightly.

"So we don't have to be afraid of Heng Yuanfang?" Liu Feilin immediately went out of joy, and it seemed that she was really betting right, and Fuhushan was extraordinary.

If I become a mistress of Longjiang, I'm afraid I can get some light.

At that moment, she was huddled in the arms of Longjiang in a hurry: "You can't forget others then!"

After hearing that, Long Jiang also showed a smirk, and then evoked Liu Feilin's chin: "You have to see if you do it!"


Liu Feilin smiled, and naturally knew what Longjiang was referring to!

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