They have always ruled the world with heaven and earth. If the night breeze was to be arbitrary, where would they be placed?

The other side's words are clearly trying to overthrow their rule of heaven. How can this be accepted by them?

This is a violation of their majesty!

A provocation!

Heaven, no shame!

It's just that!

A chaos Jianmang was rushed out of the soft and slashed from the void!


The entire space is chopped up and left behind, leaving a narrow gully!

Power can shake the world!


Containing unparalleled majestic power, suddenly rushed to a rule!

puff! !! !!

On the spot, the rule was a scream, the body burst open on the spot, and was beheaded again!


This scene, after seeing the rest of the rules, was horrifying!

That's it again!

It is another sword that killed the rule!

damn it!

Exactly what was the forged sword in that guy's hand, how could there be such a terrifying power?

It's incredible!

at this time!

The night wind suddenly looked up, a cruel smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and then a cold voice of **** came out:

"Are you satisfied with this lesson?"

"Capture the sword !!!"

One of the laws of heaven shouted, his body burst out like a streamer!

They are completely angry!

Heaven, irreversible!

Going against the sky, a dead end!

No matter whether the night breeze is a **** or a man or a demon, you must bow down under the heaven!

Now, he is trying to rebel, he is just trying to die! !! !!

They noticed that the exquisite sword in Yefeng's hand was huge. As long as the sword was taken away, Yefeng would be helpless!

Yefeng's eyes were fierce, he did not retreat, he strode out, and then the sword was cut into anger, and he immediately cut out the 989 sword.

A group of rules are being shot, each showing supernatural powers, is very powerful, blocking many offensives, but still there is no way to block as many as possible!

Gorgeous runes flowed from them, colorful!

It is blood that bleeds when injured!

And they are injured by the law mark!


The painful wailing sounded continuously!

One by one, the rules were severely damaged and disappeared into the sky!

Ye Feng's shot was more than just crippling the other party, he would completely obliterate the other party!



"Illusion! It must be an illusion!"

Every rule is thrilling!

They are the law of heaven. All sentient beings will let them send. They are older than the saints. They have spent endless years, but they are instantly wiped out by the night wind!

This makes them unacceptable!

Demon Emperor, how could it be so powerful, it is abnormal!

Their means came out, and the results could not change anything. The sword did have the magical power of the world, and it could break the heavens. It is rare in contemporary times!

Huh! !! !!

But suddenly!

The **** of the night wind suddenly appeared a golden figure, the brilliance is bright, the killer is infinite, a majestic and violent beam suddenly shot towards the back of the night wind!

puff! !! !!

This light beam suddenly penetrates the night breeze and passes through the body!

"Do not!!!"

Big and small beads yelled at this moment, and suddenly they were ashamed!

At this time, the blood queen was also violent, and her face was filled with extreme panic!

"It worked!"

Seeing this, the rules of the heavens immediately made a sneer!

The crowd just saw the light groups trembling slightly!

At this time, even Su Xiaoping couldn't bear it, the night breeze didn't need to come to this muddy water.

But he still came!

For such an irrelevant person, fight against heaven alone!

Then, everyone saw the shape of the night breeze, and even at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, it was quickly aging and ruined!

The old-fashioned dragon bell, with gray hair!

"Hahaha! Devil, my law stands for decay, can you resist it now?"

The law of sneak attacks suddenly burst into laughter, and his face was full of contempt and ridicule.

"Arbitrary? It's a big tone, but it's a fool. You're so corrupt to death! Hahaha!"

A group of rules, suddenly laughed!

The laughter revealed a joke like a cat and a mouse!

This is to look down on the end of their heavens, a dead end!

At this time, the size of the beads and others are also nervous, with an incredible look on their faces!

Especially the blood queen!

She witnessed the strength of the overnight wind, and naturally knew how terrible his physical body was, but now she couldn't resist the erosion of the laws, and at this time quickly aging!

The power of heaven is irresistible, even the physical body of the Emperor is difficult to parry!

at the same time!

The blade of Yefeng's hand fell off, and his hands became thin and dry, like a dead body!

And trembling, the horrible aging of the whole person, even Jian Feng can not hold it!


A figure swept away, then the universe front was taken down, and then he laughed: "The sword has been taken, he has no way!"

"Catch up immediately and kill him !!!"

