Qijiang City, in a Presidential Suite at the Imperial Hotel!


A squealing scream made Yefeng frown and opened his eyes slowly.

Peering into the eyes is a white sheet, and sitting on the bed, a beautiful woman who is undressed and constantly screaming.

美女 The beauty, skin-skinned, willow leaves curving, and the whole face is like the arts and crafts of nature, which is so beautiful.

But at this moment, this gorgeous face is full of shame and resentment:

"You ... who are you! Why are you here !!!"

Lin Linlan never dreamed that when she woke up overnight, she would be in the hotel bed, especially a man lying beside him.

Looking at the bright red petals on the white bed sheet, Lin Lan just felt black before her eyes, and almost passed out:

"Asshole! Hooligan! You pay my first time !!!"

I said, Lin Lan was like a mad little lion, and rushed towards the night wind.

Return to your first time?

Lin Linlan's words deepened Yefeng's brow.

As one of the four major masters of the universe, the divine Lord of the Stars, the Demon Emperor, has countless stars and beauties, and the interstellar fairy wants to sleep, why won't he take away the others for the first time for nothing!

but now……

When Ye Feng wanted to speak, an unfamiliar memory burst into his mind instantly, letting him faint for a moment.

Suddenly ... the earth?

Is this born again?

Ye Feng's complexion is hard to look at instantly. As the star dominates, his last memory is to kill ten major star gods with one person's strength, and hit three major dominators.

Finally, he was struck by the three main dominators and fell into the abyss of chaos.

But he did not expect that instead of dying, he was born again to a young man on earth.

青年 And this young man, also called Yefeng, is still an illegitimate child who has been spurned.

"Asshole! You speak! Who are you! Who directed you !!!"

As the night breeze immersed in this strange memory, the resentment of the stunning beauty resounded again.

Lin Linlan was very angry. As the first beauty president of Jiangshi, she gave her first stranger to a strange man, which made her crazy.

I looked at the sheets soaked in blood, Lin Lan was burning in anger, and rushed to scratch and scratch at the night breeze.

But, just after her jade hand was stretched out, she was caught!

"You are sick!!!"


Lin Lin was shocked!

The first time she heard this man speak, she thought that this man would panic and fear, and apologized to herself for mercy, but never dreamed that he would scold himself ... Is he sick?

You know, as the goddess that countless men dream of, Lin Lan listens to praise and please, this is definitely the first time a man has scolded himself.

Especially hateful, this man has just taken away his virginity!

At the moment, Lin Lan is going to explode.

But just then, the faint words of the night breeze came again:

"You are irritable, endocrine disorders, and sick! You are pale, dull, and sick! You have irregular menstruation, poor urination, and sickness !!!"

After speaking, Ye Feng shook his head slowly, disdainful:

"You woman, really sick!"

Huh! ! !

Lin Lan's words made Ling Lan completely stunned.

女人 You woman, it's not bad!

This ... This **** not only eats dry and does not admit his account, but now dares to abuse himself.

Damn it!

Lin Lin was like an angry little lion, and she was about to flutter towards the night breeze, but when she remembered the first half of the night breeze, her whole body shook.

不 Irregular menstruation and poor urination!

Irritable, endocrine disorders!

Hey ... how did you know! ! !

Lin Lin Lan is very clear about her physical condition, especially recently, her menstruation is not normal at all, and she will be extremely painful every time she goes to urinate, especially she is weak and groggy.

I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with endocrine disorders.

Just, Lin Lan never mentioned it to anyone, how did this guy know?

Looking at Lin Lan with a grim expression, Ye Feng recently sneered:

"Women, I have to say, you're lucky! When my soul wears it, it contains the magic of sky eater, and you have been nourished by my magic, and your body has been born and reborn! From now on, you will not only stay young and look more beautiful Beautiful, all over the country! "


Lin Lan is completely stunned!

She does n’t understand what ‘Sky Devourer’ is!

But she knew that she was being teased by this bastard!

This **** not only eats dry and does not confess his account, he even says that he has taken advantage of the sky!

Is a serious hooligan!

"You bastard!!!"

She Linlan wanted to scold at the moment, but the light of her eyes swept across the dresser's mirror, and the whole person froze slightly.

Because, in that mirror, a glorious and glorious face is reflected.

"This ... Is this me?"

Qi Linlan's eyes almost fell out.

Although she was previously called the first beauty president of Jiangshi, her appearance can only be described as ‘beautiful’, and even some tender models and female stars can slightly outperform herself.

Especially day and night work, her skin has long been dulled and described as 憔悴.

现在 But now, every trace of her skin, like sheep fat jade, is extremely delicate and fair, and can be broken by blowing bullets.