Someone yelled, the words were brutal, and they were full of icy killings!

"No, that's so boring! Watching him slowly wither and die, and eventually die tragically! That's interesting!"

Another voice said, full of sinister meaning!

Watching the night wind aging to death but there is no way, so that there is pleasure, they can watch the posture of night wind in pain and despair!

Looking forward to the moment when Yefeng asks them for mercy!

The law of decay, looking down at Ye Feng, he laughed badly: "Devil, you can say your last words!"


They just saw the corner of Yefeng's mouth and wriggled a few times, but the voice was too low for them to hear at all!

"what did you say?"

The law of decay came forward, and put his ears in front of the night wind. In his opinion, the night wind had lost its combat power, so he was fearless at this time!

Come on deliberately to face the night breeze with this humiliating attitude!

Then, the night breeze slowly spoke: "I said, you all **** it !!!"

what! !! !!

The law of decay is suddenly one of them!


Just now!

With both hands, he suddenly stretched towards him, and then suddenly grabbed the light group!

"What are you doing! Stop! Stop for me!"

The Law of Decay is suddenly shocked!

This is wrong!

It shouldn't be like this, this guy has decayed and decayed into this look, and there can be no fighting power!

how can that be!

What exactly is going on!

He didn't believe it was true!

boom! !! !!

A monstrous magic suddenly swept away!

Suddenly surrounded by the golden light group!


A horrible engulfing force will devour the laws of decay!


There was a scream of pain and pain, and it kept ringing!

Everyone's horrible discovery, there are countless runes bursting out of the decaying rule, thousands of words, all swallowed by the night wind!

Going crazy toward the night wind!

All the rules present were stunned!

The other side is obviously dying!

Why, there is still a fight back!


They're completely nagging!

The scene in front of them made them feel incredible!

Then they saw that the description of the night wind was recovering little by little!

In the end, it is what it is!

And the law of decay has completely disappeared, completely swallowed by the night wind!

Yefeng licked his tongue greedily, revealing a smile full of malice: "The taste of the law, it turned out to be so delicious!"

what! !! !!

Everyone, suddenly panic!

This guy has eaten a rule for a living!

how can that be! !! !!

For a while, Su Xiaoping and others saw that the light groups were shaking slightly!

Those rules are scared!

"You, how can you stop the power of decay!"

They have clearly seen that the night breeze is about to fall, but at a critical moment, the night breeze counterattacks!

For the first time, they have heard of such a thing!

"Because I ... swallow everything !!!"

The power of the night breeze can swallow the world!

What rotten power, what else!

"Even if you kill decay, your Excalibur has been taken away, and you can never be our opponent again!"

They laughed loudly, and now the night wind was like a dead person in their eyes!

Without the help of the Excalibur, they no longer need to be afraid!

And without the night wind of the Excalibur, nothing!


Just now!

what! !! !!

In the distance, a rune mark burst out, the screams just started and then disappeared, a law of heaven was caught by Ye Yefeng, tearing into pieces!

Then all swallowed up!

boom! !! !!

In an instant, all the rules were shocked by Qi Qi!

how can that be!

The other side, shattered a rule with bare hands!

They are intangibles, and even the most holy soldiers can't hurt them. How could they be killed by bare hands!

In front of this scene, all of them were scalp numb, and their eyes were cracked!

In those eyes, there was endless fear!

Completely scared!

This is simply an illusion!


Ye Feng turned back suddenly, and then suddenly held a distant grip on the distant cosmic front!

Hum! !! !!

Suddenly, at this moment!

That caught the cosmic front and was pulled!

boom! !! !!

The horrible swordman ~ ~ is bursting out at this moment, gorgeous and eye-catching!

what! !! !!

The rule of the sword is cut in an instant, the body is torn apart, and it cannot bear the terrible sword power at all!

Ye Feng sneered, striding forward, looking extremely cold: "It seems that this lesson is not enough !!!"

For a time, all the rules were all turned, and they ran towards Nantianmen. At this time, all of them lost their souls, and no one dared to stay to face this devil!

"Escape, don't you say I'm arrogant? Don't you want to kill me? Why did you escape at this time?"

Yefeng sneered, and strode up, her eyes killing!

Su Xiaoping and others are stunned!

The night breeze scared the law of heaven?

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