A pretty face is suffocating. Even the Chinese goddess of China is not as glamorous as her.

As if a fairy in a painting, it comes to earth and is beautiful.

怎么 "How is it possible! Is this ... is this still me?"

Lin Linlan touched her peerless appearance, but in her mind, the words of the night breeze spontaneously emerged.

"Don't ... really become like this with his nourishment?"

With a touch of horror and incredibleness, Lin Lan's beautiful eyes floated.

At this moment, she turned her head involuntarily and looked at the man in front of her.

His body is thin and looks like he has no power to bind his chickens, but those dark eyes seem to be able to see everything and are full of endless magic.

Especially the corner of his mouth rose slightly, with a touch of unruly radian, filled with Mo Ming's attractiveness!

As if, he is a mystery, people can't guess, can't feel.


Lin Linlan just wanted to inquire about the identity of Yefeng at this moment, but at this moment, a rush of braking came from the window, accompanied by a rush of footsteps and noise.

"Fast! Fast! The first hot news, the first beauty president of Dangjiang City, the top ten outstanding entrepreneurs in the province-the goddess Lin Lan! Open a room with the illegitimate child of the Ye family! Go interview!"

"Ma! It turned out to be true! Lin Lan is the fiancee of Jiangshi Palace's younger brother Gong Yunfei! The illegitimate child of Ye's family who dare to put on a green hat for the younger Gong's father is simply trying to die!"

"I can hear that the illegitimate child was not even recognized by the Ye family, so he could not be named Ye, and changed his name to night! That is the meaning of being invisible, an illegitimate child! This guy is a shame for the Ye family! I did not expect that Toad Eat swan meat! "


At this moment, all the crazy talk came from the window.

She Linlan also saw a famous journalist rushing towards the hotel lobby with a camera. Obviously, within a few minutes, the outside would be blocked and leaked.


At this moment, Lin Lan's pretty face was as white as paper.

She never thought that these reporters would get the news. If this matter was really captured, not only would her reputation as the first beauty president of the city be tarnished, but even her company image would be damaged.

Especially her company is signing a big contract now. If it is exposed, not only the contract will be yellow, but even the performance of the entire company will plummet. The result is absolutely disastrous!

I thought of this, Lin Lan seemed to be drained of all strength.

知道 She knew that she would be ruined if she was finished!

Suddenly, the night breeze saw this scene, a frown frowned, and a touch of cold mang flashed by.


He can be sure that this is a trap for him.

身体 The master of this body and Lin Lan didn't touch at all. After being both stunned, they were thrown onto a bed.

At the moment, these reporters heard the wind, and apparently they were carefully planned.

I not only want Lin Lan to be ruined, but also to make Ye Feng die without burial place.

Thinking of this, a corner of the bloodthirsty arc emerges from the corner of Yefeng's mouth:

"Interesting! Interesting!"

There was a hint of black mist invisible to the naked eye, exuding from the body of the night wind.

As these black mists spread out, potted plants in the corner of the room, green leaves withered at a rate visible to the naked eye, as if being absorbed by something.

Not only that, the dark mist pervaded the window.

The trees, flowers, and potted plants outside the hotel all dried up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, within a mile of the entire hotel, as if the winter was coming, the trees and flowers were withered yellow.

It is like the vitality of all trees and flowers ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ All are absorbed by the black mist.

As the trees withered, Ye Feng's face appeared red, and his fingers scratched a weird rune.

Every rune seemed to drain all his strength, and a drop of sweat fell down.

Hey! ! !

At this moment, the door was severely opened from the outside. Hula, a group of reporters rushed in with their cameras.

This scene makes Lin Lan face ashamed!


Completely done!

I just found out that immediately after Lin Lan rushed in, all the reporters froze. They looked around in every corner of the room, as if looking for something.

Until the end, every reporter's face was full of disappointment:

"How come! What about that **** child? Others?"

"Ma, is the news wrong? Obviously there is only President Lin here, how can there be an illegitimate child in Ye family!"


This line of words filled with disappointment made Lin Lan stunned.


Did these reporters not see the night breeze?

how can that be! ! !

When I thought of this, Lin Lan quickly turned her head and looked towards the window, but she suddenly found that the place where Yefeng had stood was completely empty.

Ye Yefeng as a whole seemed to have evaporated.


On Lin Lan's cheeky face, it was full of unbelievableness, and his face seemed to have seen a ghost.

"Impossible! He ... just stood there clearly, why ..."

Lin Lin's whole man was completely stunned.

She couldn't believe that a person could disappear out of thin air.

It's ... unscientific!

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